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Today I welcome the esteemed Hannah Fielding to my blog, one of her stops in the book tour of her latest novel The Echoes of Love. Please give her a huge welcome and don’t forget, there are goodies to be won. Just scroll down the post or better yet, take a look at what Hannah has to say on her book!

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Guest Post: For the love of legends

For me, researching a book is just as enjoyable as writing it. I set each of my novels in a passionate,romantic country, and so that I can really transport my readers there, I immerse myself in the setting: its history, its scenery, its cuisine, its culture. Top of my research list are local legends – I love colourful, age-old stories; the more fantastical, the better!

Since I was a young girl, tucked up in bed and listening avidly to my governess weaving bedtime tales, I have loved legends. Fairytales too, of course – they sowed the seeds for my romantic nature – but legends fascinated me most: those that have stood the test of time, that offer intriguing explanations for the modern world, that are at once fantastical and yet, somehow, believable.

My novel The Echoes of Love, set in Venice, Tuscany and Sardinia, incorporates various Italian legends – told by the hero, Paolo, who is a raconteur extraordinaire, to my heroine, Venetia – and in my research files I collected many more. What better way to share some of these most romantic, magical and atmospheric tales but in this Echoes of Love ‘Legendary’ Blog Tour!

Today, I’m taking you to the peaceful island of Torcello at the northern end of the Venetian lagoon, famous for its spectacular Byzantine mosaics and a large stone throne…

Atilla’s Throne

In The Echoes of Love, Venetia, is taking a moment for herself on Torcello when her calm is interrupted:

The sun was high when Venetia emerged into the courtyard. The old trees cast shadows upon the ground; the light was tinged with gold. Flanking the lawn, the pink church of Santa Fosca looked impressively lonely with its arcades of stilted arches and its slim, elegant columns of Greek marble with Byzantine-style capitals. Pigeons were circling about the columns, perching on the fragile cornices, cooing to each other in their soft, enchanting voices. The ancient little town was her own; she could pause and admire its beauties and its spell to her heart’s content. Impossible to dwell upon a secret grief for long in a place like this, she told herself as she made for Attila’s throne.

She settled herself on the white seat formed by a single piece of rough-hewn stone, which stood on the patch of grass opposite Santa Fosca. As she was taking out the ham sandwich from her bag, a voice from behind startled her.

‘Leggenda locale vule che chi si trova in questa sede si sposerà entro un anno, local legend has it that anyone sitting in this seat will be married within a year.’

How unsettling to discover she has unwittingly changed her destiny through the selection of a picnic perch! All the more so given that the man telling Venetia of the legend here is the handsome and charismatic Paolo.

A romantic at heart, Paolo is in fact only telling Venetia of one of the legends associated with the stone seat. The other is that it was built by Attila the Hun as a monument to his power because he was unable to establish a castle nearby. It is telling of Paolo’s character that his choice is to define the seat as representing the promise of love and commitment, rather than might.

But what truth lies in these legends? Historians argue that Attila never visited Torcello, making this story’s origins likely fiction, not fact. As for the power of the seat in shaping destiny for the heart, well, I am an incurable romantic, and I adore such magical ideas. You’ll have to read for yourself, though, if you want to know what becomes of Venetia. My lips are sealed!

Book Blurb: The Echoes of Love

EoL coverSeduction, passion and the chance for new love.
 A terrible truth that will change two lives forever.

Venetia Aston-Montagu has escaped to Italy’s most captivating city to work in her godmother’s architectural practice, putting a lost love behind her. For the past ten years she has built a fortress around her heart, only to find the walls tumbling down one night of the carnival when she is rescued from masked assailants by an enigmatic stranger, Paolo Barone.

Drawn to the powerfully seductive Paolo, despite warnings of his Don Juan reputation and rumours that he keeps a mistress, Venetia can’t help being caught up in the smouldering passion that ignites between them.

When she finds herself assigned to a project at his magnificent home deep in the Tuscan countryside, Venetia must not only contend with a beautiful young rival, but also come face to face with the dark shadows of Paolo’s past that threaten to come between them.

Can Venetia trust that love will triumph, even over her own demons? Or will Paolo’s carefully guarded, devastating secret tear them apart forever?


The clock struck midnight just as Venetia went past the grand eighteenth-century mirror hanging over the mantelpiece in the hall. Instinctively she looked into it and her heart skipped a beat. In the firelight she noticed that he was there again, an almost illusory figure, leaning against the wall at the far end of the shadowy room, steady eyes intense, watching her from behind his black mask. An illusory figure indeed, because when Venetia turned around he was gone.

