Review: Too Much Temptation by Lori Foster

Format: E-Booktoomuchtemptation
Read with: Adobe Reader
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: The Brava Brothers, Book 1
Sensuality: 3.5
Publisher: Zebra Leads
Hero: Noah Harper
Heroine:  Grace Jenkins
Date of Publication: December 1, 2007
Started On: January 25, 2010
Finished On: January 25, 2010

I read this book a long time back and whilst browsing through a discussion forum on Amazon, I once again came across this title and had the itch to read it all over again. Lori Foster is an author who writes great stories with lots of humor injected into the romance which makes reading the book a more memorable one. And yes, the sensuality level of her novels are off the charts as well!

Noah is one of the bastard grand sons of Agatha, a woman who is as rich as she is aristocratic. With his father who had made no claims on any of his sons, Agatha searches Noah out when her son dies leaving her bereft and without a family to leave everything she has. Although Agatha puts her pride before everything else, she teaches Noah everything about doing business she knows. Noah has his life all mapped out and goes along with his grandmother’s plans of marrying Kara, his fiance of more than a year, whom he finds in bed with another man going at each other like crazy. Noah calls off the wedding but in consideration to Kara’s feelings and fears that her parents wouldn’t accept the person with whom she has fallen in love with, Noah takes the brunt of all accusations and criticism on putting a stop to a wedding that would have rocked the city.

Grace Jenkins, secretary of Noah’s grandmother for the past three years, who has loved Noah ever since she set her eyes on him, is outraged when she hears that all the blame has been placed at Noah’s feet. Knowing Noah, Grace knows that he wouldn’t have called off the wedding unless he had a very compelling reason to do so. Such trust and faith from someone whom Noah never even expected, Noah finds himself lured towards the gentle and loving nature behind the no nonsense facade Grace puts up. Its inevitable that Noah and Grace end up in bed with one another when Grace has been yearning for Noah ever since she met him.

With Agatha meddling all the way to get Noah and Kara back together, thinking she knows whats in the best interest of her grandson, and Grace fighting for Noah’s honor every step of the way, this story makes a highly entertaining read, one thats quite easy to read in one sitting. Recommended for those who love a feisty heroine who is not of the perfect dolled out variety usually found in romance novels, and a scorching hot hero who is guaranteed to make your toes curl.

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