7th Blogiversary!


Hello fellow readers, bloggers and authors,

Today marks the 7th year since I decided to put my emotions to good use after reading a book, and opened up the pages of wordpress to determine how I would best go about entering the world of book reviewers. Being the lover of the written word that I am, I have always wanted to write. Perhaps it was my desire to do so that saw me start this blog, which has persevered till today.

All of it has not gone as smoothly as I would have liked it to. But hey, that is life! But what I have learned during my somewhat eventful and sometimes not so years of being a reviewer is to always choose books that I love to read! Being requested for reviews is part of the journey for a self-proclaimed reviewer such as myself. Accepting all the requests for reviews that comes my way is humanly impossible, especially since I do this all on my own. Not to mention the fact that reading, something that I have always done for pleasure, started to turn into a chore that I didn’t want particularly for myself. Which is the reason why I have found myself turning down more requests than I agree to – and even those that I do accept, I find myself at times hard pressed to attend to.

I have also found that I have become more pickier in choosing books that I identify with. Of course, there are the timeless classics that I always revisit every now and then. Being someone who reads mostly romance and rarely stray into other genres, I have been becoming increasingly restless with the lackluster reads that have darkened my reader doorway. In light of that, Elizabeth Hoyt’s Maiden Lane series turned out to be a godsend. I have practically steamrollered through the series and eagerly await the release of the next book this September. Those are the sort of books that I as a reader appreciate. Well written, heroes and heroines who are likable and words that create magic when they come together! But alas, I believe that romance is a genre that has become muddled with too many books with too little quality, books conforming to the modern notions of what romances ought to be, which has rendered male leads in books to come off as more “feminine” than what I would like a hero to be. Perhaps my emotions are colored by the fact that the infamous bodice rippers were my introduction into romance novels. Somehow I have a hard time finding authors that defy this newly accepted norm and write romances as they should be written. Julianna Keyes is an author that I have come to love as such.

So with 900+ reviews and hopefully more to come, I am pretty much found on most social media platforms, the last of which I signed up on was instagram. So do come for a visit, if nothing else to take part in the celebratory giveaway that is included with the post! I will be picking a winner for each of the giveaway categories separately!

May we all get to read what gives us pleasure, be it of the kind of books that tickles our brains or the heart!

Happy reading! x

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