Requested Review: Hard Irish by Jennifer Saints

Format: E-bookhardirish
Read with: iBooks for iPad
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Series: Weldons, #3
Publisher: Self-Published
Hero: Jared Weldon
Heroine: Roxanne “Rocky” McKenna
Sensuality: 3.5
Date of Publication: September 17, 2012
Started On: February 07, 2013
Finished On: February 10, 2013

Hard Irish by Jennifer Saints is the much anticipated and awaited 3rd book in the Weldon brothers series. I love Jennifer’s books, whichever pseudonym she chooses to write them under because she provides an unbeatable combination of romance and sensuous delights together with just enough suspense to keep the ball rolling in her stories.

Jared Weldon and Roxanne “Rocky” McKenna’s encounter happens quite by chance. Though Jared goes seeking her out and unknowingly stumbles into her life, blindsided by the desire and need that she invokes in him makes Jared hesitant to spell out his real reason for wanting seek her out. And when Jared is certain that someone is out to get Rocky, there is no stopping Jared from doing all that he can to safeguard the woman he begins to fall helplessly in love with, one scorching kiss and searing touch at a time.

Hard Irish brings to the forefront the lovable Weldon family together with the ultra-appealing four brothers 2 of whom I am already hopelessly in love with. Jared finds himself in a bit of a fix when he can’t come out with the truth about who he actually is, but he has no choice but to play along for the duration it takes to keep Rocky safe.

Rocky is a woman who has had a bit of a tough time of things of late. With her father out of commission after a stroke strikes him down, Rocky takes the lead role in their business and gets things going. As a divorcee who had a tough time with her ex-husband, Rocky has her own issues to deal with, emotional scars that are left behind from a relationship that had done more damage than good.

Added to the mix is the thick plot of a deranged killer intent on finding out the secrets that Rocky’s mother had taken to her grave, secrets for which Rocky just might have to pay with her life and the lives of the ones that are near and dear to her.

A good read, I recommend the 3rd book of the series to those who have enjoyed the Weldon brothers so far and those who love books by Jenni.

Favorite Quotes

“May God give you…For every storm a rainbow, for every tear a smile, for every care a promise and a blessing in each trial. For every problem life sends, a faithful friend to share, for every sigh a sweet song and an answer for each prayer.”
—Irish Blessing

The one thing we can never get enough of is love. And the one thing we can never give enough of is love.
—Henry Miller

I know the depths of sin.
The wretchedness of the depraved.
I know the darkness within
I’ll never escape it, even in the grave.
Though I know it is wrong
And I’ll pay with my soul
I could not turn away from
The love that made me whole.
So I stole every moment of time
And lived in the shadows
To love this child of mine
Before facing heaven’s gallows
I was part of the unforgivable
Blood stains my hands
Still I pray for the impossible
That in the end mercy will stand.

She didn’t have a chance to breathe before he caught her in his arms and planted his mouth on hers, instantly hot and demanding.
She opened to him, meeting the thrust of his tongue with hers, groaning deep from within as her starving senses found succor for her every want. His tongue tangled with hers, leading her in a seductive dance unlike any other.

Her body tightened like bow. She was going to explode. “Take me,” she whispered. “Hard. Give me everything.”
“Hell,” he cried out. His control snapped. The bed shook with his frenzied thrusts, banging the headboard against the wall. She arched and rocked, slamming herself against him. “Come,” he demanded. “Come with me.”
She clenched hard, squeezing his penis with the muscles of her sex and screamed as a mind-stealing orgasm captured her body and her soul. Her vision dimmed, her heart thundered, and her body shook. Wave after wave of pleasure crashed over her, leaving her quivering, replete.

