Requested ARC Review: See You In My Dreams by Jess Dee

Format: E-bookseeyouinmydreams.jpg
Read with: iBooks for iPad
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Series: Speed, Book 1
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Hero: Nathan James Pace
Heroine: Sophie Rose Butler
Sensuality: 4.5
Date of Publication: November 1, 2011
Started On: October 31, 2011
Finished On: October 31, 2011

Jess Dee is one of my favorite erotic romance authors. I have been in a bit of a pout all through this year because all her latest releases have been menage love stories of which I am not much of a fan. So hearing about the release of this goody from Samhain on the 1st of November seemed like a heaven-sent to me. The 1st book in the Speed series certainly brought home just how much I had missed her way of telling a story that just fairly sizzles and glows with all the sexual tension she creates and so fabulously delivers on.

Sophie Rose Butler stumbles upon the gloriously naked Nathan James Pace who is as shocked to find Sophie in his room as she is to have accidentally broken the one cardinal rule of her employment. But that doesn’t stop Sophie from appreciating his fine male form in all its glory in front of her and Nathan too cannot deny the fact that her blue-eyed gaze which feels like a caress on his skin arouses him unlike anyone else has in a long, long time.

Without knowing Nathan’s true identity, Sophie becomes helplessly ensnared in the web of sensual desire that obliterates everything else for both her and Nathan. When it comes to Sophie, Nathan finds himself unable to say no and unable to back away from the answering need that is always a part of Sophie’s expression when she gazes into Nathan’s eyes. But what Nathan and Sophie both are afraid of is talking about just how far and intense their connection to each other really goes; a connection that had been forged since 10 years back which had brought them into each other’s lives in the form of very erotic dreams that had been an integral part of their lives up until now.

See You In My Dreams is a very well done romance of the erotic contemporary variety. Jess Dee has got an innate talent that makes her romances so very worthy a read. Even with this short novella she managed to get me all hot & bothered and together with all that scorching hot material she still managed to provide us readers with a decent storyline and enough emotion to leave one satisfied on all counts.

Nathan is such a dreamy, sexy and all out fantastic hero. His sexy voice, combined with his drop dead gorgeous good looks behind which lies a great personality makes him such an enticing hero. The way he loses his control around Sophie, unable to keep his hands off her even for a second, and of course the way he takes care of Sophie through every encounter just makes him that much more yummier!

Sophie is no less endearing as a heroine. She is beautiful, down-to-earth and has a heart of gold which slowly reveals itself as her character unfolds. Having had a bit of a rough time during her childhood makes her want to help children who needs the kind of help that she received which had turned her life around for the better. The way that she totally melts at Nathan’s merest touch, the way that she completely gives herself up to him and loves him like there is no tomorrow makes her in my opinion a totally wonderful heroine!

Like the strings of a guitar well played, Jess Dee weaves her magic in this novella filled to the brim with sensuality and emotion.

Recommended for fans of Jess Dee, fans of erotic contemporary romances and fans of utterly drool worthy rock-star heroes who makes your heart sing!

Seductive, alluring and mesmerizing; See You In My Dreams is a novel that I loved from start to finish!

Favorite Quotes

“Make my dream a reality,” he whispered.
His dream and her dreams. Sophie shivered. She could no more resist his call than she could cease blinking. With two more shaky steps she stood before him and placed a trembling hand in his.
His smile was blinding.
Sophie had maybe a second to be dazzled by it before he tugged firmly on her hand and she tumbled into his arms. Nathan flipped her so she lay beneath his body—his gloriously naked body—and with a hoarse moan he dipped his head and crushed his lips to hers.

His kiss was exactly like it always was. Hot, heady, heavenly.

There was no denying the reality of this situation. The exquisite ecstasy of having an honest-to-God, flesh-and-blood c#ck inside. Dream symbolisms and explanations be damned. This was bliss.

He swallowed, his Adam’s apple bobbing in his throat. Need assaulted him. In his entire life, he’d never felt desire like this. Or the desperation to touch, to hold, to own.

He’d heard many songs in his life, sang thousands of them himself, but the sweetest music imaginable played for him in that moment: the sound of Sophie—the woman of his dreams—calling out his name, over and over again as together they reached their peak.

“I’m the man who said goodbye to you earlier, then realized he couldn’t let you go. The same man who wants to make love to you all over again. Every single day of my life.”

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful review.
    And here’s my favorite quote:
    “Like the strings of a guitar well played, Jess Dee weaves her magic in this novella filled to the brim with sensuality and emotion.”





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