Review: Home For The Holiday by Wendy Stone

Format: E-book
Read with: MSReader
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Standalone
Publisher: Phaze Books
Hero: Nicolas Grefield
Heroine: Kenna McEwen
Date of Publication: October 26, 2009
Started On: December 20, 2009
Finished On: December 20, 2009

A book of my favorite theme, where best friends fall in love, this romance is a heartwarming story filled with love, laughter and happy moments. And of course being of the erotica genre, the sensuality of this novel just scorches the pages. A story told on the  first person basis, which I rarely read, was a good read, almost worth a re-read.

What I loved most about Kenna and Nicky’s story is that their story is straight forward with no silly misunderstandings to undermine what they feel for each other. Each of them lays out in the open how they feel about one another, such that no trivial misunderstandings take place to make the reader scream in frustration.

The story starts off when Kenna receives an invitation from her mom to come home for the holidays. Kenna has not been home since her fiancé dumped her on her wedding day to marry Kenna’s older sister. With the knowledge that her pregnant sister and cheating ex-fiancé would also be home for the holidays, Kenna asks Nicky to tag along with her pretending to be her boyfriend. But Nicky, who has always wanted the chance to get together with Kenna on more than just a friend basis, jumps at the chance and quickly convinces Kenna to explore what develops between them.

The time spent with Kenna’s family proves to be a wholesome family experience. Even I as the reader, envied the relationship that the author has described with such vivid details on what family life should really be like for all of us. Anyhow, Nicky’s family proves to be of a different breed to Kenna’s horror and finds that Nicky’s mother would try anything, just about anything to get rid of Kenna so that she can always keep Nicky by her side.

This was a lip smacking read and I would recommend it for anyone who loves a romance with a healthy dosage of sensuality added to the mix.

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