Requested ARC Review: Tactical Deception by J.L. Saint + Giveaway!

Format: E-booktacticaldeception
Read with: iBooks for iPad
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Series: Silent Warrior #2
Publisher: Samhain Publishing Ltd.
Hero: Lt. Col. Roger Weston
Heroine: Maryam Dalton
Sensuality: 4
Date of Publication: March 13, 2012
Started On: March 12, 2012
Finished On: March 13, 2012

It feels like I have spent ages pining for the release of this much awaited second book in the Silent Warrior series by J.L. Saint. Book 1 in the series Collateral Damage was an eye opening novel filled with drool inducing yummy military heroes and depicts the constant battle that they and the world at large fight in combating terrorism and its ill effects on the whole world. J.L. Saint is one of those authors who gets the details right, someone who doesn’t ‘judge’ in the way she presents a story that is bound to be gone over with a fine-tooth comb by those that would have a hard time believing that any author would be able to paint ‘terrorists’ in a way that doesn’t offend someone who is a Muslim. Having read book 1 in the series, I trusted J.L. Saint to handle the story of Lt. Col. Roger Weston and the beautiful Maryam Dalton (Mari) with the same grace and poise as she did for Collateral Damage and she did just that, leaving me wanting more of the same as I read through the last pages.

39 year old Roger Weston is still paying the price for the hit his team had taken in Lebanon, the guilt of what had gone down and rendered 24 year old Maryam Dalton (Mari) a pregnant widower something that Roger can’t shake himself loose from. Making the situation doubly dangerous is the fact that he desires Mari above and beyond any reason, something that he berates himself for over and over again knowing deep in his heart that if Mari were ever to find the truth behind her husband’s death, she would never look at him in the same way again.

Mari might be pregnant and devout in her faith that had been her way of life even long after she had escaped the land where she had grown up in driven to escape the injustice of being blamed for something she had no power over, but the fact that she desires a man she has no right over is one that continues to taunt her. Mari would like nothing better than to bury her head in the sand and forget that Roger Weston exists, but it seems easier said than done as Roger and his piercing blue eyes continue to haunt her in dreams of the vivid and erotic variety, and it doesn’t make things any easier when Roger sticks by her side to protect her from an enemy who is relentless in his need to see Mari take her last breathe in this world.

When shit hits the fan in more ways than one, Roger and his team are scrambling left and right trying to make sense of a series of sniper attacks which occur simultaneously at different locations in the US, leaving an abject terror gnawing deep inside of everyone. Amidst all the attacks and confusion, Mari’s estranged family makes an appearance, throwing both Roger and Mari into a situation that is fraught with danger from all sides, and it is through sheer luck, God’s will and a whole lot of prowess on Roger’s side that these two find themselves free from their captives, ready to surrender to the desire that is always such a visceral part of their relationship.

Tactical Deception is a complex novel comprised of multiple layers and characters that lend a richness to the story that just begs you to keep on reading. There are few authors in my eyes who can juggle so many characters effectively without the book sounding like a narrative of each and every single attribute of the multi-faceted characters that are introduced and play a vital role in the story. And I believe J.L. Saint to be one who is able to deliver on all accounts and I couldn’t get enough of each and every character that I came across and learned to love as I was pulled deeper into a story that was filled with action, angst and red hot loving till the very last page.

Tactical Deception is not just the story of how Roger and Mari, two very different people in their upbringing as well as their beliefs and culture find that special someone in each other to spend the rest of their lives with. It is a story that shows the true meaning of the word “terrorism”, the terror that one can instill in your heart if you plan that carefully, if you let hate encroach and encompass the whole of your heart until it is just sheer madness that controls all your actions and emotions. It is a realistic portrait of the condition that J.L. Saint creates so vividly that I always found myself holding my breathe in, unable to believe what was happening, but at the same time knowing deep inside of me that this could indeed turn out to be the reality of tomorrow.

I would say this now and I would say this tomorrow, but I do appreciate how well J.L. Saint paints the picture of a devout Muslim who is torn between her beliefs towards Allah and her desires for a man that goes completely against the teachings of a religion that preaches modesty of the self above everything else. But reality in life is that even the most devout when tempted beyond anything they have ever faced before succumbs, and there was a beauty in the way that Mari gives herself over to Roger, a man who above everything else respects the woman he would lay down his very life for.

