Requested Review: Inappropriate Thoughts by Ian Dalton

Format: E-bookinappropriatethoughts
Read with: iBooks for iPad
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Series: Victoria Wilde, Book 1
Publisher: Self-Published
Hero: Brian Nash
Heroine: Jillian Grayson
Sensuality: 4
Date of Publication: October 25, 2011
Started On: January 7, 2012
Finished On: January 7, 2012

What’s an erotic romance writer to do when she has a severe case of the writer’s block that prevents her from writing down scenes of the steamy erotic variety that makes her books such a hit? That’s what happens to Jillian Grayson when she goes through a divorce that seems to rear its ugly head whenever she tries to write. Even the wild antics of her best friend Victoria Wilde doesn’t seem to help and Jillian is resigned to the fact that this writer’s block might just stick around, given the way that even her dating life ends up being equal parts hilarity and horrific all at the same time.

Brian Nash is in the middle of his senior year in Georgia State University and is best friends with Jillian’s son Rob. Unlucky in his attempts to get the girl he is crazy about to feel the same way about him, Brian seems be in a rut until Rob invites him over to his mother’s place to spend the holidays together.

When Brian and Jillian meet, the attraction that stems between them is not of the right-there-in-your-face variety. Rather, it is a subtle one that keeps on growing as they both start to learn more about each other, many a time the time that they spend together had me in splits with uncontrolled laughter. 

Brian is such a sweet hero. He might be much younger than Jillian, but he has a maturity that makes him the perfect partner for Jillian. Their connection is forged upon mutual likes, and as their friendship progresses, both Jillian and Brian find those things that just click for them when they are together, not to mention the sexual awareness between them that grows day by day.

For Jillian, Brian becomes the man who once again kick starts her creative juices to flow. But Brian becomes more than just her muse when feelings that Jillian never thought she would feel towards her son’s best friend starts to develop. Jillian too is an endearing character, one who wormed her way into my heart and emotions as the story sped along. And the author very cleverly uses intense sets of tennis matches along the way which serves as a very appropriate form of foreplay for two people who are crazy about the game.

To bring that extra edge to the story, we have Victoria Wilde, whose wildness and sexual escapades rightfully reminded me of Samantha from Sex and the City. And the author’s comparison of Victoria as such just cemented the deal for me.

I just loved the fact that Ian Dalton being a guy managed to deliver such a well rounded tale of romance that didn’t feel out of place at all. I loved the humor, the emotions and the sensual aspect of the novel which delivered a pretty great read in my opinion.

The one great thing about this novel is the fact that Brian and Jillian’s story doesn’t end here. There are 2 more books in the series which means for fans of the characters that you meet in this novel get to revisit them and be a part of their journey towards the ultimate happily ever after!

Recommended for those who would love their erotica with a bit of humor and bit of spice and for those who love older heroine romances!

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