Requested Review: Lost Wages of Sin by Rosalie Stanton

Format: E-booklostwagesofsin
Read with: Amazon Kindle
Length: Novel
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Series: Sinners and Saints, Book 1
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Hero: Dante
Heroine: Avaritia
Sensuality: 3.5
Date of Publication: April 11, 2011
Started On: April 25, 2011
Finished On: April 26, 2011

Lost Wages of Sin is book 1 in an exciting new series entitled Sinners and Saints that hit the stores this April. Rosalie Stanton is an author who knows exactly what she wants to convey to her readers and does it with style, humor and red hot passion that leaves the reader wanting more of where her stories come from. Having loved two contemporary romances by the author before, I knew that Rosalie Stanton wouldn’t disappoint me even if this is the very first paranormal/fantasy romance by hers that I have tried out.

Lost Wages of Sin is centered around Avaritia (Ava) who signifies “greed” in the seven Sins that Lucifer himself controls in order to tempt mankind into succumbing to the throes of Hell fire. Six thousand years old, Ava herself has never succumbed to what she is, though she has remained a faithful servant of Lucifer until she meets an angel who turns her life upside down and makes her yearn for something that has always been out of reach until now.

Before Ava knows it, she has been betrayed in the worst way possible and is on the run for her life from everything that is familiar and she holds dear. When she encounters Dante, sin incarnate and her friend for the past seven hundred years, Ava knows that she is not strong enough to say no to the heated looks that Dante keeps sending her way, making her want to give all of herself to a vampire who signifies everything that a woman ought to need in this life.

Dante who has been in love with Ava ever since she stumbled across him in his hour of need knows that he is willing to take whatever it is that Ava would give to him. When an unexpected kiss between the two opens up the flood gates of desire that both Ava and Dante have been keeping in check for centuries, Dante knows that there would be no turning back, not for him anyway. With a unique take on Christianity that lends the story an extra interesting facet, Lost Wages of Sin is a book not to be missed for fans of fantasy/paranormal romances.

What grabbed me most about this novel is of course Dante whose utter devotion and love for Ava shines through each and every single one of his actions. Though when compared to Ava in strength and physical abilities Dante falls short, nevertheless he never hesitates to put himself on the line for the love of his life and each and every single time he confesses his love for Ava to hear nothing of that nature in return just made me bleed for him a little. Let me not forget the banter between Dante and Ava that serves to be as much of a turn on as the actual scenes of intense hotness that Rosalie has down to a pat, the scene in the alley being my favorite!

As one reviewer has already pointed out, its hard to identify who the bad guys are, and I found myself just as fascinated with Lucifer’s character as I was with Dante’s towards the end. The hardest part is going to be waiting for each of the books in this series to come out, and maybe finally, reach a happily ever after for Lucifer himself? Well, a gal can always hope!

I finish off my review with a glimpse into the explosive scene that takes place between Ava and Dante that serves to be one of the hottest scenes in the story.

In a flash, she disappeared into the space between the buildings. The next thing Dante knew, his back was against a boarded wall and her lips were on his. She bit, she hissed, she licked the inside of his mouth and whimpered when he moaned into her. In a furious, heated stroke, she’d managed to wiggle free of one pant leg, her fingers fumbling at the button of his jeans before jerking down his fly. It happened fast–god, so fast.

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