Score Sheet Review: A Very Sinful Valentine by Charlotte Featherstone

Format: E-bookSinful
Read with: iBooks for iPad
Length: Novella
Genre: Historical Erotic Romance
Series: Sinful
Publisher: Self-Published
Hero: Matthew Wallingford
Heroine: Jane Rankin
Sensuality: 4.5
Date of Publication: February 2012
Started On: March 5, 2012
Finished On: March 5, 2012

The hero 100 A
The heroine 100 A
Story line 100 A
Emotional Intensity 100 A
Suck me in Factor 100 A
Heat & Sensuality  100 A
Conflicts 100 A
Writing Style 100 A
Quotable Factor 100 A
Ending 100 A
Overall Grade 100 A

Score Sheet Summary

Sinful by Charlotte Featherstone is one of those novels that I ended up loving to death. A hero that I could not get enough of, a heroine who was his match in every single way and sensual scenes penned so vividly and erotically that it took my very breathe away, needless to say, Sinful is a novel that I would remember till the end of time.

So it was to my delightful surprise that a friend on Goodreads alerted me to this delicious number released I guess in time for Valentines Day and I am so thankful that Charlotte Featherstone like myself hasn’t forgotten the impact that Matthew has on the female senses.

This little novella finds Matthew basking in wedded bliss so to speak with that untamed wildness within him roaring its head because his beloved wife Jane has been avoiding him for the past 3 months. A man who has a voracious appetite for anything and everything to do with carnal desires of the flesh, Jane had been the woman to bring him down to his knees and possess his heart for all eternity. So it is a brooding Matthew we find ourselves with, dangerous and turbulent emotions swirling deep inside of him, all the while wrecking his brains trying to think up the reason why his strong and brave Jane suddenly seems to be without the very fire that stirs him up.

Jane has her own reasons to be shy around Matthew. Giving birth has put its own toll on her body and needless to say a woman who thinks of herself plain when compared to a husband whose dark vivid good looks is the talk of the town has Jane hesitating to give herself over to her husband, even when she aches to do so.

What Matthew does is breathtaking in its eroticism, beautiful in the way that it brought everything female deep inside of me alive and had my senses humming all throughout. Every woman, and I mean every single woman deserves a man like Matthew who can love like he does, without reservations, without conditions, for time and eternity, until death does them apart. Let the sighing fest begin!

Cannot recommend this highly enough for those who love Matthew. He is the man!

Favorite Quotes

[Jane] “You know how I feel about you. About what we share. I did not mean it in such a way.”
“No?” he whispered wickedly, his gaze finding hers, latching on with strength and determination. “I don‟t believe you. I think you had better show me, Jane.” 
She kissed him, slow, lazily, her lips moving over his mouth, slowly winding, becoming deeper, sensual, and then slowly her tongue penetrated his mouth, touching his tongue, flicking around the tip of his. He groaned, wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed her up against his bulging phallus that felt so large and hard. Her core ached, needing that deep inside her.

“I’m a hedonist, and you, Jane, my wife, should know that about me. You’ve shared my body and bed, you know things about me that no other soul on earth does. Who can I not be a sensualist with than, you, Jane? Who else to act out my wicked fantasies, than the woman who inspires them? There is no shame in fantasies, in pleasure. Who other than us needs to know what we’ve done, what brings the other pleasure?”

[…] “But Jane, tonight I’m going to watch–and so are you. It will not be dark when I look upon you. There will be no clothes–only your skin. There will be no wiggling and squirming away from me. You will lie still and let me look. I will take as long as I want, gorge myself on the sight of you, and you will not resist. You will not utter one word to the contrary. You will accept everything I give you. And you will be loved, Jane. Loved so that you never forget that you are the only woman for me. You always have been. And you always will be.”

“Don’t” be shocked, Jane,” he murmured as he lifted her higher, and poised her at the tip of his cock. “Don‟t be embarrassed. Not with me. You‟re gorgeous, and everything about you is perfect.” 
She nodded, met his gaze, and they held each other as she sunk down slowly upon him, impaling herself.  
She cried out, her hand flying to her lower belly. 
“Feel me all the way up there, do you my love?” 
She nodded, began to move, and he let her, just felt her body move and undulate beneath his palms.

“Jane, look at me,” he asked, and when she did, he knew she was seeing what she needed in his eyes. 
“You are the only woman for me–it‟s only ever been you. I told you once before, that I have never loved before you, and I will never love again. Jane,” he said, forcing her face to down to his. “There is no condition on my love. No end to my desire. Don‟t put them there, my love.”

“Jane,” he whispered as the streaks of dawn broke through their bedroom window. “Once more. In the daylight, so I can see you with the sun upon your skin.”
And she rolled over, smiled, and held open her arms to him, welcoming him home at last.

Download Link: Mystic Castle



  1. Oh my god…I still can’t believe the emotion this story can bring. Thank you for your recommendations cause I love this book..and even if I despised him for marrying the other I loved him for doing so. I love the ending…



    1. Susanolla,

      Exactly. This novel and the characters brings forth so many emotions.
      I don’t think there is a hero that can compare to Matthew.
      And I love Charlotte for staying true to his story and not molding it into something that would have been more “acceptable” my the mass readers.
      If the epilogue had been included in the book I think the outrage would have lessened. But for me, the story was beautiful even without the epilogue.
      But as you said, the epilogue does neatly tie things up and give the happily ever after we all want for him.
      And I loved this little novella because it shows that while Jane might have tamed him in some ways, he is still Matthew in ALL the ways that count ;)



  2. Hello! Thanks for posting these bits from the novella.. These are the longest bits I could read because I haven’t received A Very Sinful Valentine, even though I already signed up for Charlotte’s newsletter! :( I was really looking forward to it. I even commented on her official blog (I saw someone else post the same thing too) and asked how I can get this, but so far there’s no reply. :( Would you know if there’s another way for me to get A Very Sinful Valentine?

    Thanks and God bless!



  3. :D Yay! Than you so much…! :) I kept going back to Mystic Castle website but apparently it’s now dead. Thanks again!



  4. OMG!!!!This book was so beautiful and shocking and lovely and beautiful…I’m crazy about the H/h …I would love to read the epilogue, but I cant seem to find it anywhere, think you guys know where I would find it apart from charlotte’s website, tried it already…:(



  5. Hello,

    I’ve noticed that your review mentions both the epilogue and valentine short story in your review. I have been looking for them everywhere …. but it is leading me to dead links.

    Since both are free, I was wondering if you still have a soft-copy and would be willing to forward them to me. I would really appricitae it! If not, I understand.

    Many thanks,
    Happy Reading



  6. Wow I am so excited about the book, I only recently read sinful, but I can’t seem to find the valentine short story anywhere, mystic castle doesn’t work anymore. Anyone help…



  7. Great review! I sent you an email too …I would really appreciate it if could you please send me the copies too. Thank you!



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