Roger is a hero that would be hard NOT to fall in love with. He is a warrior with a deep sense of always doing the right thing ingrained in him that it is with a heavy heart that he faces his unrelenting desire for the very last woman he should be lusting after. Even when Mari and the way she covers her beauty from him drives him crazy, I fell irrevocably in love with him the moment Roger showed just how much he respected the woman he loves above anything else in this world. Roger recognizes the woman who hides herself in the shrouds of her abaya, her wants, needs and the desire that burns deep inside of her to embrace freedom, to give her unborn babies all that she had been deprived of when she had been growing up.

Woven into the story of such complex emotions is plenty of action to pump up one’s adrenaline levels and J.L. Saint pulls no punches in delivering scenes that practically explode all over the page, that drives you to the edge of your seat time and yet again and I loved and reveled in every single minute of the experience.

As much as I loved Roger and Mari’s story, I absolutely adored the secondary romance that took place between Angie and Rico that burned up a few pixels on my iPad and a few of my brain cells while they were at it. Their explosive chemistry, the way Rico could not think straight whenever Angie was around, and the bittersweet ending that Angie and Rico faced at the end of this novel just made me want to cry and howl at the injustice of it all. I don’t think I can adequately put into words just how much I want their story next, and yes this goes out as a plea to you Ms. Saint to hurry along and give readers their story before we all get into a tizzy from all the anticipation and waiting around.

As I said earlier, so many fascinating characters that I have a feeling would make for unbelievable stories of their own and I can’t wait to see the journey that Ms. Saint would take us on in a series which I hope and pray would continue to have a lot more books than just these two. With non-stop action, red hot scorching passion that revs up your engines unlike anything else, there is nothing more you can ask from a novel such as this one.

Tactical Deception is a story that goes straight to your blood. Its chills, curdles, pumps and revs it up in equal doses and you just wont get enough!

Favorite Quotes

… war fucks everybody without discretion …

She [Angie] looked at the plate he’d set down. “You’re not hungry?”
“I’m starving. Hungrier than I’ve ever been in my entire life.” He’d waited for weeks for the right time and even though it was the worst timing possible, he couldn’t wait a second more.
Her jaw dropped as he took her plate from her wobbly grip.
“I, uh, am in desperate need of a shower.”
“Me too,” he whispered, then leaned in and pressed his mouth to her lush lips. She opened immediately for him, inviting his tongue and more as she sighed and sank closer against him. He thrust deep into her mouth, tasting the spicy sauce, tasting her, and plundered for more as pleasure washed over him like a benediction from heaven.

Looking down she arched her back, giving him more. His tanned complexion against her milky, slightly freckled skin was visually stark and sexually exciting. She watched as his mouth claimed her other nipple, stroking it with his tongue, and her vision blurred as he rhythmically rocked his erection against her sex.
Hot, damp, desperate, she braced herself with her hands on his knees behind her and met him thrust for thrust, pushing hard. Breathing as heavy as he was, she trembled with the flash fire of passion overtaking them both.

The waistbands of her jeans and panties only made it to her knees before Rico spread open her sex and planted a tongue lashing right on the swollen nub of her core. Wave after wave of fiery pleasure burned through her in an explosive rush to an orgasm that rocked her world because it was so good, but it wasn’t enough. She didn’t have Rico inside her. She didn’t have his arms around her. She couldn’t look into the drowning depths of his eyes. She pulled on his good arm, feeling his body trembling with his desire. “I need you now. More than ever before I need you inside me now. Please.”

Her sheath clamped his erection like a burning fist as her body demanded he follow her over the edge. Physically that was already happening. Big time. He was buried all the way in with his balls kissing her sweet ass as the biggest orgasm of his life blew his mind. He literally saw stars. But it didn’t end there. Emotionally and spiritually she was sucking him into her and he was driving harder and harder to get there himself as his gaze locked with hers. She grabbed his heavy necklace and pulled his mouth to hers, demanding and claiming, giving no quarter. They rode out the pleasure, wave after wave, milking every drop of it together with moans, touches, tiny thrusts, and sealing it all with an endless kiss that left him breathless—soulless—everything-less. She stole it all.

