Score Sheet Review!

Below is an explanation of the Score Sheet Review which I have started for some of the books that I will be reviewing from November 10, 2011 onward.

100 – 80 A
79 – 60 B
59 – 40 C
39 – 20 D
19 – 0 F

There will be 10 categories which will be rated according to the score variations given above.

The categories:

  1. The Hero
  2. The Heroine
  3. Storyline
  4. Emotional Intensity
  5. The Story’s ability to suck me in
  6. Heat & Sensuality in the story
  7. Conflicts within the story
  8. Writing Style
  9. Quotable Factor
  10. Satisfaction with the ending

The scores will be tallied up and determined its weight against the 5-star rating that is the maximum rating given to books on my blog.



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