Giveaway Winners – Pick of The Month November 2011

First of all, HUGE thank you to all those who helped spread the word. 

Pick #1: Hot Text by Cari Quinn

Winner #1: Pamela Notchey who left behind a couple of sentences from Love, Come to Me by Lisa Kleypas. Sounds quite intriguing I must say.

“I wanted you,” he said, his voice soft and singed, “the first time I saw you. Did I tell you that?”
“No, you didn’t.”
“It was raining. You were crossing the street. You took longer than everyone else, because…because you were picking your way around all the little…puddles. I wanted you.”

Winner #2: Eva P. left behind a couple of sentences from Escaped (Running from Fear) by Trinity Blacio

Even though they’re my brothers, you’re still my best friend, and I’ll help any way I can. I better go so you can take a shower and put some hot water on that calf.” Jaycee watched Shelly get up and slip out of the room.

Pick #2: On Thin Ice by Anne Stuart

Winner: Cindi Mitchell who is reading Inappropriate Thoughts by Ian Dalton and left behind a sneak peek of the book.

No more clothing was removed, but what she did next would change Brian’s life forever. Natalie stood perfectly still, took a deep breath, and slowly and gracefully lifted one of her legs until it was pointed straight at the ceiling while the other remained firmly planted on the floor but up on the ball of her foot. She held her leg there with one hand, almost effortlessly, as Brian looked her up and down.

Pick #3: Head Over Heels by Jill Shalvis

Winner: Eva P. who seems to have rocked with this giveaway, who won a copy of Hot Text as well.

Congratulations to all the winners and I hope you would stop by from time to time to see what’s hot on MBR’s Realm of Romance.

And winners, don’t forget to answer my emails to you before December 5, 2011.






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