Venetia shivered. Nanny Horren’s voice resounded through her head, reminding her of the strange Celtic superstitions that the Scottish governess used to tell her. One in particular came to mind. ‘Turn off the light and look into the mirror by firelight at midnight on Shrove Tuesday,’ the old woman would whisper to the impressionable and imaginative teenage Venetia, ‘and if you see a face reflected behind your own, it’ll be the face of the love of your life, the man you will marry someday.’

Was this what had just happened to Venetia? Was this stranger the love of her life?

Rubbish, she remonstrated, laughing uneasily into her own eyes, you’re mad! Haven’t you learnt your lesson? Venetia had indulged in such fantasies several years ago and had only managed to get hurt. Now, she knew better. Still, she did not move away. Venetia leant closer to the mirror that reflected her pale, startled face in the flickering light, as tremors of the warm feelings of yester love suddenly flooded her being. For a few moments she seemed to lose all sense of where she was and felt as though she stood inside a globe, watching the wheel of time turning back ten years.

Gareth Jordan Carter. ‘Judd’. It was a diminutive of Jordan, chosen by Venetia who hated the name Gareth and didn’t care much for the name Jordan either. Judd had been her first love, and as far as Venetia was concerned, her last. She had been young and innocent then; only eighteen. Today, at twenty-eight, she liked to think she was a woman of the world, who would not allow herself to be trapped by the treacherous illusions of passion, however appealing they might seem. She had paid a high price for her naivety and impetuosity.

Venetia tried to shake herself clear of those haunting phantasms and her thoughts ambled back to the masked stranger – well, almost a stranger.

Their brief encounter had occurred the evening of the first night of Il Carnevale di Venezia, ten days before Shrove Tuesday …

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About Hannah

Hannah Fielding is a novelist, a dreamer, a traveller, a mother, a wife and an incurable romantic. The seeds for her writing career were sown in early childhood, spent in Egypt, when she came to an agreement with her governess Zula: for each fairy story Zula told, Hannah would invent and relate one of her own. Years later – following a degree in French literature, several years of travelling in Europe, falling in love with an Englishman, the arrival of two beautiful children and a career in property development – Hannah decided after so many years of yearning to write that the time was now. Today, she lives the dream: she writes full time, splitting her time between her homes in Kent, England, and the South of France, where she dreams up romances overlooking breathtaking views of the Mediterranean.

Her first novel, Burning Embers, is a vivid, evocative love story set against the backdrop of tempestuous and wild Kenya of the 1970s, reviewed by one newspaper as ‘romance like Hollywood used to make’. Her new novel, The Echoes of Love, is a story of passion, betrayal and intrigue set in the romantic and mysterious city of Venice and the beautiful landscape of Tuscany. It was picked by The Sun newspaper as one of the most romantic books ever written.

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Blog Tour & Guest Post + Giveaway: Untamed by Jane Shoup

Guest Post

untamed_The first novel I wrote, Jayna Incarnate, was, at heart, a bodice ripper featuring a beautiful, twenty-something woman who falls into the clutches of a notorious sea captain (feel free to read pirate into that) named Shoale. Wow, was he was a terrific bad guy! A dark, complex, determined alpha male, obsessed with possessing the heroine.  The premise of the book was more complex than that, of course, involving time travel and daring escapes and true love found in the Scottish highlands. It was good enough to get an Eppie nomination under the category of mainstream novels. It’s not currently on the market, but I plan to rework it and get it back out there because … did I mention what a delicious bad guy Shoale was? Mackenzie MacAndrews is equally as wonderful in the role of the good guy, but somehow the good guy doesn’t resonate as strongly.


Upon hearing that erotic romances sell well, I wrote nearly a half dozen. In the first of them, an area in a now-wooded area in modern day time was the same place where a horrific Revolutionary war crime occurred. On Halloween evening in 2004, the fabric of the time/space continuum is lifted and a lonely, disconnected woman steps back in time to 1783 and into the life of a man who is haunted by his past, restrained by eighteenth century manners and yet consumed with desire for woman he believes he willed to him.

Another erotic romance was a rather twisted, modern day tale of abduction where the tables eventually get turned. The review from The Romance Studio said the book, ‘will have people talking. What would you do if a man kidnapped you and then went about trying to make every one of your dreams come true?’

