Review: The Missing by Shiloh Walker

Format: E-book
Read with: Microsoft Reader
Length: Novel
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series: None
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
Hero: Cullen Morgan
Heroine: Taige Branch
Date of Publication: November 4, 2008
Started On: January 1, 2010
Finished On: January 5, 2010

Nobody spins a tale of love and suspense better than Shiloh Walker. I absolutely love her books. Except for novellas, her stories are insightful and you can just feel the passion between the two characters unfold right in front of your eyes and this story is in no way an exception to the rule.

Cullen Morgan meets psychic teen Taige Branch on a holiday vacation that Cullen’s family takes in the Gulf Shores in Alaska. Taige, whose parents died in a fatalistic car crash, lives with her religious zealot of an uncle, who makes his distaste for the psychic powers that Taige tries to deal with and ignore everyday of her life evident in his dealings with her. And then she meets Cullen, who is the only person Taige feels connected and safe enough with and soon after falls in love with.

Cullen accepts Taige for who she is until Cullen’s mom is brutally raped and murdered. Cullen blaming Taige for not being able to save his mother brutally cuts off all ties with Taige. The story continues years later, where Taige has learnt to channel her psychic powers and now works under contract for government agencies in trying to help rid the society of psychopaths who prey on small children. Taige has never trusted anyone enough to have an intimate relationship with after Cullen though there are these intense dreams that Taige keeps having about Cullen caring for her and loving her as she has yearned for ever since the day Cullen made her walk out of his life forever.

When Cullen’s daughter goes missing, it drives him back to Taige. Now Cullen who once couldn’t forgive her for not saving his mother asks for Taige’s help in finding his daughter. As they find Cullen’s daughter, Taige is pushed headlong into finding a killer who kills children with special powers like herself and the killer that she seeks just might be too close to home for comfort. All through this, Cullen finds what the severe ending of their relationship had cost Taige and vows to win her back into his life no matter what.

The only part that I was unhappy with was the fact that Taige lost so much in her life when Cullen abruptly ended their relationship, and Taige never got the chance to put up a fight when Cullen wooed her back into his life. I guess the intense connection between them that did not cease with time or distance really played a big part in making this all believable. I can’t believe that I put off reading this book for so long. Should hunt down all Walker’s new releases and start going at them ASAP.

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    1. I know!!! I have got an addiction for both brothers (Luke and Quinn)! Shiloh Walker creates the best heroes don’t you think? And yes this book is great. You should give it a go :)



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