Score Sheet Review: A Wedding Story by Dee Tenorio

Format: E-bookaweddingstory
Read with: iBooks for iPad
Length: Novella
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Standalone
Publisher: Self-Published
Hero: Bobby Wichowski
Heroine: Ruth Ann Barbellis
Sensuality: 3
Date of Publication: June 13, 2011
Started On: December 17, 2011
Finished On: December 17, 2011

The hero 90 A
The heroine 90 A
Story line 90 A
Emotional Intensity 80 A
Story’s ability to suck me in 100 A
Heat & Sensuality
70 B
Conflicts within the story 80 A
Writing Style 100 A
Quotable Factor 50 C
The Ending 100 A
Overall Grade 85 A

Score Sheet Summary

I am wondering how it is I missed the release of this great little novella from Dee Tenorio. And it was quite by chance that I encountered a tweet about this little number, one that I am more than grateful for as for the last 1 hour I was grinning from ear to ear which ended off with a goofy smile on my face after reading that so very cute epilogue at the end.

A Wedding Story is a novella that has a promising  premise. Bobby and Ruth (nicknamed Rhubarb) grew up together, each always testing the limits of the other. As grown-ups they haven’t stopped getting on each other’s nerves, the hilarious antics that is shared here and there in the novella making me laugh out loud several times.

At the wedding from Hell where Bobby’s brother and Ruth’s sister are getting hitched, both Bobby and Ruth discover that in each other lies their future, not without delivering a lot of laughter along the way that takes them to that realization.

I just flat-out adored this little number. Equal parts hilarious and heartwarming, this little novella available for free  is the perfect place to sample Dee’s writing and obsess over her books as I continue to do ever since I became a fan! Highly recommended!

Favorite Quotes

“You know why I’ve always liked your mouth, Rhubarb?” he asked in that whispery voice again, but it was twice as intimate as before. He let go of his prizes and reached up his free hand to rub his thumb over the bottom edge of her lip. Those shivers started again. “Even when you’re calling me names, it’s the perfect shape for kissing.”
“There’s no shape for kissing.” She wasn’t quite sure how the words came out. Her brain was completely disconnected and so her mouth had to be on auto-pilot. Which explained why it didn’t do anything when his eyes closed and his lips descended to hers.

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