Untamed, my newest release, is the authentic reimagining of the legend of Tarzan. Once again, there is a strong, complex alpha male and an abduction and a torrid love scene. Still another of the erotic romances was also abduction for the sake of revenge, because a man believes his true love betrayed him.  Anyone sense a recurrent theme in the vicinity? What’s astonishing is that I didn’t see the pattern until I was probably a dozen books in. Once I saw it, it glared right back at me like a crazed, hairy monster. Unblinking. Unrepentant. Insatiable.

As a side note, and not that I’m disagreeing with the fact that I desperately need therapy, but, in my own defense, I have written books that involved no abductions or forced captivity. Not many of them, but some.

Before I wrote Untamed, I put a lot of thought into where and how to begin the story. The question became, if the story was true, how did it come about? I wanted a logical base, and so I researched until I found it. The next effort was to flesh out this man who’d been abandoned in an African jungle as a six year old and spent the next twenty years cut off from civilization. Civility and language is buried deep within in his mind, but he’s lived according to his most basic needs for two decades.     When he sees a woman in the camp of men – a camp of men scouring the jungle for him – he senses she is his mate, and sets out to make it happen. There is no question as to morally right or wrong – not until much later when he’s being reintroduced to morals and the rules and expectations of society.

There have been many comments on the ‘love’ scene between the untamed man and Arianna, the female protagonist. Some positive; ‘I loved the rawness,’ some feeling it wasn’t necessary. And it’s not the first time a scene I wrote caused controversy, but, as an author, it is vital to be true to a character. I want to write characters well enough that they come alive on the pages. More than that, I want them to direct each action and scene. It doesn’t matter if I, as the writer, like what they’re doing or saying or thinking or not. What’s important is that it’s true to them. The question – the only question – is what would this character do at this time?

In Untamed, Arianna is just as interesting a character study as Zan. She’s an outsider of sorts in that she’s a transplant from America. She came to live with an uncle at the age of nine, so she’s able to blend perfectly, but she’s still ‘an American, whose father is in trade,’ as her suitor, Marshall Derringer, reminds her.

She’s spirited and intelligent and self-aware, but some of that awareness came from mistakes she made in the past, mistakes born of a desire to please the father than eagerly gave away custody of her.  She’s also living in a century in which women are not fully in control of their destiny. In 1908, things were changing for women – fashion, opportunities, expectations, but amongst high society, there was often a fierce resistance to change. It was still expected that women would marry correctly and according the wishes and best interest of their family.

Most young women her age were fixated on their appearance and their apparel, their position in society and on the man they would (or did) marry. Arianna isn’t immune to these pressures, but she has the advantage of having been taken in by an uncle who is a renowned photographer and avid adventurer and who is open minded enough to allow her to tag along.

Like most of us, she’s fumbling her way along toward what feels like the right path, but there are so many complicated roundabouts and unexpected forks in the road. The sudden obstacles and difficult choices are what make us who we are, and both Zan and Ari face a lot of them.

For as many stories as I’ve created that feature some form of forced captivity, I’ve written even more in which two ‘outsiders’ strive to come together to form a perfect union. Untamed is one of them. At least, I don’t think that’s something I need therapy for.

So What’s The Book About You Ask?

In 1908, on a mission to find a new breed of ape in central Africa, an unfathomable thing is discovered – a wild, white man, living amongst gorillas. Local villagers call him matokeo ya utafutaji kwa, the untamed one.

Joining the team of hunters and trackers searching for matokeo ya utafutaji kwa is Arianna Day, the 21-year-old niece of the expedition’s leader. She catches the untamed one’s eye and, believing she is meant for him, he takes her captive and claims her for his own, body and soul.

When Arianna is rescued, the untamed one is captured, and they are sent their separate ways: the wild man to learn language and social skills he’d long forgotten, Arianna back home to England to try to fit back into her old life. A promising marriage proposal awaits, but thoughts of the untamed one haunts her.

Amidst the backdrop of London in the summer of 1908, as the Olympic Games are hosted and the Franko-British Exhibition is held, the now-civilized wild man returns home, with his original name restored: Sebastian or ‘Zan’ Shaffer. He and Arianna are drawn together again only to be ripped apart by social convention and Marshall Derringer, the man determined to have her as his wife.  But Zan is not the only one with an untamed heart…

About Jane Shoup

janshoupOriginally from Southern Indiana, (born in Evansville, grew up in Newburgh,) I now reside in Greensboro, North Carolina. My day job is that of a real estate agent, although the goal is become a full time writer … who actually eats regularly and pays the bills. I’m exceedingly proud of my young adult daughters, Mackenzie, Allyson and Hayley. They’re lovely and wacky and smart and basically my favorite people on earth.

