Requested Review: Cinderella and the Sheikh by Teresa Morgan

Format: E-bookcinderellaandthesheikh
Read with: iBooks for iPad
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Standlaone
Publisher: Self-Published
Hero: Sheikh Rasyn ibn Bakr ibn Rahman al Jabar
Heroine: Libby Fay
Sensuality: 3
Date of Publication: April 6, 2011
Started On: December 14, 2011
Finished On: December 15, 2011

Sheikh Rasyn is the next in line to rule in Abbas, North Africa. His one goal is to let his uncle know that he is totally unsuitable to be the ruler of his country. Because his uncle refuses to pay heed to his pleas and bargains, Rasyn does the next best thing; find the most unsuitable woman to be the queen of his people and marry her.

Libby Fay works at the Hotel Scheherazade in Manhattan, New York. The very first moment Libby had laid eyes on Sheikh Rasyn had been a cosmic one, one that had been an uncomfortably humiliating experience as well. Though Rasyn’s dark good looks and the way his heavy lidded gaze continues to follow her across the room reduces Libby to a quivering bundle of nerves, she has no intention of being seduced and discarded by a rich playboy.

Libby is a woman who holds onto the dream of being united with a man who would give her a happily ever after like the one that had been her parents married life. It is with that thought at the back of her mind that Libby agrees to accompany the man who seduces her so effortlessly with his charm and with the way he makes her senses hum with just his mere presence.

But unknown to Libby, Rasyn continues with the charade that would give him exactly what he wants though sometimes the region around his heart pains at the thought of all the humiliation and pain that Libby is subjected to. As with most of the best laid plans, Rasyn’s plans also backfire on him, making him realize a little bit too late that somewhere in between playing the besotted fiance’ and husband, he had actually fallen for his wife.

I am not much of a fan of romances involving Sheikhs. Though when I first started reading category romances I indulged in them every now and then, overall I am not much of a fan girl of Arabic men who wear and flaunt their obvious wealth to the rest of the world. So because its being ages since I read a Sheikh romance, I decided to grab the review opportunity when presented by the author. And overall, I have to say I would consider this as a good read that compelled me to keep the pages turning, just to find out whether Rasyn had to grovel enough to win back the affections of Libby towards the end.

Libby is a sweetheart of a heroine. She is beautiful on the inside, and is a bit naive when it comes to the likes of men like Rasyn who have the whole world at their feet. Libby’s true nature is what draws everyone around her to come be a part of her world, no matter how much of a misfit she is at the beginning. To see Libby win over the affections of everyone against all odds was one of the best parts about this story.

Rasyn on the other hand was a hero I didn’t love overly much. Maybe it had something to do with the way he treated Libby without any regards whatsoever for her feelings or maybe because I just felt that Libby gave in to his affections much more easily than he deserved after deceiving her so well and through. But, towards the end there is this bit with a lost shoe that just made a bit of the ice around my heart melt towards Rasyn and I guess that was a scene that just went to show how much he had changed on the inside where it matters when it comes to Libby and how he views the rest of the world.

This one’s for fans of Sheikh romances; Teresa Morgan’s fascination for the magic and love that is part of the Arabian folklore shines brightly throughout the story.

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