Review: Marriage on the Rebound by Michelle Reid

Format: E-book
Read With: MS Word 2007
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Harlequin Presents, Book 1973
Publisher: Harlequin
Hero: Rafe Denvers
Heroine: Shaan Saketa
Date of Publication: November 7, 1997
Started On: December 18, 2009
Finished On: December 18, 2009

This book has all the ingredients that make a Harlequin romance a good one. This was the book that introduced me to this author and though I have read 2 or 3 books of hers afterwards, this book has stayed with me as a special love story which is why I went ahead and re-read the story all over again.

Shaan Saketa is jilted by Pier Denver, Rafe’s stepbrother on the day of their marriage. Rafe moves in to take Pier’s place and offers himself up as the bridegroom to salvage a situation Shaan thought would leave her humiliated and hurt beyond repair.

It was beautiful the way Rafe woos Shaan after their marriage in the city of Hong Kong which the author describes quite well, making the reader feel as if they are visiting the  busy and chaotic city themselves.

Anyone who loves a good romance with a strong, sexy and compelling hero with a heroine who doesn’t simper and grate on your nerves all the way through, this is a good read!

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