The Ground-Zero Syndrome

lolJust thought I would share this with you, something I posted a long while back on an old blog of mine. I suffer from this syndrome from time to time – the aftereffects of reading too much romance I guess? ;)  Not that I would have it any other way!

Target Group: Girls who are addicted to romance novels

Pre Reqs: Brooding, cynical and tortured heroes, exuding raw sexuality with a tad bit of possessiveness for the “right” woman.. extremely reluctant to fall in “LOVE”

The MUST happen factor: the hero feels extremely threatened by what he feels.. makes the woman suffer throughout with verbal attacks etc… has a major case of the LUST factor which propels HIM towards HER.. In the end fall in LOVE that much harder…. goes after  HEROINE whom HE rejected.. LIVE happily EVER AFTER

Symptoms: Major sighing session whilst reading, a lost, faraway and longing look in the eyes once the story is over with… and a silky tear or two if the hero is THAT good..



    1. Hehe! Oh my! Ending up in a villa south of France never happened to me. Shame!
      Did your sis manage to end up in one? ;)
      Yeah I guess everyone of us reads a romance once in our lifetime. Some stick to the genre like I do whilst others get bored with it.
      For me romance would always be my favorite genre I guess. But if Sidney Sheldon were alive and publishing books that would be a whole other story I guess ;)



  1. Study shows that romance novel readers have more sex drive that others after marriage..
    its gud that ur a romantic novel luver



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