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Review: Smooth Irish by Jennifer Saints

Format: E-booksmoothirish
Read with: iBooks for iPad
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Between Your Sheets Publishing
Series: Weldon Series, Book 2
Hero: Jackson Weldon
Heroine: Nancy Miller
Sensuality: 3.5
Date of Publication: December 8, 2009
Started On: July 22, 2011
Finished On: July 23, 2011

It is a very rare occurrence for me these days to start on the next book of a series by an author before taking a break in between. However, I found myself tempted to skip my ‘rule’ and go ahead with the 2nd book in the Weldon series, to find out for myself whether the passion between the grieving widower Jackson Weldon and Nancy Miller would be as explosive in reality as I had envisioned it in my mind after practically storming through the sensuous scenes of passion in the 1st book of the series.

35 year old Jackson is the eldest sibling of the 4 Weldon brothers in Savannah, Georgia. Jackson is a man still grieving for the untimely death of his wife Amy and blames himself for her death which prevents him from joining the living world. Jackson creates for himself a rut in which he is more than comfortable in, and lets the music that runs in his soul do the rest for him. With no aim or plans in his life to pave the way forward, Jackson stumbles into each day as it arrives until he meets his sister-in-law’s best friend Nan who makes his heart beat in anticipation for the very first time since the death of his wife.

30 year old Nan is goal-oriented if nothing else and plans her life to achieve those goals which will take her further and further away from the wanting little girl who lived and grew up in a less than stellar trailer on the backside of a country road. Dedicated to her profession as a nurse, Nan rarely gives herself time to stop and smell the roses, always focused on reaching the next step of her plan.

When Nan meets the sexy as sin older brother of Jesse Weldon, her best friend’s husband at her wedding, for the first time she finds for herself the lure of sexual attraction though she makes herself walk away from Jackson and his aimless life once she finds out that there is no future to be had with the man.

Three months since she walked out on him and the memories of the feverish kisses they shared still linger on, haunting her and teasing her to taste what she never let herself fall for during the brief time they had dated. With her dreams and fantasies escalating out of control each passing day, Nan finds herself saying yes to one weekend of decadent pleasure in the arms of the one man who has the ability to turn her mind to mush and makes her body hum in pleasure.

But when reality comes knocking at the door, Nan is once again forced to face the fact that Jackson with his past haunting him is not the man for her though she may have fallen head over heels in love with him. Its up to both Jackson and Nan to want each other and love one another enough to move past beyond the shackles of the past and to face the future that would be the stuff fantasies and dreams are made of if they were to face it together.

I have to say that being still on the high left over from Jesse and Alexia’s story, I felt a tad disappointed with how Smooth Irish unfolded though this one also made a favorable impression on me. Jackson and Nan were both endearing characters whose passion for each other draws them together, no matter how much Nan tries to prevent herself from walking into disaster with both eyes open.

Jackson is a tortured hero, who hides a wealth of pain and guilt behind a facade of charm that refuses to be hidden from Nan who makes short work of opening up his wounds that have continued to fester rather than heal during the 4 years Jackson has tried to forget the pain with which he lives.

For me, the passion between Nan and Jackson wasn’t as explosive as I hoped it would be, but still Jennifer Saints has added mouth watering scenes of passion that brings out her talent in delivering the readers with sensuous scenes of love that would remain with them for a long time.

Its good to know that though this is the last published book in the Weldon Series for now, Jennifer plans on making additions to it which would be well received by its fans.

Smooth Irish is a book that goes down like a tall, cool glass of water on a sweltering hot day and leaves you begging for more!

Recommended for those who have read book 1 and are dying to get their hands on book 2; for those who love stories with tortured grieving widowed heroes and for those who are fans of Jennifer Saints who writes under the pseudonyms J.L. Saint and Jennifer St. Giles.

