Review: Hot Finish by Erin McCarthy

Format: E-book9780425235942_Hot_Finish_MM.indd
Read with: Amazon Kindle & Microsoft Reader
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Fast Track, Book 3
Publisher: Berkley
Hero: Ryder Jefferson
Heroine: Suzanne Hickey
Sensuality: 4
Date of Publication: August 3, 2010
Started On: September 9, 2010
Finished On: September 10, 2010

Finally, this is the story of Suzanne and Ryder which I bet most of the readers of the series have been craving for. I have enjoyed reading all three stories of the series out so far. What made these stories enjoyable was the fact that Tamara, Imogen and Suzanne are all so different from one another and find love with men who are all sinfully good looking as they are kind, generous and loving. Of the three women, Suzanne’s story is the one that starts out with a prior history between the two.

Suzanne and Ryder had met one another at Ryder’s cousin Brian’s wedding of which Suzanne had been the wedding planner. Ryder had then been just a rookie driver, a little bit full of himself. Having grown up as an only child with middle class parents who thought that he could do no wrong, Ryder was a happy carefree kind of guy. The instant attraction between the two inevitably ended with Suzanne becoming pregnant which prompted Ryder to propose and they both eloped to marry at Las Vegas.

Suzanne had never felt that Ryder had married her because he was in love with her, but rather because he wanted to do the right thing when she got pregnant. Having never established the proper channels of communication between the two from the very hasty beginning of their volatile relationship, when Suzanne miscarries neither Ryder nor Suzanne talks about their feelings when it both affected them so much. Having never talked about the subject of trying for kids again, Suzanne who craved for a family of her own when she had grown up as an only child dirt poor with grandparents when her mother had abandoned her, Suzanne had felt that their relationship would never grow into something more. And the fact that Ryder almost always never remembered to take care of everyday little things which in the end Suzanne had to take care of, made her feel like an assistant of Ryder’s rather than his partner and wife.

Inevitably, disagreements between the two had started with growing discontentment on both sides. The bedroom had been the only place where these two knew one another and Ryder had always thought that whatever problems or arguments or fights they had, they would never part. But when Suzanne has had enough and walks out on Ryder, he doesn’t know what else to do but let her go.

Now the two year alimony period was over and Suzanne who had spent the past four years working as a volunteer on the board of charity that funded children’s cancer research has no option but to return to work as a wedding planner, which the cynic she had become since her divorce makes the job doubly harder. But Suzanne is determined that she would earn her way through and not give into the charity that Ryder was willing to offer.

Planning Nikki (Ty’s ex girlfriend who grated on everyone’s nerves with her flamboyant and dumb blond ways) and Jonas Strickland’s wedding was her first job in venturing back into the wedding planning business. The stress of having no money and taking care of the tantrums that Nikki made her put up with is taking its toll on Suzanne when she receives a letter from their divorce lawyer stating that Ryder and Suzanne weren’t actually divorced because Ryder had forgotten to give the lawyer power of attorney to appear in the court instead of him and had evidently never signed the papers. When Suzanne receives the news, its a foregone conclusion that with her volatile temper she would burst at the top.

However, Ryder is not much bothered by the fact since lately he had been having thoughts of Suzanne occupy his mind more than anything else. Though Ryder doesn’t have a clue as to why Suzanne finally walked out on him, he is willing to become a better husband all around and try and convince Suzanne that what they had was special enough not to walk away from.

With Ryder hellbent on showing Suzanne what she was missing, these two finally end up scorching the sheets, and my my! What an explosive combination do these two make! I was expecting their coming together to be volatile but the actual scene just took my breathe away!

Although Suzanne tries hard to deny her feelings for Ryder, she has to acknowledge the fact that she still loves Ryder but she isn’t willing to trust Ryder with her heart and open up to him, something Suzanne has no idea how to do because she had never ever been that person.

In the end, Suzanne ends up pregnant once again, and Ryder makes an ass out of himself whilst trying to profess that he still wants to be together and loves her which drives them apart once again. It is with Suzanne’s friends Tamara and Imogen’s help that she comes to realize that her marriage to Ryder had not failed only because of him but Suzanne was also part of the problem.

In the end its all good with a happy ending for the couple. I always love reading more about Elec and Tamara, my favorite couple by far from this series. According to the author’s website, there are two more books of the series to come out next year, Evan and Eve’s story, siblings of Elec Monroe. Am hoping those two stories would contribute towards making this series a favorite all the way through!

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