ARC Review: Off Limits by Emma Jay

Format: E-bookofflimits.jpeg
Read with: iBooks for iPad
Length: Novella
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Series: Standalone
Publisher: Samhain Publishing Ltd
Hero: Zack Purser
Heroine: Paige Clark
Sensuality: 4
Date of Publication: February 7, 2012
Started On: February 1, 2012
Finished On: February 2, 2012

Zach Purser is the ultimate playboy. He has made it his life mission to never lay down his roots until he is darn well and ready to, the impact of a childhood spent struggling to achieve those goals that he had hungered for even back then. None other than Adam Clark,ounger sister Paige Clark remains the forbidden fruit to Zach, no matter how much he mi his best friend for the better half of his life knows his legendary conquests when it comes to bedding and leaving a wake of women behind and that is one reason why Adam’s yght hunger for her touch.

Paige had always crushed on Zach ever since she had reached the age where she had known what crushing and lusting was all about. She wants Zach and not even the towering fury that is her elder brother is going to stop her from trying to seduce his best friend. With no holds barred, Paige launches her mission of tempting Zach to take the plunge, to indulge just once in the sexual tension that always lingers between them whenever they cross paths.

Turning away Paige time and yet again is the hardest thing Zach has ever had to do. But a man can say no only so many times and Zach finally reaches the end of his rope and succumbs, only to find that walking away as he thought is much more difficult than he anticipated. Zach finds himself reaching out to Paige in a way that is foreign to his very existence, all the while trying to hide his emerging and very confusing feelings towards Paige from her brother and his best friend.

Emma Jay has a way of writing that always draws me in and leaves me with the need to find out more. And that was the case with this novella too. I love the way she portrays complex characters, the way she brings forth the emotion that kept me turning the pages even into the wee hours of the night, unable to let go of the hold Zach and Paige had on me and my emotions. Just one question remains on my mind as I write this review, will Emma Jay write a story for Adam and Paige’s house mate? I would love to see Adam fall, and fall hard. Yep, the evil cupid inside of me cannot resist voicing this thought.

Recommended for fans of Emma Jay & fans of erotic contemporary romances. Emma Jay gives you the emotion with the erotic, and that is one reason I will continue to come back for more!

Purchase Links: Amazon | B&N | Samhain


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