Review: Beyond Sunrise by Candice Proctor

Format: E-bookbesu
Read with: Amazon Kindle
Length: Novel
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: Standalone
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Hero: Jack Ryder
Heroine: India McKnight
Sensuality: 2.5
Date of Publication: June 2003
Started On: August 9, 2010
Finished On: August 11, 2010

India McKnight, the daughter of a Reverend, a spinster, Scotswoman and a travel writer of some renown is a woman who thrives on the adventure her travels bring. Being a lone traveler during a time period when women were considered useful for one thing only, India defies all convention and traverse around the world, excited by her discoveries and always content with what she is. That is until she meets Jack Ryder.

Jack, a man from Queensland, Australia lives on the island Neu Brenen in the South Pacific. Having once served in the British navy, Jack ended up on the island with another one of his shipmates during a huge storm when they were set adrift near the islands. There Jack had resided for two whole years, half of which he spent restlessly looking towards the vast ocean for any sign of a ship that could take him away back to life as he knew it. That was until Titana took away his breath and heart and he took her as his wife.

When the British navy came looking for their lost men, it was to find Jack happily settled down with Titana with no intention of returning back to life as a navy officer. And then tragedy struck when 3 sailors from Lady Juliana (the ship that had come searching for Jack and his shipmate) raped an island woman so viciously that she died. The Rakaians (Rakaia being the island Jack resided in), exacted their own form of justice and killed the 3 sailors who were responsible. The British navy retaliated by opening fire on the helpless islanders, never giving a thought to the fact that they were butchering innocent civilians in the process.

Titana died with their daughter Ulani in her arms with their second child still in her womb. Jack goes berserk with anger and grief and he has no choice but to hand over his daughter Ulani to his wife’s family and head back to his old life aboard Lady Juliana. When Lady Juliana crashes and most of its crew die, the blame is laid on Jack’s shoulder and for the past ten years Jack has been on the run for his life from the British navy who wants to exact their brand of justice for the families who lost their loved ones on that tragic day.

Jack is used to his life of answering to no one and living life as he wants it. Drinking long into the night to escape the dreams that come in so swiftly, all his hackles rise to the occasion when the prim and proper India McKnight come looking for his service. Having read her previous book and thinking that the author was someone he would like to meet seems to be an understatement when Jack can barely keep from throttling the delectable India who seems to be testing all his patience.

When India unknowingly becomes the bait with which the British hunt down Jack, Jack has no choice but to take India as his hostage and travel through the cannibal infested jungles of the island. It is during this time that India comes to appreciate, respect and finally fall in lust and love with the mass of contradictions that Jack is and learn his side of the story of how he has become a man who has been on the run.

The story of India and Jack is not just a romance, but rather an adventure that keeps the pages turning. Candice Proctor has surely woven a tale of unforgettable romance and adventure with this one.

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