Review: Night Magic by Karen Robards

Format: E-book
Read with: Amazon Kindle
Length: Novel
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series: Standalone
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Hero: Jack McClain
Heroine: Clara Winston
Sensuality: 3.5
Date of Publication:  October 1987
Started On: July 11, 2010
Finished On: July 12, 2010

I have always loved a good smashing adventure with a high dose of sensuality and romance in the mix. This is a testament as to why Wild Orchids by the same author remains a favorite of mine. Adventures where a hero and heroine who are as different from one another as night and day gets thrown in together to survive against tough as nails bad guys and the unforgiving conditions of the wilderness of nature that surrounds them. From the moment I found out about this novel on a discussion forum on Amazon I knew that this would be one of those romances that I wouldn’t be able to put down. And boy was I glad when I was proven right!

CIA Agent Jack McClain is as tough as they come. Having fought in the Vietnam war and then later working deep undercover in remote areas of the world and finally being the catalyst that brought everything to a disastrous conclusion earning him a stint in a psych facility and later a desk job at the agency, Jack never thought that he would be lucky enough to land a job within the intelligence community that would boost his career once again. Tim Hammersmith, Jack’s boss in many a deep cover missions sticks out his neck for Jack once again and assigns him with the task of getting Yuprov, a Russian KGB spy to spill his guts about a mole who was working deep within the highest ranks of the American intelligence.

Jack never thought that before he was through with the assignment that he and Yuprov would  be captured and tortured, and Jack barely escapes the fate of death at the hand of his captors by jumping ship into the murky churning waters of the ocean. Jack barely survives drowning and his rescue by two fishermen out at sea and his subsequent transfer to the hospital for treatment once again sets the Russian KGB goons after him from which he barely escapes only to be labeled as the raving lunatic who carried out a massacre at the hospital. Now its not only the KGB that is after his ass but the whole country who is on the lookout before the day is through.

Clara Winston, a romance author who just turned thirty, lives with her old gray Persian cat Puff and two cream and gray Siamese cats Amy and Iris. Clara has always been coached the ways of a proper lady through and through and though Clara yearns to settle down, start a family of her own, she has never been tempted by any of the men who have shared her life albeit for brief moments in time. Clara has always envisioned that she would find a noble and uncomplicated knight in shining armor and settle down and have normal uncomplicated kids someday. She has no inkling of the fact that her dedication in her latest novel to the “Magic Dragon” would land her in a whole different load of trouble and that before the night is through, her home would be invaded by Russian KGB agents and that she would barely escape with her life intact.

Clara first encounters Jack whilst running through the tobacco fields that surrounds her home trying to escape the Russian goons that invaded her home, and though at first Jack thinks that Clara is in cahoots with the KGB, to Clara’s surprise Jack finds the whole story of her book dedication a source of mirth and merriment and a dumbfounded Clara is advised by the roughneck who stands in front of her to take a vacation and get the hell out of the country.

Though Clara runs to the town Sheriff and complains, no one really thinks that her home invasion is more than just a burglary gone wrong. And Clara finds herself captured with her cat Puff and once again in the company of the man who was wreaking so much havoc in her life. These two barely escape and runs for their life for all its worth. The immediate dislike that these two have for one another makes for the best of simmering tension that explodes with no bounds before halfway through the novel. The unbelievable flare of red hot passion Clara feels for Jack, someone she doesn’t even like makes her wary at best, but that doesn’t stop her from succumbing to the raw sexuality that Jack effortlessly wields around her.

Before the story is through, Jack and Clara are captured once again, Clara tortured and Jack shot in the chest during their last escape from the Russian goons. My heart was pounding through most of the novel and I couldn’t for the world of me put it down and go to sleep without finding out how the story ends. And like Wild Orchids, I found myself unhappy with the way things ended, as Clara was the one who goes after Jack and yes, Jack welcomes her with open arms but doesn’t Clara deserve a bit of wooing other than a rough trek through the jungles dodging bullets and running for her life just because she unknowingly used Jack’s undercover code name as a dedication in her book? But then again, the story has me sighing all over the rough and tough Jack and wistfully yearning for a Jack of my own.

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  1. Hmmm, I must say that I was bit disappointed this time around. I scrambled to find Night Magic after reading your review, and though on the whole the book was enjoyable, as a romance it left me a little lukewarm. Too much action and red-hot passion sure, but too little on the actual love for me!

    Honestly, I did not much like Clara. She was too belligerent for my taste. Even though I liked Clara’s beginning with the humorous incident with Puff and the KGB in her home, her continuous defiance of Jack turned me off a little. I mean, hello?? Did she not see the rough and tough sexy guy she was with?

    Lol, Maybe I have too much of the alpha male on the brain. The one where girls take one look and turns to puddle at their feet!! *sheepish grin*

    Anyhow, I was done with Night Magic and was looking for Ms. Robard’s Loving Julia when I came upon her Forbidden Love. Have you read it?

    Goodness, the hero and heroine has the biggest age difference I have ever read to date (and this is saying a lot since Diana Palmer is famous for her mega age gaps)!! Nineteen years!! I nearly put it away as you said coz of the ick factor, but sadly, Ms. Robards has a knack for creating yummy men, doesn’t she?

    I’m still mopping up the tears and savoring the high you get when you sink your teeth into a good heart-rending romance!! Sigh………..,I think I’m going to go read the ending again. *hurries away to get tissues and throw myself on the book*



  2. Yeah Night Magic didn’t have the charm that obviously Wild Orchids had. Nevertheless I did enjoy this book too but it didn’t earn an A+ from me because it isn’t a book that’s re-read worthy for me.

    Yeah you are right about the heroes that Karen Robards creates. They just literally (most of them) takes my breath away! Forbidden Love, that is a historical ain’t it? I think I have it in my TBR pile but haven’t got round to reading it. I feel like I am getting suffocated at times with the so many good books I have to read but never get round to! :(

    If Forbidden Love had that much of an effect on you I must hurry it along then!! *hurries off to finish the book(s) I’m currently reading!*

    And P.S. I know exactly what you mean about Diana Palmer heroes! LOL!



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