Favorite Quotes

“Eventually you will come to understand that love heals everything, and love is all there is.”
Gary Zukav, author

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Review: Wild Irish by Jennifer Saints

Format: E-bookwildirish
Read with: iBooks for iPad
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Series: Weldon Series, Book 1
Publisher: Between Your Sheets Publishing
Hero: Jesse Weldon
Heroine: Alexandria Jordan
Sensuality: 4
Date of Publication: December 8, 2009
Started On: July 21, 2011
Finished On: July 22, 2011

Wild Irish is book one in the Weldon series which came to my attention when author Jennifer St. Giles tweeted about the availability of this book up on Smashwords for free. Always someone who loves a story that involves a proverbial bad boy with whom the heroine has a shared past with, I didn’t hesitate to grab myself a copy and let myself be swept away on a journey that continually suprised me with just how different this novel turned out to be from Collateral Damage, the one novel that I have read to-date by the author.

Wild Irish written under the pseudonymn Jennifer Saints who also writes under the names of J.L. Saint and Jennifer St. Giles kick-starts this romance with 29 year old Alexandria Jordan, heiress to the Jordan’s shipping empire in Savannah getting ready to say her I-do’s with a man that she feels no burning passion for. With doubt clouding her mind on her last night as a bachelorette, Alexi is bombarded with the memories of a 19 year old Jesse Weldon who had rocked her world and broken her 17 year old heart in the span of one month.

When her fiances indiscretions come to light right before the wedding, Alexi knows that she won’t be able to go through with a union strongly supported by her grandmother and father and runs, straight into the arms of the one man whom she has never forgotten in the span of the twelve years that has separated them.

19 year old Jesse with the proverbial bad boy chip on his shoulder had hesitated to take what was so freely offered to him when his and Alexi’s lives had collided twelve years back. After spendng eight years in the army, mostly in the Special Forces and now owner of his own security company, Jesse is no longer naive enough to let his heart get involved, but wild horses wouldn’t be able to drag him away from claiming the woman whose sinful mouth has haunted his dreams more times than he would like to recall.

Alexi is shocked to the bone when she lets Jesse sweep her away with the heady desire that has always burned strong between them, that makes her forget every proper thought in her head until she says yes to all the decadent ways in which Jesse can make her feel as the most desirable woman on Earth. Jesse who doesn’t believe in love and soul mates nevertheless has a hard time defining how he feels about Alexi as just plain old lust raging inferno through his body as his possessive streak a mile wide comes out to play when Alexi’s life becomes threatened by a mad man willing to through any lengths to make her his.

Filled with highly sensual content that just about took my breath away as Jesse tries his damndest to keep Alexi from leaving by binding her to him with the explosive passion they seem to share, Wild Irish is a book that I enjoyed immensely. Alexi has her work cut out for her with the stubborn Weldon genes that prevents Jesse from believing that the word permanent could be applied to their relationship. But at every turn, Jesse continually surprises her with just how right they are together, if only he would believe it for himself.

Jesse is the type of bad boy hero each woman dreams about, the type of hero that we wish would come up and drive us off into the sunset on his mean looking Harley with the wind whipping more than our hair into a frenzy. The man Jesse grows into is no less lethal, he is in fact more so with his ever abundant need to possess and keep Alexi at his mercy with every trick he has learnt in the art of seduction until now. But what makes the scenes of passion memorable is the fact that the tables turn so quickly on Jesse as Alexi assumes the role of the one in control who drives their mutual desire to a feverish pitch which makes each and every scene of passion between Alexi and Jesse unforgettable!

This is the only romance that I have heard of which came out as a graphic e-book with photos of the delicious Jesse himself with the beautiful Alexi to make things enticing. Because I couldn’t help myself, I downloaded two chapters up on that are available for free and I am beyond tempted to purchase the entire novel for the 10+ dollars its priced for, because seeing Jesse in all his glory is so very tempting!

Jennifer Saints has definitely surprised me – all in a good way with her ability to draw out mind numbing scenes of passion that in no way hinders the character development and the suspense potion of the novel that unfolds. I am now very much tempted to get a copy of the next book in the series that features the widowed and grieving older brother of Jesse who finds his happily ever after with Alexi’s best friend. And believe me, the pictures available on the freely available chapters just about made me hyperventilate and I bet the heat factor in their story would drive me insane before I’m through!

