Review: Wild Orchids By Karen Robards

Format: E-bookwild
Read with: MS Reader
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Standalone
Publisher: Warner Books
Hero: John Roberts “Max” Maxwell
Heroine: Lora Harding
Published on: January 1, 1994
Started On: September 2, 2009
Finished On: September 2, 2009

For those who have read my last review (Island Flame by Karen Robards), I mentioned that the most favorite book of mine by this author is Wild Orchids which was the second book of this author that I tried. Writing the review for Island Flame and thinking about the book Wild Orchids, which I had previously read twice, made me stop the book Sea Fire in the middle (the second book  in the Pirates series) to read Wild Orchids once again, and sigh… I wasn’t disappointed! So here is my review for this special book, which most probably, I would end up reading AGAIN sometime in the near future.

This book starts when Lora, who is on vacation in Mexico, finds herself kidnapped at gun point by Max who is on the run for his life from the Mexican authorities. Max married previously, fought in the Vietnam war, and carries the emotional baggage of a war that turned pretty ugly. Lora, a teacher in a quiet town, engaged to a Mathematics teacher at her school, had been nursing her paralyzed mother for ten years or so, and was trying to enjoy a long awaited vacation after her mother dies of pneumonia leaving both her children with a bit of money, allowing Lora to splurge a bit on herself for a change.

Max, a strong alpha hero, from the moment he kidnaps Lora, who gives as good as she gets, has his hands full. Desperate attempts to escape which are thwarted at the last minute by Max, exasperates him endlessly, whilst Lora and Max start to feel the first stirrings of an attraction to one another that won’t be denied. The witty dialogue between Lora and Max never fails to amuse me.

Halfway through the novel, Max releases Lora to return back to wherever she came from, advising her not to go to the cops, when Lora just does the opposite and finds out that she really doesn’t want to turn Max over to  the authorities a moment too late and finds herself locked up. Max and his buddies rescue her from jail and in a harrowing chase, ends up on the plane which was to take them away from the hell hole. However, fate had different plans, when the plane crashes in the midst of the thick jungle, leaving one of Max’s buddies dead, and the other Tunafish (Theodre) with a broken ankle.  Max finds out that who loaned him the plane had double crossed him, and in fact the plane was full of millions of dollars worth of dope.

The story that unfolds is fast paced, filled with action, humor and moments of glorious passion between these two strong willed characters which you can’t put down till you have read the last line. My only peeve with this book is even the first time that I read this book, I thought that Lora didn’t make Max suffer enough before succumbing, which is a problem with most of the romance books. Maybe my ultra feminine side doesn’t like the fact that the heroine suffers so much throughout the novel, and in the end the hero just has to crook his finger in the “come to me” motion and the heroine just forgets every little thing that the hero puts her through and swoons on the confession of ultimate love, desire and marriage. However, even though the ending may not satisfy me 100%, I still love this great book and would continue to re-read it from time to time.

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  1. I’ve had this book in my TBR pile for months (I got a few Karen Robards books after reading Dark Torment) and somehow I never got around to them. Dark Torment was wonderful, but I think I got side-tracked by some other book at the time and completely forgot about my Karen Robards pile! Your reviews reminded me! :)

    Anyways, just finished Wild Orchids and I loved it!! Max is yummylicious!!! All sexy brooding roughness!! And I especially enjoyed Lora! I was laughing out loud from the start at her horrified reaction when she was getting kidnapped by a “possible sociopath”!

    The romance was sweet too. I agree about Lora caving in a little too early at the end. I was hoping for some groveling on Max’s part (after all, he WAS pretty mean to her), but sadly, all the man had to do was kiss her and all was forgiven! Even so, it was good! :)

    Have you read Judith McNaught’s Perfect? It’s one of my all-time favorites! The concept is similar to this. A small-town schoolteacher gets kidnapped by an escaped convict. The story is broader than Wild Orchids, but every bit of it is fabulous! I seriously dehydrated myself reading the romance (backtracking to re-read certain dialogues and scenes) and I’m still convinced I want a Zack of my very own! What a man! *dreamy sigh*

    Wouldn’t it be fabulous if I went on a vacation somewhere all alone and I got kidnapped by a sexy gorgeous and tortured beyond hope criminalish man??? Sigh…….. Alas, I’m such a chicken I doubt I’d end up falling in love, I’ll probably die of fright right then and there, so overcome with visions of rape and murder and unspeakable torture! Drat!



  2. LOL! You certainly have a way with words Xahu and never fail to crack me up real good with your insightful comments!

    Wild Orchids as you can see is one of my favorites from Ms. Robards. Yes, Max is yummylicious, broody and all sexy, just the right kind for us girls to moon and sigh over. And yes, Lara certainly makes for a great heroine. I wonder why in Ms. Robard’s novels why it happens that the woman always ends up going after the man. Meh! But still all in all one of the best romantic suspense books out there!

    Umm.. yeah I have read Perfect! LOL! Who hasn’t? Perfect was my first Judith McNaught and my BFF is CRAZY about the book. She keeps it close to her bed at ALL times! And yes I loved Perfect but my fav McNaught contemporary has to be Paradise. ;)

    Hmmm.. as it would happen if we were to go on a vacation and get kidnapped, it would be a rapist or murderer or someone like that! We wouldn’t be half as lucky as Lara to end up with a gorgeous hunk of male species who is broody and totally sexy and worth our time in gold!



  3. Lol! Why, thank you!

    I actually began McNaught’s Paradise before Perfect (I wanted to read in order) and I was thoroughly engrossed when suddenly the quintessential “great misunderstanding” happened and I hurriedly put it away!

    If there’s one romance theme I don’t like, it’s the “great misunderstanding”!! Yes, yes, it does spice up the story and all that, but I end up agonizing over the wasted years and the stupid characters who can’t communicate if their life depended on it!! Aaargh!!

    I really want to finish Paradise, but I have to pick up where I left off and I’m dawdling! Maybe one of these days I’ll persevere!!

    About the vacation, you are SO right!!! Life is just so pathetically unfair!!



  4. Yeap, that’s why its called life and not sugarcoated with anything else! Sigh!!

    I totally get what you mean by the “big misunderstanding” theme. It does get on the nerves if not well done. I don’t know why but I loved Paradise. A big tearjerker for me. Maybe the next time I re-read it I would find myself thinking of your comments and just begin to dislike the book a teeny tiny bit? Or not!! ^_^



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