Those Tacky Harlequin Titles!

Being one of the most avid reader of romance books, I am guilty as hell of reading Harlequin romance books. Back in the 90’s, they were my favorite source of books of romance and I wouldn’t have it any other way I suppose. I even have favorite authors from the series as well. Lynne Graham, Sandra Marton, Sharon Kendrick and Sarah Mayberry are some of my very favorite authors of this line.

But somehow, these line of books, except for a selective few, have lost their luster. Maybe it has got something to do with those oh so tacky titles, and the never ending theme of these books. I know that these books are supposed to be a light read, a book that you can just read without thinking too much about the storyline. However, I need something more than that when I start to read a book. I need characters that I can relate to, (not that I don’t love the handsome as sin, rich as they come heroes in most of the books) and a storyline that doesn’t bore me to death with some simpering female character who is oh so pure that it makes me grit my teeth.

What turns me off, the most of all are the tacky titles, which I cringe from embarrassment whenever I see them on bookshelves.

Below I will name some of these titles that I have come across of late.

  1. Proud Revenge, Passionate Wedlock by Janette Kenny
  2. Italian Boss, Proud Miss Prim by Susan Stephens
  3. Playboy Boss, Live-in Mistress by Kelly Hunter
  4. Argentinian Playboy, Unexpected Love-child by Chantelle Shaw
  5. The Playboy Sheikh’s Virgin Stable-Girl by Sharon Kendrick

And I could go on and on, but inevitably I would just end up cringing myself with embarrassment to DEATH!

Its high time that authors of this line of romance try to come up with more innovative titles and story lines, rather than blabbering on about innocent virgins who beckon  the wild and wicked playboy hero like a siren, and ends up getting pregnant, which forces the hero to offer for her hand in marriage, which by then the heroine would be simperingly in love with the hero and oh, the story goes on!

Until my next review, happy reading everyone! xoxoxo


  1. You forgot my all-time favorite title: Pregnesia!

    Seriously, though, the titles you mention are indicative of sub-genres that are still quite popular. I’m not sure I would choose those books, but plenty of people do. The nice thing about Harlequin is that they have so many imprints that you can find just about anything your heart desires!



    1. You have a point there Jen. I guess I have sort of out grown this line of books, but even so, some of the books with better suited titles and interesting story lines do catch my eye from time to time.



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