Review: Led Astray by Sandra Brown

Format: E-bookledastray.jpg
Read with: Microsoft Reader
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Hell Raisers, Book 1
Publisher: Mira
Hero: Cage Hendren
Heroine: Jenny Fletcher
Date of Publication: March 1, 2005
Started On: December 29, 2009
Finished On: January 1, 2010

This was a book written by the author under one of her pseudonyms Erin St. Claire during the 1980’s. This is a re-read for me, as it happens mostly with me cos every now and then I always remember this story and how much I loved the book when I first read it.

Cage Hendren is the second son of Reverend Bob Hendren and his wife Sarah, both of whom have never disguised the fact that they find Cage and his wild ways despicable. Hal their first born had always been the one who has had their affection and love as he was the one who was following the footsteps of his father. Jenny Fletcher is brought into the Hendren family when her parents and only sister were killed in a fire at their home. Having nowhere to go, the Hendrens had taken her in and brought her up as one of their own.

Hal and Jenny were expected to get married, and Jenny never one to want to create disharmony amongst the people who had loved her like their own has gone along with the plans and convinced herself that being Hal’s wife is what she wants in life. Meanwhile, Cage has always loved Jenny from afar though Hal and Jenny are practically engaged to be married.

When Hal goes off on a mission to rescue some refugees from a war torn country and gets killed in the process, Jenny finds herself depending on Cage and finds out that Cage is not the wild and crazy person that everyone portrays him to be. In the process of falling in love with Cage, Jenny finds the strength within herself and help from Cage to become the woman she needs to be.

Lovely story with two strong characters and interesting plot to keep things going.

Till next time!

And a wonderful new year to everyone!

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