If I had to describe myself . . . I’d say upbeat, highly imaginative, passionate, restless, easily bored, humorous, stubborn, spiritual and truly blessed.

I love writing. I love getting caught up in another time and place. Honestly – it’s often a disappointment to have to return to reality. My favorite genre tends to be whatever I’m working on at the moment. I write historical fiction, action/adventure, suspense, fantasy and more, all of it with an element of romance to it.

That’s about it, but if you want to know more, read my stuff. I’m in every page.


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Jane Shoup is giving away an e-copy of Untamed to one lucky commenter on this blog post. Tell us your most favorite romance set in the wilderness and why you loved it so.

Don’t forget to leave a valid email id to contact you with if you happen to be the winner.

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Blog Tour & Guest Post: Trust Me by Joan Callahan

Guest Post: Inspiration for Trust Metrustme

The inspiration for Trust Me isn’t rocket science. Raising my boys has been the best fun I have ever had and the hardest job I have ever done. They say raising small children is a handful and raising big children is a heartful, and whilst this is true it leaves out the fun part; the chaos and anarchy that runs riot through all our lives when we are raising kids. Unless we raise them in some sort of boot camp. There is such a delicate balance in raising children so that they are not indulged and spoilt like rotten fruit, nor are they marshalled into militaristic compliance.  As I say, it is the greatest and most underrated challenge. When they grow up and set off into the world they will thank us or blame us and we need to own up to our responsibilities in shaping the people they have become. Thankfully mine continue to inspire me.  Personally my family has  faced so many physical, financial, emotional, vocational, and recreational challenges and yet magically we have always been able to see the humour in almost everything.

I don’t even think I set out to write a book. I’m just an inveterate scribbler  and it just tumbled out of me. The title sprang from a funny event where one of the children was caught in a tree and a friend arrived to address the situation and said “trust me, I’m a vet.” The child nearly laughed himself out of tree.

I wonder if there is any such thing as fiction, because the lives we all lead inform everything we do. Of course I made this story up, but my children and my patients inspire me. When I say the patients are fiction I really mean it. They are a conglomeration of the thousands of people who have passed through my life. More on that next time. I would love to hear your feedback about all the characters in the book, because this book is the beginning of a series, Trust Me, Again, is the next.

So What’s The Book About You Ask?

Beth Carter is a psychologist to many and a single mother to four unruly boys. Patients might almost be manageable, but her boys aren’t. While the household lurches inevitably from one catastrophe to another, Beth finds herself barely managing to hold onto the vital threads of sanity whilst leading her often complex patients through their own remarkable journeys.

Beth finds it to be a lonely venture, leading her to look for love—but in all the wrong places.

About Joan Callahanjcallahan

Joan Callahan is a clinical psychologist practicing in Melbourne, Australia. She commenced her career teaching English and history at the prestigious Melbourne High School and later retrained in the field of psychology. Joan set up her own private practice and has a heavy forensic caseload, while providing consultancies to commerce, industry, and government. She also enjoys several mediation contracts. She particularly likes working with anxiety disorders, couples, and the full spectrum of psychological disorders.

Joan is the divorced mother of three boys, has three brothers, and three grandsons—not to mention that she taught only boys at Melbourne High School. By her sheer survival as teacher, mother, and psychologist, she considers herself something of an expert on boys. Joan loves her job, going to the gym, making bread, (boring, boring, boring. Next it will be romantic fireside chats and long walks on the beach at sunset!), socializing widely, and travelling around the world as often as she can with the love of her life. Her vast travels around the USA have provided fodder for the third book in this series as the inimitable Carter clan enjoy the wilds of Yeehaw Junction.

Life remains wonderfully hectic. Any similarity between Joan’s life and Beth’s is not purely coincidental. Beth’s patients are pure fiction; her dogs are not. Her boys? Close!


Giveaway: Rafflecopter

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Blog Tour & Guest Post: Straddling The Edge by Julie Prestsater

Guest Post: Craziest Thing Your Characters Do For Love

This is a hard topic to discuss without giving any major details away, but the heroes and heroines in each book are fairly goofy and some a lot crazier than others. They will have you saying, “What the …” often and belly laughing over their shenanigans.

But let me try and keep it simple.