Highly recommended for those who love stories of bad boys and rich heiresses and for those who love highly sensual romantic suspense novels.

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Review: Collateral Damage by J.L. Saint

Format: E-bookcollateraldamage
Read with: Amazon Kindle
Length: Plus Novel
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series: Silent Warrior, Book 1
Publisher: Samhain Publishing Ltd.
Hero: Jack Hunter
Heroine: Lauren Collins
Sensuality: 3
Date of Publication: December 14, 2010
Started On: December 18, 2010
Finished On: December 23, 2010

Like any reader, I am a bit apprehensive when it comes to trying out new authors, though that doesn’t stop me from trying out books on authors that I have never heard of because just sometimes, delving into the unknown certainly pays off when you find a book such as this one where the pages literally turn themselves with the fast paced action, romance and adventure that this one delivers – in spades.

Sergeant First Class Jack Hunter with more than 20 years of military experience under his belt also known as DT i.e. Double Tap because of his accuracy with headshots, wakes up in the ICU at the Walter Reed Medical Centre when the last mission where he had led his team members Rico, Pecos and Neil into the terrorist ridden areas of Lebanon where a group had kidnapped and held hostage the daughters of the Israeli Prime Minister and the US Ambassador had gone totally wrong. With Rico and himself seriously injured and Neil dead in the strike that had taken place, Jack is a man torn apart by the nightmares about the mission gone wrong and pieces that don’t seem to fit together. The one thing that Jack who has a strained relationship with his 6 year old daughter Livy after the hellish nightmare of a 7 year marriage with her mother Jill had ended up in divorce knows is that there is more than what meets the eye in what went down in Lebanon. With all his senses screaming at him to make sense of the blond and blue eyed American he had shot dead whose body had not turned up makes Jack all twitchy on the insides and makes him push himself to the limits to get back to the field before the shit hits the fan.

Lauren Collins with her 6 year old twin sons Matt and Mitch is just a month away from finalizing her divorce from Bill Collins the one man she had thought had been her Prince Charming who had later turned out to be the stuff made from nightmares. Right after Bill had taken up a job at BioLogics, a company that deals with invention of green technology as their PR executive and turned all secretive, their marriage had hit the rocks only to plummet deeper into abysmal when Bill began a string of extramarital affairs that had finally decided the fate of their marriage. And when Lauren receives the dreaded phone call in the middle of the night informing her that her husband had been shot dead in what appeared to be a random act of violence right after which her home is invaded by a masked gunman hellbent on searching for something Lauren has no clue of whatsoever, she barely manages to escape with her and her sons lives intact.

When the rough and tough looking six foot Jack Hunter with his square jawed and chiseled looks turns up on her doorstep commanding all her bedraggled hormones to take notice and clamor for his attention, he turns out  to be her only savior from danger that lurks wherever she turns. Lauren has no choice but to trust Jack with her and her sons lives as they race against time and try to piece together the cutthroat world of murder and mayhem that Bill had thrust his family into. As red-hot passion burns strong and sure like wildfire between Jack and beautiful Lauren so does a mad man’s thirst for world dominance that knows no bounds as he would go to any lengths to thwart those who stand in his way to prevent him from executing the perfect plan which would give him total power served on a silver platter.