[Roger] “Do you know how amazingly beautiful you are to me?”
“As beautiful as you are to me.” She slid her gaze down then back up with one of those secret smiles that played havoc with a man’s mind.
He shook his head. “Nah, I couldn’t be, because you’d be insane with your need to just watch me. You’d ache every moment to just touch me. Your nights would be consumed with dreams of me and you’d live every moment just to love me.”

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If you love action packed romantic suspense with larger than life military heroes, I dare you to enter. This is one book that won’t disappoint.


  1. Fantastic review, MBR.
    I bought this book about one hour before I received your invite:) I’m really looking forward to it. I already loved both Mari and Roger so much in Collateral Damage and cheered them on. I’m really happy they got their own book. Good Luck to everyone who enters this contest! This series is amazing, you won’t regret it.



    1. Hey Steffi

      Aww! That’s too bad. But I hope you enjoy Roger and Mari’s story. It was fantastic for me.
      And thank you for stopping by! :)


  2. Mmm, tough choice. I think I have to go with the whole wounded warrior thing that Shane Garrison had going on in Jessica Scott’s “Because of You.” I’m sad that the next book in the series won’t be out until 2013.

    I hadn’t heard of JL Saint’s series. So now I have another series to look forward to reading. Yea! (Oh, and enter me in the giveaway!)


    1. Hi Terry,

      Thanks for stopping by. I have been hearing all good things about Shane Garrison from the very start. The book has been in my TBR for ages. Should definitely check it out as soon as possible! :)


  3. Hello everyone! Thank you for the welcome and the enthusiasm. I so appreciate your participation in my giveaway and your enjoyment of my story. Please email me and let me know what you think after you’ve had a chance to read about my Silent Warriors.
    thank you and happy reading


  4. Hellooo,
    thanx 4 the great review MBR..:)… J.L.Saint’s bk. Tactical Deception sounds wired alive &seriously on fire! The excrept read like a live scene from the movie. I’d give this author a try n a heartbeat exciting m New York minute…;D


  5. Ooops I 4 forget …(((giggle))) favorite Militaryromance hero isssssssssssssssss….Louisiana born,sexy swamp alicous…Cajun tongue talking & tedisously totured hunk….ooh wow ..I luvvvvv him speaking Creole words of luvvvvv 2 the heroine ..myummm..yes sirreee bob..Lucky Doucet is his name..From LUCKYS LADY,& YA WAT?? I THINK LUCKY would sound sexy giving intstruction on how 2 make a peanutbutter&jelly sandwhich..teeeheeee!


  6. MDV, the only problem with your book reviews is that you make your picks sound so damn good I have to add yet another book to my TBR pile. Having just read some of Cindy Gerard’s Black Op books, I am totally up for more hot action man heroes. *adds book to TBR list*


  7. God, that book sounds good! I’ve never heard of this series before but I’ll definitely give it a closer look.
    I have to go with Shane from Because of You by Jessica Scott, too. I loved that book! The hero was so broken and devastated and the end was really believable, not something sappy and unrealistic.
    And Zach from Breaking Point by Pamela Clare is also one fine military hero.

    And MBR, I’m with Sarah by the way. ;)


  8. Hmmmm I really liked the whole Ghostwalker series by Christine Feehan. But, out of the bunch I think I enjoyed Jess Calhoun in Predatory Game. I did pick up Collateral Damage and am looking forward to reading it because who doesn’t love a hot man with skills?! ;)


  9. Hello again ladies, thank you for being here and checking out Tactical Deception. I so very much appreciate the great feedback and Yes when I write a book its like seeing movie play out in my mind. Some say I am a “visual writer that they see and feel the scenes of the story. and LORD have mercy it has been a long time since I have thought about Tami Hoag’s Lucky, loved the book and loved loved him. After a long day at work and fighting with hayfever allergies all day you all have made my evening.
    many thanks and if you do get a chance to enjoy Collateral Damage or Tactical Deception, posting an Amazon review for me would totally rock
    Thank you
    JL Saint, aka Jennifer St. Giles aka Jennifer Saints.
    PS on Amazon you can get a sexy contemporary Wild Irish, and a classic gothic historical The Mistress of Trevelyan on kindle for free for the next four days!!


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