The craziest thing my characters do for love …

Hmm … zipline? Move 900 miles? Wear a giant tiger mascot suit and dance around in front of a thousand people?

In Straddling The Edge, Summer and Dean go ziplining. There are six lines total that they must conquer. Some longer, some steeper, and some faster than others. One of the characters is a little apprehensive about taking the first leap. But love will definitely do crazy things to you.

I love my husband, but I’m not sure I could zipline for him. Doing the research for this book and watching the tour videos for this experience was making me nauseous. I’m a big wimp and would have probably chickened out.

I just don’t think I could do it.

How about you?

Book Blurb


Summer McGallian … the scandalous home wrecker from Against the Wall and Between The Sheets. The one who stole her co-worker’s fiancé, the other woman, the one people whisper about and stay away from. Only for Summer, things aren’t always as they appear and she knows that better than anyone. She hasn’t been herself since she was in high school, when life was less complicated and relationships weren’t about making compromises to land the guy. When her heart is broken, there’s only one thing left for her to do … prove she isn’t who everyone thinks she is. And maybe, just maybe, she can get back to being comfortable in her own skin again, without input from a man. But when she encounters Sexy Guy, Dean Michaels, everything Summer has ever known about the opposite sex is about to change.

Dean Michaels knew he’d seen her somewhere before. What he never imagined was that the gorgeous woman in a baseball cap and hooded sweatshirt tossing back a beer in his favorite spot could be Summer McGallian—the woman who always looked like she’d stepped off the pages of a glamour magazine when he’d seen her from afar at work. And to make matters worse, she’s Chase Marino’s ex, the one guy who gets under his skin like no other. If the thought of being someone’s bitch in jail wasn’t enough to scare him, he would’ve strangled that bastard years ago and tossed the body in the Mojave Desert. But forget about Chase … Dean knew from the moment he saw Summer’s sexy smile and heard her cute laugh, she had to be his. And he won’t let anything get in the way of that.

The Against The Wall series isn’t just about steamy sex scenes and swoon-worthy romance, but about new friendships, undying love, and a ton of laughter. Enjoy the ride as you get to know and love Summer and Dean, just as you did Shelly and Matt, and Melissa and Tyler, in the final book, Straddling The Edge.

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Review: Jackson Rule by Dinah McCall

Format: E-bookjacksonrule
Read with: iBooks for iPad
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Standalone
Publisher: Harper Collins
Hero: Andrew Jackson Rule
Heroine: Rebecca Ruth Hill
Sensuality: 3
Date of Publication: October 13, 2009
Started On: April 1, 2013
Finished On: April 6, 2013

I’ve been meaning to read Jackson Rule by Dinah McCall for quite a while now; perhaps its being more than a year or so since it landed in my ever growing pile of books that I want to read and never find the time for. Finally, the urge to read a book that would captivate me, and also the fact that something kept nagging me to pick this up for my next read had me finally brushing away the e-dust and turning one page after the other until I was fully immersed in a book that contains a mix of some of my favorite tropes all in one.

Jackson Rule walks out of prison 15 years since he was convicted and sentenced for a crime deemed unforgivable by society at large. Now 31 years old and looking for a way to find a place for himself in the society, it is by a quirky sequence of events that Jackson finds himself at the doorstep of the shop owned by none other than Rebecca Ruth Hill in his attempt to find a job.

Rebecca hires Jackson against her better judgement and amidst the misgivings of her closest friend as well as her preacher father. But Rebecca who is willing to give Jackson the chance that no one is willing to offer somehow reaches into the tightly ensconced heart of Jackson, a heart that Jackson didn’t even know was up for grabs.

As the days go by, Rebecca finds in Jackson more and more reasons for her to abandon all caution aside and finally surrender to the wild desire that courses through her and is mirrored in Jackson’s eyes. But the past would have to be laid to rest if Jackson ever were to find happiness of the kind that he is more than deserving.

I loved Jackson Rule though there were bits that felt too drawn out at certain intervals. But overall I would say the story that unfolds is one that captivates and touches the heart at its very core. Jackson’s character reaches out to you, not because he is wickedly handsome, rides a Harley and has a body that would make a woman self-combust from all the heat that he generates just by walking into a room. Though that bit certainly helps things along, its got more to do with the fact that Jackson is a man who believes himself unworthy of a woman like Rebecca because of a childhood that had been more nightmarish than anything else.

