Review: Tempting the Enemy by Dee Tenorio

Format: E-booktemptingtheenemy
Read with: iBooks for iPad
Length: Novel
Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Series: Resurrection, Book 1
Publisher: Carina Press
Hero: Pale Rysen
Heroine: Jade-Scarlet
Sensuality: 4
Date of Publication: June 14,  2010
Started On: July 11, 2011
Finished On: July 13, 2011

Tempting the Enemy is my first taste of Dee Tenorio’s ability to spin an incredible tale in the paranormal romantic suspense genre. Book one in the series entitled Resurrection, Dee introduces us into a world of shape shifters and a fascinating breed known as Sibiles who have different kinds of abilities together with a history of bad blood between themselves and the wolf shifters.

Pale Reysen is an Alpha who has sworn to create a safe haven for wolf shifters whose vast numbers have rapidly declined since humans had started hunting them down. Part of the Violent Crimes Division at the Moonridge Police Station where the chase is on to find a serial killer dubbed as the Woodsman by the media, Pale is as ecstatic as someone waiting on deathrow when their captain announces that a Sibile would be helping them on their race against time as the dead body parts continue to pile up.

When half-Wolf and half-Sibile Jade-Scarlet walks into his police station bringing with her the undeniable scent of a Wolf female in Heat, Pale nearly loses it as his Wolf growls, pricks and pokes at him to unleash the beast so that it can claim its rightful mate. However, the fact remains that having being once betrayed by her kind, Pale would never have a reason to let Jade in nor give into the hunger that seems to shred his insides to pieces.

Jade is a Wolf who has too long denied her animal side, having lived with The Order ever since her parents were killed. A Sibile whose abilities lie in being able to hunt down emotional signatures left behind, Jade however has a hard time keeping her mind on the mission of uncovering the identity of a vicious killer as all her instincts scream at her to lay down and offer herself to the Wolf that seems to unleash such violent desire within her.

Bound by a need neither can deny, both Jade and Pale learns to trust one another as they are forced to spend time together chasing a killer whose nefarious intents when it comes to light sends cold dread racing through Jade’s insides as she realizes what it is she must do in order to rid the world of a mad man who would stop at nothing in his quest to belong. With the future shrouded in uncertainty, Jade gives herself up to the Wolf she will mate with for life, knowing that in the end that they would both have to go their separate ways regardless of how much they would be giving up by forcing themselves to walk away from one another.

Tempting the Enemy is a story that combines a fantastic paranormal world and delivers edge-of-the-seat suspense together with a passion that is scorching enough to render you into a puddle of goo. From the start, the intense connection between Jade and Pale never lets up and the killer’s cunning plans which ties along neatly with Jade’s appearance rendering this a well balanced paranormal romantic suspense.

Pale is a broody and mouth-wateringly sexy hero whose possessive streak is a mile wide, his protectiveness an undeniable facet of him that endeared him to me from the start. Jade is the type of heroine I have come to accept and love when it comes to books by Dee; loyal, feisty and vulnerable with a core of steel that doesn’t let anyone run roughshod over them. Each of the characters introduced along the way held my riveted, undivided attention, marking them off in my mind as future candidates who should receive their own stories in this series somewhere down the  line.

Highly enjoyable, Tempting the Enemy is recommended for fans of paranormal romantic suspense and fans of Dee Tenorio who have yet to find out the amazing things she can do in this genre.

Favorite Quotes

He turned his head toward the open double doors across from his desk, inhaling a deep breath. A new scent drifted to him, distinct from the usual grime and wear inside the department. Warm honey. Cloves. Citrus soap under the light salt of sweat. Female.

“You are what I want.” Did he even know the way his eyes glowed when he watched her? That when his voice was so gruff, she could feel it and all the longing he had in it? That he was stealing parts of her heart with every word? “I want all of you. For always.”

Pale circled the bed and picked her up in his arms. Her cheeks turned his favorite shade of red as he kissed her, his heart full of so many things he couldn’t say. Not yet. So he kissed her again and felt the rest of his soul become hers.

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