MBR’s Realm of Romance Turns 2!

2nd-anniversary.gifA girl cannot help but be a bit teary-eyed knowing that the book review blog that she started on a whim back in 2009 has just turned 2 years old. The 2 years that has passed has certainly brought to light that this reviewing stuff can be addictive, time-consuming, at times a bit frustrating and nevertheless very rewarding. There is no greater feeling as a reviewer when you write down a review that is appreciated by the author and well received by readers alike, knowing that you have put forth your honest opinion of the story.

The past 2 years has also opened up doors that would have definitely remained closed if not for the initiation of Maldivian Book Reviewer’s Realm of Romance. I have “met” a lot of authors through both Twitter and Facebook, some of them wonderful and a few others not so much, but nevertheless knowing that I would be able to reach out to them via those means makes a lot of difference. I have also made some great friends and can only hope that the feeling is reciprocated and am always grateful to know that somewhere in the vast expanse of the world wide web I too may have made a minute impression that might someday surpass even my expectations.

Throughout the 2 years I have read some great books, had the opportunity to review some fantastic books for authors and I believe I would continue to do so in the time to come. Though time is definitely a constraint when work demands so much, I believe I treasure those moments that I manage to sink into a good book more than ever because of the fact.

So, to celebrate in style, and to give visitors to my blog a chance to join the celebrations, I am giving away 4 different gift certificates to 4 lucky winners.tiggerhappy.jpg

Giveaway: 10$ gift certificates from Amazon, Samhain, BooksOnBoard and Barnes&Noble.

So here’s what you need to do to enter to win either one of the 10$ gift certificates.

  1. Let me know which gift certificate(s) you would like to enter to win. If you don’t state one, I will enter your name for ALL of them.

  2. Give me the title, author name and genre of the current book that you are reading. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a romance. If you are not reading a book at the moment, you can tell me the title, author and genre of the last book that you’ve read. And I want you to rate the book between 1 and 5, 1 = Don’t even attempt to read this and 5 = Get this book ASAP!

  3. Help me spread the anniversary glow and contest details to others like you. If you tweet about it, you get 5 extra entries, if you LIKE this post on Facebook,  you get another 5 extra entries. If you share it on Twitter, don’t forget to mention me (@mdvbookreviewer) so I would be able to verify your tweet. And don’t forget to mention the fact that you have tweeted or LIKED the entry of this post on MY Facebook page if you have done so! Otherwise you might miss your 5 extra entries into the contest which would  be a sad, sad thing!

  4. Last, but not the least, just hit “LIKE” on my Facebook page or “Follow” me on Twitter! Doing either of them would give you 5 extra entries each! And do let me know if you do either of them because otherwise you might miss out getting your 5 extra entries. Just state you have done so and give me your username on both/either of them!

    Please note that in order to enter the giveaway you DON’T need to tweet or share this on Facebook. All that would just gain you extra entries to the contest which improve your chances of winning!

This contest will go on till the end of tomorrow, i.e. end of 31st July 2011, Maldivian time!

And don’t forget to wish my blog a happy anniversary! *winks*


  1. I’m currently reading Hades’ Daughter by Sara Douglass. Its Science Fiction (its the first book in the Troy game series). Seeing that this is the 4th time I have read it I’m going to have to rate it a 5.

    Happy anniversary!


  2. Hi, MBR! Happy Anniversary! Wishing you a never-ending pile of great books with no reading slumps whatsoever in sight! :)
    I’m a twitter follower (ClaudiaGC84) and I just tweeted/retweeted about your anniversary.


  3. Oh man, forget to tell you about the book I’m currently reading. It’s Stranded With Her Ex by Jill Sorenson and I love it! I’m over halfway through and it’s definitely a 4, maybe even a 5 for me. It’s my first book by her but it won’t be my last! Her descriptions are great and feel very real and I love the characters, esp. the hero, Sean. ;)


    1. Hey Jennifer and Claudia,

      Thank you guys for stopping by! Definitely appreciated.
      And many thanks for the anniversary wishes!
      And good luck to you both! ;)


  4. Oh and guess i should say this for my added votes follower on twitter, fan on facebook and i RT’d claudia’s happy anniversary on twitter (im still newish to twitter so i dont know how to do tiny uls so thats why i rt’d and didnt do one myself)


  5. Congratulations! I think you are doing a fantastic job so keep it up (I was your fan even before I started blogging).
    I’m definitely in for this giveaway, I could really use the Amazon gift card.

    I just finished Attachments by Rainbow Rowell and just want to say that it was AMAZING! I’m reviewing it next week and it gets a 5, you should check it out because the plot was clever and original, the heroine was likeable and relatable the hero was a sweetheart and the love story was beautiful.