  1. Jack Hunter. He is broody, tortured and hot as sin!! I always love myself a tortured hero who knows what to do with his God given talents in pleasing a woman! And that’s not the only thing that drew me to Jack. He is loyal and wants to do right by what is his though he has had a hard time of things for the last couple of years. And on top of all that, he is black ops military. *sigh* Jack is utterly swoon worthy ladies, I solemnly swear by this! *swoons*
  2. Lauren Collins. She is perfect heroine material for the rough and tough Jack Hunter. With her sons she is the fierce mother tigress protecting her cubs, with Jack she is vulnerable and strong at the same time and what makes her unique is she doesn’t stand down and let Jack take all the control but rather she is an equal partner where she and Jack are concerned. Loved Lauren to bits.
  3. This story opened up my eyes to a lot of things that can go wrong with the precariously balanced “peace” that we take for granted in this world. Just add to it bad guys who are unscrupulous enough and have the means to manipulate the West and  the Islamic world as that happened in this story and you would have a global catastrophe of major proportions on your hands. Being a Muslim myself, I was a bit apprehensive when I started out reading and encountered the scene where Muslims had kidnapped the daughter of the Israeli prime minister. And I thought to myself, please don’t let this story be something where Muslims are portrayed as less than human and I was really glad of the sensitivity with which Ms. Saint handled the issue. There is no overly judgmental stuff going on in the story which brings home the hard truth of a war that was started by the Bush administration which has already cost the common man a lot more just a pretty penny from his pocket. Kudos to Ms. Saint for pulling this off so well.
  4. I liked the secondary stories that were taking place as the story unfolded. I liked how Ms. Saint didn’t overly make the story about the secondary characters, which is sometimes what happens when an author tries to juggle too many characters and their stories in one novel. She has laid the foundation nicely for this new series the rest of the books which has already landed on my auto-buy list. I am really looking forward to reading the story of the Delta Team commander Lt. Col. Roger Weston and Mari, the Muslim widow of Neil who dies in the op that is the starting point of this series and story.
  5. The cover. Believe it or not, the cover was what drew me to the story in the first place. I make it a point to surf through Samhain Publishing at least once a month to find out titles that might interest me. And when I looked into the eyes of the guy on the cover, I was baited enough to read through the synopsis and I have since then been looking forward to its release date which was earlier this month. This one definitely ends up on the fabulous cover list!  ^_^
  6. The creepy villain and his ever more creepy chimpanzee. Gives me the shivers of the bad kind even thinking about his warped mind. But he was a villain who certainly delivered enough to label him as one of the creepiest villains ever and lends the story the edge that it so well receives from him on the danger and adventure front.

Dislikes: As always the lack of a proper epilogue does rankle but not overly much since I hope I would be getting to see a bit of Jack and Lauren in the next couple of books in the series. ^_^

Favorite Quotes

Jack clasped her shoulders and turned her to face him. A fierceness had sharpened his chiseled features. His green eyes burned. “Bill Collins was a fool and completely unworthy of anything to do with you. Don’t waste any more of yourself on his stupidity.” He slid his thumb along her bottom lip, sending fiery need right to her core. Her stomach clenched and her body wept for more. “Another time, another place, I’d back you to that wall right there, or any place you wanted to go, and do everything in my power to wipe him from your mind.”

She grabbed his hand. He pulled her up and something happened. There was a shift in the inches of air separating them. Every nerve she had stood up and said, “Hello, baby,” to the obvious flare of desire in his eyes when he looked at her. His need seemed to equal the desperation of her own. She opened her mouth, imagining his kiss, imagining his firm lips claiming hers. The fire in his green eyes blazed white hot.

He caught on that she wasn’t focused on wanting answers anymore. Her gaze was on his chest, and hunger was in her eyes. She lid her palm down from his shoulder to touch the bruising by his left nipple.
The purplish injuries had faded to a yellowish-green, but the extent of the trauma he’d suffered was still visible. He gritted his teeth and tried to suck air into lungs that he had forgotten how to breathe. He grabbed her wrist, intending to pull her hand from his chest. Instead, he groaned and pressed her palm deeper into his skin. For just a moment, he told himself. It had been so long since he’d been touched, so long since he’d accepted physical comfort from someone else that he literally did not have the strength to pull away. That’s all his attraction was to her. He was a starved man and she was an appetizing woman.

Recommended for: Fans of romantic suspense who love books filled with non-stop adventure and red-hot passion!

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