If I were to talk about the reasons why Jackson is a character that invaded my heart right from the start, I’d most probably end up giving away spoilers which would ruin the story for someone who would love to read the book. All in all let me just say that both Rebecca and Jackson makes for two beautiful characters, who finds each other against all odds and finds in the other a love worth fighting every single obstacle that stands in their way from attaining ultimate happiness.


Favorite Quotes

As she took a step closer, her breasts brushed against his chest in a taunt he could not ignore.
“Be careful, lady.” His voice was harsh as his hands raked through her wet, tangled hair, bringing her face closer to his own.
“Of what?” She slid her arms around his waist, moving her body into perfect alignment with his.
Instinctively he braced himself and pulled her close, rocking gently against her in an age-old rhythm.
“Of this.” He cupped her hips with his hands and lifted her off of her feet. “Of that.” His groin had swelled in one huge ache and was pressing into her flesh. “Of me.”

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Guest Post & Giveaway by Author Jennifer Probst

Visiting my blog today is the NYT and USA Today bestselling author of The Marriage Bargain, a book that I adored from start to finish. Jennifer Probst’s latest book, All the Way hits the shelves just today, though Maldives is a bit ahead of most of you. Jennifer is talking about home and what it means to her and also giving away a copy of All the Way to one lucky commenter of the post. So don’t hesitate to enter the giveaway!

There’s No Place Like Home…by Jennifer Probst

First off, a big thank you to Maldivian Book Reviewers for having me here today! I always enjoy visiting!

My kids love their house.

I mean, they LOVE their house. Not the structure – right now we’re still crushed in our starter home that we should’ve traded in over five years ago. From one end of the house to the other we yell and can hear each other. And there’s no secret place to hide, so games of hide and go seek are really short.

But whether we are in Disney on vacation, or had a great trip out, or visiting their cousins, when we pull in the driveway, the kids sigh with happiness and satisfaction. On many weekends, they declare pajama day and refuse to get dressed.

Somehow, someway, I have given them a sense of belonging. Home.

I love using this theme for my books, especially for my newest release, All the WayHome can be many different places and mean various things depending on the person. It can be a structure where you grow up as a child. It could be a wonderful memory that evokes tranquility and happiness. It can be a person.  It can even be deep inside of you, enshrouded in silence.

My hero, Gavin Luciano, ran away from home to make it big in his career field. He sacrifices the woman he loves, his family, and his family restaurant, Mia Casa in order to gain what he thought he wanted. But when he finds himself empty and dissatisfied, he goes home to help pull the restaurant from bankruptcy. Gain his family’s forgiveness. And try to heal the wounds with the woman he loved.

Umm, yeah. He’s got a long way to go and a lot to prove to get there. But when you ask your hero or heroine what means home to them, the answer could be critical to an author’s book.

Well. At least to mine.

This answer tells me where my character’s heart lies. Sometimes they lose their way, and as readers we get to experience their journey, as they find their home again. I love that type of journey, and All the Way is a story that beats with the three major themes. Revenge. Redemption.

And home.

Here’s the blurb:

The food critic…

Miranda Storme never expected to see Gavin Luciano again. Three years ago, they had an intense affair—and then he bolted. Now he’s back, and Miranda has the pleasure of a little payback: a scathing review of his restaurant. Revenge is a dish best served the first chance you get…

And the restaurateur…

With three months to make his family’s struggling Italian restaurant successful, a bad review is Gavin’s worst nightmare. But this isn’t just about the meal. He’s finally realized what he left behind and is determined to spend the next eight weeks proving himself to her in the kitchen…and in the bedroom! This is one dish she won’t be able to refuse…

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Guest Post by Author Linda Andrews & Giveaway!!

LindaAndrewsSo guys, author Linda Andrews is here with me today, sharing with us how she finds her characters and those little things that she looks out for when she comes up with a hero and heroine who would find that special something with each other. So a little bit about Linda before we move onto the guest post.

Linda Andrews lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband, three children and a menagerie of domesticated animals. While she started writing a decade ago, she always used her stories to escape the redundancy of her day job as a scientist and never thought to actually combine her love of fiction and science.

DOH! After that Homer Simpson moment, she allowed the two halves of her brain to talk to each other. The journeys she’s embarked on since then are dark, twisted and occasionally violent, but never predictable.

The Character Train

Like many authors, I find ideas for stories everywhere–watching a news program, reading a magazine, or just spying a picture on the web. The hardest part is finding the characters to bring those stories alive. That part is like waiting on the platform of the busiest train station in the world with a cardboard placard in my hand stating: looking for Mr and Mrs. Right.

