Review: A Lot Like Love by Julie James

Format: E-book
Read with: Amazon Kindle
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: FBI, Book 2
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
Hero: Nick McCall
Heroine: Jordan Rhodes
Sensuality: 3
Date of Publication: March 1, 2011
Started On: March 2, 2011
Finished On: March 3, 2011

Holy smokin’ hotness! Julie James just keeps getting better and better and has delivered on all aspects with her 4th contemporary romance and has totally blown me away with the sinfully mouthwatering Nick McCall. This was exactly what I needed after my last read which I had similar high expectations which ended up being a huge disappointment and in euphoria over how well this one turned out, I just might end up blowing a couple of kisses  through Twitter to Ms. James because simply put, she just rocked my world with this one!

Special Agent Nick McCall works in the FBI Chicago field office and is one of the top undercover agents in the agency. Coming from a family of 3 brothers of whom Nick is the eldest, their father having served 30 years in law enforcement, Nick and one of his brothers had followed in their father’s footsteps and become law enforcement professionals. Six years working vice for NYPD had seen Nick restless for more and he had ended up training to become an FBI agent and the undercover work keeps Nick on his toes providing him with a challenge that he relishes in when it comes to his job. A man who likes his drinks fiery and hot, Nick is a man who doesn’t do relationships – ever. That is until his one on one encounters with his latest undercover stint leaves him wanting & feeling much more than he should and sees him breaking every damn rule in his dating guide for bachelors who wants to maintain their bachelorhood status.

33 year old Jordan Rhodes is a billionaire heiress and one of the richest women in Chicago. The proud owner of the DeVine Cellars, Jordan is not your typical rich woman as she and her twin Kyle has always been taught to make their own way in the world regardless of how rich their father might be. Stunningly beautiful with long blond hair, a svelte figure and Caribbean blue eyes, Jordan is not at all prepared when Mr. Tall, Dark and Smoldering himself walks in requesting her assistance in an undercover mission making her an offer that she would never be able to turn down.

Once Jordan makes the deal to help the FBI along in nabbing Xander Eckhart who has been laundering large sums of money for Roberto Martino who had run the largest crime syndicate in Chicago for years and had just recently being arrested, its puts her in close proximity to Mr. “Sex on a Fucking Stick” as her friend Melinda puts it, and there is no turning back from the fact that Nick manages to get under her skin unlike any other man that she has known.

Nick’s plan and assignment is a simple one. Assist the agent in charge with his first undercover assignment until inevitable circumstances end up with him playing out the designated undercover role. Prepared to dislike Ms. Rich Princess all the way, Nick is surprised and a little bit wary to find out that there is more to Jordan than that meets the eye and underneath all the media frenzy and public image is a sassy, kick-ass woman who makes him lose his senses – all in a good way.

Whilst Nick and Jordan both try to forget and fight how they start feeling about each other, the smoldering attraction that flares and heats up refuses to let go of its hold making this an immensely enjoyable read. And amidst all this, the villain makes evil plans of his own, driven to the brink of insanity by the way in which he has been betrayed by a woman who he trusted and had set his sights on before his world had started crumbling and crashing down on him.

All in all, a very satisfying read with a hotter than sin hero that I would just love to find wrapped in one of my birthday presents this month! Well a girl can always hope, can’t she?

List of things I loved:

1- Nick McCall. He is smoldering sensuality rolled into a very enticing package with a bad boy scuff around his angular jaw from time to time which makes me just want to run my hands all over him. Julie James can certainly create the heroes hot; hot enough to make this girl’s salivary glands work overtime throughout the story.

2- Jordan Rhodes. She is smart, beautiful, down-to-earth, loyal to the boot and entirely lovable. She is just sassy enough with the sarcastic quips that she exchanges with Nick, exactly what Nick needs to stand up and notice that his life as a bachelor was going through its very last stages with her in his life. I loved everything about Jordan and found her to be just perfect for Mr. Tall, Dark and Smoldering!

3- How the relationship between Nick and Jordan unfolded. It wasn’t lust at first sight which has both or either the hero or heroine panting after each other before the first couple of pages are through. However, the attraction that smolders and leaps into the pages comes out subtle at first and then kicks the reader’s ass making this book so very worth reading. And Nick when he decides to stake his claim does it so very well that I wouldn’t mind being pressed up against a red brick wall and shown just how much he would love to claim me! *winks*

4- The rest of the cast of characters that lent a rich feel to the story. They didn’t steal the limelight (thank God for the fact!), but lent interesting tidbits to the story that makes me want to find out more about for instance the romance between agent Jack Pallas and the US Attorney which is hinted at throughout the story.

5- Nick’s “don’t-fuck-with-me” face! Just cracks me up whenever that reference comes up!

6- The invigorating banter between Jordan and Nick. Always a plus point when the conversation is a stimulator in a romance.

7- The cover. I just love the fact that both Something About You and A Lot Like Love has book covers that depict both the hero and heroine attired in outfits described in the story.

A story that earns big, fat 5 stars from this reader, and very highly recommended for fans of Julie James and fans of contemporary romance which features a hot hero, a sassy heroine and a little bit of danger thrown into the mix to give the story an extra edge. Next up is Jordan’s twin brother Kyle’s story. With women swooning all over him over his likeness towards Lost’s actor Josh Holloway, I am all set to enjoy his story. When will that be out is the question of the month. Hopefully Ms. James would answer that before I burst from the innate curiosity that is simmering inside of me right now.

Favorite Quotes

Jordan hesitated before sliding across the seat. She stepped down from the SUV – one high-heeled, leather-booted leg first, then the other. Because Nick held the door open, they stood close to each other.
Thick snowflakes fell around them and tangled in her hair. Her voice was low, her tone as cold as the air. “The next time you want to know something, Agent McCall, don’t bother to sweet talk me first. Just ask.”
“I assure you, Ms. Rhodes, when I sweet-talk a woman, she knows it.”

At first, the kiss was light and teasing as his lips gently brushed against hers. It took Jordan a half second to respond, but then she realized something; he was playing with her. Trying to take control with his whole I’m-in-charge, Mr. FBI Agent routine.
The hell with that, she thought. If there was going to be kissing involved in this undercover operation, she was going to do it right.
She slid her arms around Nick’s neck and pressed closer. She parted her lips and kissed him back, softly melding their mouths together. She felt him freeze- ha, ha, he hadn’t been expecting that — then suddenly —
— He was kissing her. Really kissing her. And wow.With his hands holding her cheek, his tongue circled around hers in hot sweeps that made her breath catch.

“Interesting.” Melinda’s eyes went wide as she slowly shook his hand. “Melinda Jackson.”
Coming in at a flat five feet tall, she let her gaze travel up before she got to Nick’s face. She seemed to take particular note of his unshaven jaw and casually untucked dress shirt.
She turned to Jordan with a grin that spoke volumes. Somebody got la-id. “Now I know why it took you so long to get to the door.”
“Nice, Mel. We were simply …” Jordan looked at Nick for help.
“Trying to start her espresso machine,” he offered.
Melinda raised an eyebrow. “Is that what you kids call it nowadays?”

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