Coveting Amazon’s Kindle

Ever since Kindle was released by Amazon in U.S. on November 19, 2007, I have wanted one. It’s not surprising since IKindle_Front read tons of e-books, given that it’s pretty tough to get a good selection of books in Male’. So imagine my happiness when I saw that Amazon is releasing the international version of Kindle on the 19th of October, next Monday. It is available for pre-order now and costs US$ 279.00.

It is said to be light weight, just 10.2 oz., and quite slim in fact 1/3 of an inch which is as slim as most of the magazines available. And since this device supports 3G network, there is no need for one to go about connecting the device to the nearest pc available in order to download books onto the device, which seems to be the deal with Sony’s e-book reader. The Kindle device has an internal memory of 2 GB which could hold up to 1,500 books.

And for me, the coolest feature would have to be the fact that all New York Times bestsellers would be available for just under US$ 10.00 i.e. US$ 9.99. I mean how cool is that. For instance, Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol, the hard cover release which is available for around US$ 29.95, you get it on Kindle for just US$ 9.99 and save around US$ 20.00 while you are at it!

Some of its other cool features include its anti-glare display, adjustable text sizes, built-in dictionary with instant look-up, compatibility for audio books, and its experimental read-to-me feature. It also supports MP3 format so that you could listen to music while reading.

Although its going to land me with around US$300 deficit in my bank account, I’m thinking that it’s gonna be worth it, when I hold a Kindle in my hands, and start reading all those books, which for now, I barely prevent myself from purchasing because of the hideous amounts of money that I have to pay for shipping.

If I do land myself with a Kindle, I will let you all know how I rate this much coveted device of mine!

Until my next review comes up, happy reading everyone! xoxoxo


  1. my house mate has a kindle …
    trust me when i say … you gotta have this …
    i’m thinking may be i’ll buy one too … :)
    and think of all the money you can save on shipping on those books you order … and you get the books almost instantly …
    get the kindle … !!!



    1. Hey subcorpus,
      Your friend sure is lucky then.
      After I wrote the post, I tried to place the order on Amazon.
      And lo and behold, they don’t apparently ship the International version of Kindle to the beloved Maldives! DARN!!!!



    1. Hey there Stewie (my fav character on Family Guy)
      As I have written on my reply to Subcorpus, it was utter misery I faced when I found they didn’t ship Kindle to Maldives.. Sheesh!! Aren’t we international enough or something???
      So then I tried shipping it to Bangalore. And found that the price I have to pay is twice as much around 400+ US$. I figured that as much as I covet Kindle, that was too high a price to pay!



  2. Oh, and I too have reserved myself to reading books on my IPhone. I found this cool e-reader called Stanza released by Lexcycle. And its free!! Can be used on Ipod Touch as well. :)
    Happy reading!



  3. Oh! thats bad! perhaps they can ship to sing or malaysia at a cheaper price!
    anyway, thanks for the update and on the e-reader suggestion. Im gonna try:) cheers!



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