Requested Review: Nightfall by Norah Wilson

Format: E-booknightfall
Read with: iBooks for iPad
Length: Novel
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: A Vampire Romance, Book 2
Publisher: Self-Published
Hero: Aiden Afflack
Heroine: Samantha Shea
Sensuality: 3.5
Date of Publication: October 28, 2011
Started On: November 2, 2011
Finished On: November 4, 2011

I still remember my first Norah Wilson with the fondest memories. The Merzetti Effect, her first book in The Vampire Romance series is one I still recall at the oddest moments, the hero Delano Bowen one of my utmost favorite heroes and needless it is to say that I have been awaiting eagerly for the second book of the series which turns out to be Nightfall.

Nightfall tells the story of Dr. Delano Bowen’s most trusted friend and vampire hunter Aiden Afflack. Aiden, a vampire himself has made it his lifelong mission to hunt and kill rogue vampires who prey on weak humans, who feeds on their helplessness to boost whatever high it is that they get from preying on the weak.

Samantha Shea is a photographer; the type who captures the beauty that is nature in its most violent forms. Quite accidentally Sam’s unerring visions that leads her to the freakish happenstances of nature collides with that of Aiden’s presence alerting her to rogue vampire activities which puts her in the path of the too sexy for his own good Aiden.

When Aiden finds out that Sam has an innate ability which lets her hone in on rogue vampires, Aiden finds himself striking a bargain with the woman whose photographs adorn all his properties in the various parts of the world to help him and his mentor in their quest to prevent the nefarious activities of vampires who go rogue.

From the very first moment that Sam lays eyes on Aiden, she can’t deny the powerful lure that the sexy vampire is on all her senses. Though Sam would like nothing more than to bury her head in the sand and forget that Aiden and what he does exists, the inherent goodness deep inside of her doesn’t allow her to stand aside whilst she has the ability to do something to help.

Aiden has never found himself at the receiving end of a woman who has ever been able to say no to his charms ever since he embraced vampirism more than a century back. But in Sam, Aiden finds a woman who is helplessly drawn to him as he is to her and yet draws on that inner strength to say no until she is well and ready to surrender. Being never one to back down from a challenge and because Sam intrigues him in a way that no woman has in a long, long time, Aiden finds himself in a game of seduction that proves to be as alluring for the reader as it is for Sam.

Aiden and Sam’s story is quite different from The Merzetti Effect in the sense that it is less intense in nature. Aiden though a vampire and a hunter of his own species is a pretty charming guy with a heart that believes that the choices he had made which had turned him a vampire are ones that he should be ashamed of, which makes him tortured enough to be that more alluring.

Aiden and Sam together is a heartwarming combination. They tend to have the best conversations and I say this because through each and every single one of them, I found a reason to smile and be completely immersed in their banter even through the most hair raising moments of the story.

Sam’s character once again proves how Norah ALWAYS manages to deliver heroines who are so easy to fall in love with right from the very start. The way Sam admits her growing attraction to Aiden without being all coy about it, and how she gives all of  herself  to him when she realizes the error of her ways were facets of her character that I fell so much  in love with.

The romance and attraction between Aiden and Sam which starts out with the I-must-have-you-now type of lust and transforms into a love so tender and beautiful towards the end was one of the best aspects of the story. Though Norah does introduce us to a couple more intriguing characters about whom I would LOVE to know more of, together with the tough and sexy Eli Grayson, sadly there is no indication as to whose story she would publish next in this series. 

Though Nightfall didn’t turn out to be as fantastic as the first book which still remains my favorite, I still enjoyed this vampire romance immensely and would recommend this to fans of Norah Wilson and fans of vampire romances featuring a sinfully sexy vampire hero who just makes your toes curl  in anticipation whenever he is around!

A romance that flows smoothly and is beautiful in its sensuality, Nightfall is a novel that once again proves Norah’s ability to never fail in delivering exactly what the reader wants!

Favorite Quotes

If she could give the fiercest storm a corporeal human body, this is what it would look like. Beauty and violence, all rolled up in one gorgeous, terrible package.

And then — holy mother of God — he smiled at her. A knowing, toe-curling, sex-drenched smile.

(Sam) “Wait a minute … there are others like you?”
He offered her his best grin, the one the ladies loved. “Honey, there’s no one like me.”

She turned away in dismissal, only to have him grab her hand and whirl her around again. Before her startled gasp died, his mouth was on hers, his fingers buried in her hair. […]
He tasted like nothing she’d ever tasted before. Like dark fantasy. Like the sweetest temptation imaginable. And his scent! He smelled of cool night air and warm leather jacket and heated male skin.  

(Aiden) “Sam, honey, I can smell your scent when you’re at the other end of your house, on a different floor. I can feel your heartbeat in my head. Your blood … it’s in me, Sam, enriched from the meals I cook for you with my own hands. Believe me, baby, I’ll know you’re there. And I will never hurt you.”

She kissed him back with a fervor that betrayed her anxiety, her relief. Rolling her hips, she pressed her breasts into his chest, felt the thudding of his heart against hers. God, if she could crawl into him, it might just be close enough.

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