ARC Review: Deadly Fallout by Katie Reus

Format: E-bookdeadlyfallout.png
Read with: iBooks for iPad
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Series: Red Stone Security, #10
Publisher: Self-Published
Hero: Sawyer McCabe
Heroine: Zoe Hansen
Sensuality: 4
Date of Publication: December 9, 2014
Started On: December 11, 2014
Finished On: December 11, 2014

Deadly Fallout by Katie Reus is the 10th book in her Red Stone Security series. Do not be put off by the fact that this is the 10th book in an ongoing series. I am here to attest to the fact this is completely readable as a standalone since I myself picked Deadly Fallout as my very first introduction into the series.

Dr. Zoe Hansen is a surgeon, is forced to move her job and start afresh after a stalker gets too close to comfort. But 7 months later, Zoe finds her newfound peace once again shattered by the very same man. When her stalker gets murdered, Zoe would think that the days of her having to look over her shoulder are over. But far from it as Zoe finds herself saddled with a more vindictive version this time around, who is willing to play dirty to get to her.

Sawyer McCabe is the freshest recruit to the Red Stone Security. Having served as a SEAL for most of his life, his retirement from the military comes at a time he had wanted to. When Sawyer finds out that Zoe with whom he has a bit of a shared “past” with is in danger, every muscle in his body gets ready to fight, to fight to save the woman who has the power to bring him down to his very knees.

Deadly Fallout is such a great book. I ended up finishing it in one sitting because it served a story that begged the pages to be turned. Both Zoe and Sawyer are characters you’d definitely fall in love with. I did. Zoe is a heroine who is strong and independent in the truest sense. Able to stand up for herself but not stupid enough to want to prove something to everyone that she can do it all alone. Tough, smart and loyal; an unbeatable combination when it comes to a heroine. Flat out loved her!

Sawyer, oh my dear Sawyer; there’s something about heroes named Sawyer. Strong, honorable and sexy to boot, Sawyer is the type of hero to suck out the oxygen in a room just by walking into it. There’s an intensity to him that is hidden but the fire that burns and consumes him when it comes to Zoe breaks it all out to the forefront and that in itself was a mighty heady and delicious experience.

The villain was easy enough to figure out towards the latter part of the book but nevertheless the stalker crazy element to the whole thing gave the story the edge that it required. Definitely quite the interesting side characters that I would love to get to know better. Perhaps I will pick up a book or two in the series and give them a go. Some of the plots sound quite intriguing! Definitely recommended!

Final Verdict: Delivers fast paced suspense & scorching sexual heat!

Favorite Quotes

Without thinking, she leaned forward and brushed her lips over his, softly. He stiffened slightly and she wanted to die of embarrassment. Maybe she’d made a mistake, misread the—
Sawyer crushed his mouth over hers, moaning into her mouth like a starving man.
She clutched his shoulders and suddenly found herself flat on her back on the bed, one of his thighs between her legs as they kissed.

From the party, he knew the layout of her house so he moved quickly across the tile—until she lifted up against him and impaled herself on him.
He sucked in a breath, his head snapping back from hers. Groaning as he filled her, she arched her back against him, her nipples stroking his chest with the movement. They weren’t going to make it to the living room. “Wall or floor?” he managed.
“Wall.” He loved that she didn’t even pause in her answer.

“Come for me,” he murmured as he pulled out of her again, almost fully, before sliding back in with a groan. She was so damn tight. “I want to feel you coming on my cock.”
It was like his words set something off inside her. Her breathing hitched and her inner walls, which had already been incredibly tight around him, started rippling. She buried her face against his neck and bit down lightly, groaning against him as she found another orgasm.

She hadn’t made it past the threshold before he was behind her, on her, his big hands clutching her hips as he tugged her back flush to his torso. His skin was hot against her back. The skin on skin was too much and not enough.
He let out a soft growl as his hands slid up her hips, spanning her waist and stomach before cupping her breasts. He didn’t touch her nipples though, just held her gently.

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