Poem: The Kiss …


The evening breeze caressed my skin
as your lips touched my forehead..
The need that coursed through me,
took me by surprise..
A need so elemental
that sprang  to life deep inside of me,
that even long afterwards,
the thought of it has the power to drive me over the edge

Your voice whispered across my senses
And somehow I realized that I had been fooling myself all along
thinking that I would be able to resist, when push came to shove

 I turned my head around
Sought your lips with mine
And suddenly the world outside ceased to exist

I could only identify with one thing and one thing alone
And that was the need that coursed through me
to have more, to feel more and to hold on to you for far longer than possible..

Every stroke of your  tongue against mine
liquefied my insides
turning my body into mush
a willing instrument for you to do with as you pleased..

I cursed the fates and
I thanked whatever it was that brought you to me
Because it had been far too long since
I have lived in this numb shell of mine

If nothing else
The memories of what you gave to me,
The kiss that stirred me to my soul and beyond..
would always remain with me
haunting me with the need to return to you
to feel once again
what I can only feel with you…


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