Review: Renaissance by Zannie Adams

Format: E-book
Read with: Amazon Kindle
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Standalone
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Sensuality: 4
Hero: Kent Landon
Heroine:  Cali Ross
Date of Publication:  March 21, 2007
Started On: January 18, 2010
Finished On: January 18, 2010

Having read the book Complicated by the same author, my interest in her writing style was piqued enough for me to try out the rest of her books released in e-book format. This story is longer and more intense than Complicated, but I loved pretty much every minute of Kent and Cali’s story.

I have discovered that this author tends to write romances concerning heroes and heroines who are a bit older than the normal twosomes that you encounter in your romance novels. Likewise in this novel Cali is in her late 30’s and Kent in his early or mid 40’s.

Cali and Kent first meet during Cali’s teen years. Back then Cali had been as ambitious as anyone whose dream was to become a reporter. Living alone with her father since her mother deserted them, Cali had long since learnt to be independent and not to rely on anyone but herself to get things done. Her tendencies to write newspaper articles exposing local businesses and other such events lands her with a job at the local newspaper right after she finishes her high school. Kent, the son of Philip Landon, CEO of Landon Industries who starts hanging out with her best buddy Jason seems to evoke feelings of animosity from Cali at first. Judging Kent to be as slick as his father, about whom Cali was currently working on writing an expose on, Cali encounters Kent on her break-in into the Landon Enterprises to gather facts to back her article.

Rather than what Cali expected, Kent helps Cali on writing the article to expose the way his father handles business. Although Cali thinks that they both shared a lot more than just tidbits of information for the article, Kent blatantly ignores Cali after the article hits the press. Cali although hurt and bitter about being used so callously, goes away to earn her degree and stays away for 20 odd years, only coming back to meet her father twice a year or so.

However, things change when Cali realizes that she should be there for her father when he has to undergo surgery on both knees. Giving up her life in Chicago, Cali moves back home and takes up a job at a local newspaper. On her first night back, Cali encounters Kent again at a fund raising event and on the very first night both succumb to the attraction that had always been there between them. Where Kent has been aloof and laid back 20 years earlier, he was a completely closed book hiding behind an impeccable shield that doesn’t seem to crack even under the most unimaginable circumstances.

Cali tries to avoid getting into a purely sexual relationship with Kent, although her father seems to think that Kent is the one for her. And her best friend Alice who proves to be refreshing character in this novel, convinces Cali to at least give Kent a chance to prove that he could give Cali what she really wants out of a relationship.

The journey Kent and Cali take towards happiness is a slow and moving one that is sure to touch the reader’s heart. Its refreshing to read about two characters who just do not suddenly find themselves in love, but rather have to actually work and compromise to make their relationship work. Highly recommended for those who love a gritty love story with a high dose of sensuality thrown into the mix.

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