I don’t want to know what that sticky stuff is that I’m standing in. Most characters don’t make eye contact as they hustle by to meet a different author. Others just bump right into me, spinning me around as they pass, because they’ve got a more important story waiting.

Now, I like to people watch but sometimes the right characters for my stories are on the slow train.

Other times, they’ve missed the train altogether.

Then there are the nagging times when I think the characters are right. I pick up their baggage–making sure it is suitably worn and tattered or very, very heavy for the trip to come and load them on the Storytime Express.

Then I meet their friends.

And family.

The car is getting crowded and we haven’t even pulled out of the station. On occasion, I just have to stop letting people inside. Sorry, car’s full. Move along. Move along. Nothing to see here.

But be careful.

Sometimes the chosen hero will slip off the train after spying the heroine. Sure he’ll wave as the train slowly eases out of the station, but now I’m left with the guy in the hoodie slouched against the wall, who’s staring at the gum pepperonis on the floor like they’re fabulous abstract art.

And having spied the new hero, the heroine is doing her best to lower the window so she can jump onto the subway’s third rail. After I pry her cold fingers from the pane, I point out that Mr. Slouch gave up his seat to allow her dear old granny to sit. Reluctantly she agrees to at least meet him before transposing her phone number when she enters it into his cell and says he can call her.

I smile as I write this because I know the universe just gave me the perfect couple for a romance. And best of all, I know somewhere in the story, the cowardly hero who ran away will return and make Mr. Slouch look all the better. How do I know this? Because both the heroine and Mr Slouch care about dear old granny. The heroine brought her along and Mr. Slouch gave up his seat for a stranger on a crowded train.

Despite their behavior, these random acts of kindness they bestow on each other will draw them together and make the reader root for them all the while the weight of their baggage keeps them apart. As the train speeds down its track, they’ll each decide discard a piece of baggage here and there. Some will be lost, some will be happily discarded, and other times the hero might carry something for the heroine.

Of course, the clothes usually go in the part of the journey where each thinks they can keep the remaining luggage and still be happy. Delusional about the hazards ahead, they’ll squeeze into a private space and do a little intimate exploration. When they emerge, there’ll be those awkward moments of facing family and friends and trying to surreptitiously find a new pair of panties.

Which means opening a new piece of luggage, exposing the things you never meant anyone to see. Ultimately Mr. Slouch and the heroine will have to unzip that toiletries bag and decide that the familiar, safe broken pieces protected inside can be replaced with something bright and shiny.

Only then can I and the reader expect them to permanently reside somewhere beyond Happily Ever After Station.


Linda Andrews is giving away an e-copy of her latest release Blue Maneuver. 

Here is a bit on what the book is all about.

Rae Hemplewhite didn’t believe in aliens until a close encounter with out-of-this-world technology drags her into the extraterrestrial security program. Helping alien refugees adjust to life on Earth is difficult enough, but her first clients have a price on their heads. Plus, her new partner seems torn between the urge to kiss her or kill her.

And that’s the good news.

The bad news: Alliances are forming in deep space. If Rae doesn’t keep her witnesses alive long enough to transfer their top secret information to the right faction of humanity, Earth will become a battlefield.

All you have to do to win is to leave a comment telling us what it is about romance books that always makes you come back for more!

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Guest Post by Author Sherri Hayes + Giveaway!!

I discovered author Sherri Hayes through a review request for her book Hidden Threat. Sherri Hayes is an author that has promising talent. I loved her way of creating sexual tension between two characters that is just waiting to explode and that is one reason why I would recommend her books to fellow romance lovers.

Today Sherri shares with us how she comes up with ideas for her books. This should make for an interesting read because I for one continue to wonder and be amazed at the talent that authors remarkably show us readers of their ability to think up of twists and turns that practically have us on the edge of our seats, and all that just by stringing words so cleverly together. So without further ado, please welcome Sherri.

How do you come up with ideas for your books?

Ideas for my books come from everywhere. Hidden Threat came from a fairytale type story I’d been toying with in my head since I was fourteen. I didn’t want to publish a fairytale or a sci-fi fantasy, so I changed a lot of things to set it in modern corporate America. My Finding Anna series was a mixture of my new found interest in reading BDSM stories and some recent news coverage of the woman who’d been held captive against her will for eighteen years. As far as Behind Closed Doors, my newest romantic suspense novel, the idea began with a book cover I’d seen in a local store.