    I’m already following you on twitter @racblog, I’m your fan on FB (under my own name) and I’m letting everyone know about your giveaway ASAP!

    Again, congratulations and let’s celebrate!



    1. Hi Brie,

      Many thanks for the kind and encouraging words.
      And I will definitely be checking out your review.
      Sounds like a great book!


  6. Happy Anniversary Mbr! Keep reading and writing those brilliant reviews.
    And love having you as a friend.


  7. Oaky, here goes –
    1. Amazon
    2. Under Fire by Rita Henuber
    Romantic Suspense
    3. Off to your Facebook page
    4. Ditto

    Thanks Mbr for PMing me and reminding me to enter!


  8. Hello MBR,
    I’m elated, so sooo thrilled 2 take part N the celebration..Wowww what a super cool accomplishment marking the 2 anniversary…of…daaataaa…
    MBR Romance Realm…hoooorayyyyyyy…((drum rolls))..((listen 2 the thousands of whistles blow)))…whistles..toot,tooot..Blow Ur whistle’s… ((Giggle))!
    Yesss indeed! I envision ur Realm 2cool, swagger of a Place 2 Hang Out at,In the Zone,far, far past the milky way out side aka million miles out side of cosmic Space…hmm…

    It’s a bit of a.. Love Shack.:D or may it be said in another case it’s definitely a Delicious savory One Stop delicacy Shop.
    I know I can go troll & hearty eat ON yuppp.. meaty hearty Good Eats as well as extotic intoxicating Treats…even if I’m not sure of what I wanna try.. MBR Romance Realm. Is the place to be a little or a lot adventurous or get that old genre cherry pop !
    When Im caught up N the rapture of this Whimsical Romance Realm I No without a doubt I’m gonna be appease with Hot or sweet sweet Loving. 4sure.

    ThanQQQQ! MBR 4 the Tender-Loving-Care: of Romance, Passion, Love, & sometimes fast pace Action,.
    We gals always seem 2 crave 4! Need I say it goes without saying & is an understatement.. the Heroes Ur reviews R about R not bad on the senses. My minds eye View…2heeheee…mmmyummeee throw with action..is mighty ,mighty Satisftying .:D

    In closings 2 stay N line with the celebration…here’s a song I’d like to dedicate to the Cause the love of what U & others fans alike enjoy…Romance…
    This old school song by the ( don’t know if U are familiar with…???
    The great Immortal…Jim Croce…plezzzze take the time check it out it speaks volumes about how I feel about life, and how books play such a great part in our lives…checkit out…much love .rubyswan..;D


  9. Hello again…MBR..:D
    I totally 4got 2 mention Iam reading….MAYA BANKS: Sweet Possession..byeeee!


    1. Hi Ruby,

      Thank you for stopping by. Much appreciated.
      And huge thanks for the wishes.


  10. Happy Blog Birthday!!!! I just read the erotic romance by Megan Hart called Collide. I would give it 4.5 stars. I loved the ending and HEA. It is an unusual story. If you like time travel you will love it.

    I just followed you on Twitter as @GeishasMom73

    I retweeted your Blog Birthday post with link to the contest.

    11 total points

    I would love to win the Amazon card. Thanks for the giveaway. Happy Blog anniversary!


  11. Happy 2nd MBR!!!!

    I’d love to win the Samhain GC.
    I’m reading WITH NO REMORSE by Cindy Gerard, romantic suspense and book 6 in an awesome series: Black Ops Inc.

    I follow you on Twitter as @Pearl_828 and will be retweeting your giveaway tweet.



  12. Happy second anniversary!
    I really don’t know which to choose in your fabulous giveaway so I’m hoping I enter for all of them.
    I’m a new follower. I tweeted your giveaway. I also liked it on facebook!

    I’m reading The Secret Mistress by Mary Balogh and I’m giving it a 4 because it’s really quite good and full emotions though it’s a bit frustrating but that is to be expected.

    Oh by the way, I liked your facebook page and I’m also following your twitter. I’m hoping we’ll get to chat on twitter..

    Happy anniversary again ;)


  13. Hmmm well Im currently reading Cherry Adair’s upcoming book “Riptide” Im just about to the 100 pg mark and so far so good. It’s hard to rate it based on that…but i I were to rate it till now Id give it a 5. Stop by my page in a few weeks and you can see the total rating I guess LOL.

    I follow on Twitter ( @NikiBrandyberry ) and I re-tweeted the contest for you :)

    Happy 2nd anniversary!


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