Review: Fever Dreams by Laura Leone

Format: E-bookn49314
Read with: Amazon Kindle
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Standalone
Publisher: Blonde Trifecta
Hero: Horace Balthazar Ransom
Heroine: Madeline Barrington
Sensuality: 3
Date of Publication:  January 1, 1997
Started On: July 14, 2010
Finished On: July 16, 2010

After reading Night Magic by Karen Robards, I was driven to find books of similar themes and found myself with two recommendations from readers on an Amazon discussion forum, which I decided to give a go at without further ado.

Fever Dreams is the story of how the rich, elite and picture perfect Madeline Barrington finds herself in the company of Ransom on a sultry hot night at a bar in Montedora, a country that had succumbed to the effects of countless years of being led by power hungry dictators. Madeline was there for the purpose of selling off a ranch that has belonged to her family for a few years and the desolate wariness that she feels upon her flight being canceled and the fact that the man who walks into the bar with the take-charge attitude skips a beat or two in her heart is the reason that Madeline does the unthinkable and spends a decadent night of passion in Ransom’s arms.

Ransom never thought that the woman who refused to tell him her name would blow away his mind all through the night and be gone before he even knew it. And back in the States where Ransom, an ex Secret Service agent who works for a private security firm finds himself turning more and more grouchy with a short leash on his temper as he refuses to admit to himself just how much of an effect the night he spent in the runaway woman’s arms has had on him. Matters come to a heed when Ransom’s next assignment turns out to be acting as the protector of the woman who has been haunting his dreams and every waking thought for the past six months.

Madeline fled away from what she and Ransom shared because Madeline couldn’t believe that the sensual creature she turned into for the night could have really been her. And there is also the fact that she is a Barrington and the responsibilities that go along with being one. Madeline has always been one to shoulder her responsibilities and not let anyone else see what being the perfect daughter costs her day in and day out. And the fact that Ransom seems to understand her scares the living daylights out of her. Although Madeline too has thought of little else but Ransom throughout the past six months, she is not ready to yield in and give into the intense emotions Ransom rouses in her so effortlessly.

Before the story is through, Madeline and Ransom finds themselves running for their lives in a country at the brink of civil war and Ransom nearly loses his life in the process. Although the story is a bit different from what I expected, I liked the intense connection between Madeline and Ransom, the witty banter between the two and of course the steamy sensuality that scorched the pages.

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