I find that my characters tend to develop first, then the plot. In Behind Closed Doors, Elizabeth’s character took hold before anything else. She was moving to a small town to start over. Why was she starting over? What made her choose that place?

Once I had that figured out, I had moved on to Chris. Who was he? What did he do? How could I begin to develop this relationship between him and Elizabeth?

The next thing I look at is who my ‘bad guy’ is going to be. For this story, the idea came from my editor. She and I had had a conversation about a completely unrelated story and I knew I wanted to incorporate it into my next romantic suspense. I just had to figure out how. Again, I had to figure out how she was connected to the two main characters and what her motivation to harm one or both of them was.

As the characters develop in my head, so does the plot. I’m able to come up with twists and turns I’d like to see take place.

Since I’m not an outline person, I then sit down and write. With the knowledge of who the characters are, their backgrounds, and their motivations, I let the story unfold. Ideas for additional plot lines always come up when I’m writing. Sometimes they get worked in, and sometimes they don’t. It’s just part of the creative process.


So guys and gals, Sherri is giving away an e-copy of her upcoming novel Behind Closed Doors, book 1 in the Daniel Brothers series which releases from The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing House on the 9th of this month. I am right now about a quarter into the book and I can already tell that this is going to end up being an invigoratingly awesome read!

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Guest Post – Author Dee Tenorio + Giveaway!

deetenorio.JPGToday, is a first for me and my blog. I am opening up my doors for the first time for guest posts and who better to do that than with the uber talented Dee Tenorio whose latest book in the super fabulous Resurrection Series hit the stands just yesterday. Dee is sharing with us today how she settled into writing the way she likes it, a writing style that continues to amaze me as her latest release Deceiving The Protector contains what I would call the essence of Dee’s way with the words in one setting.

So please welcome Dee and also check out how you can win an e-copy of Deceiving the Protector, a book so fabulous that fans of paranormal romantic suspense NEED to check this one out!


When I first started out, a very kindly editor gave me some advice I’ve never forgotten, not in ten years.

“You need to find a tone that fits you and stick to it.”

She said this to be helpful, of course, as she had read several submissions from me and apart frm the fact that I had much to learn, she also couldn’t in any conscience buy my books because she had no idea what to do with me.

My stories all seemed to come from different directions. Did I write hometown comedies? Or did I write gripping suspense (Or even just slightly compelling suspense—I was just starting out, after all)? She liked my voice quite a bit and she liked my sense of humor, she simply couldn’t see how all of it could come together inot a marketable author unless I stopped dancing through genres. Worse, I had to stop genre-dancing inside of singular books.

“You can’t have a suspense book with this kind of dark tone and have all this humor.”

Because I have a bad habit of creating sarcastic, smart ass people and putting them in bad situations. (What, those people are more fun.)

“Conversely, you can’t have a comedy with all these dark situations.”

Because apparently other people aren’t as prone to laughing while at funerals as I am.

Honestly, when I heard all that advice, I did my best to try to listen, but it seemed so…unrealistic to me. I’d been brought up not as an optimist, but as a make-the-best-of-it-ist. In my crazy clan, we laugh through our tears, we snicker through trouble and we store up stories of stupidity like badges of honor. As my Mom once put so well, “You have to find something to laugh at when times are hard, or you’ll never make it through. And you won’t appreciate the good times when you have them.”

So it’s not that I just wanted to be difficult with my writing, or that I’m terribly stubborn. (Well, ok, I’m a “little” bit stubborn) I wanted to give that editor what she was looking for, but I could never quite do it. In my mind—and as a result, in my books—life just rarely falls into neat little slices where only one tone exists. It does make me a little harder to market, she was right about that. But that’s okay. I’m good being “that writer you like who writes all those stories”.

In fact, I can’t think of a better way to be known! :)

So that’s about it from Dee folks!

If you want to find out more about Dee, you can always check out any of the following links:

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To find out more about both books in the Resurrection series, you can always check out the trailers which can be found from here & here.


So guys, in order to celebrate my first guest post, I am giving away an e-copy of Deceiving the Protector, the 2nd book in the Resurrection Series that just came out yesterday. For a chance to win, leave a comment behind stating your name, a valid e-mail address and why you want to win a copy of Deceiving the Protector. If you want to know more about both books 1 and 2, you can always read my reviews which can be found from here & here. Don’t forget to leave a comment behind and help spread the joy! Giveaway will end at 00:00 hours on the 18th of August 2011, Maldivian time!