Stripping DRM from Mobipocket Books

mobipocketreaderThough stripping DRM from ebooks and sharing them with your friends or other book lovers is illegal in many countries, I believe that the owner of the book ought to have the freedom to read the e-book on whatever device that he/she wants. Since I purchased my Kindle I have had very few problems with different formats because it is always possible to convert most formats into the .prc (Mobipocket Reader) format that is readable on Kindle. However, these .prc books need to be DRM free, otherwise you would not be able to read them on Kindle which for me is a hassle.

Since prior to purchasing Kindle and using it to read all my e-books, I have managed to make quite a collection of e-books of .lit (Microsoft Reader) format as well as .prc format. Long back I have learnt the trick to stripping the DRM from Microsoft Reader e-books, but the methodology involved behind stripping Mobipocket Reader ebooks of their DRM feature has always continued to elude me. Until the need to do so had me searching the Internet and I came across a very useful article on how to do so here.

Though it might seem a daunting prospect to tangle with Python scripts and use the command prompt on your computer for someone who is not that computer savvy, it is actually pretty simple when broken down into a couple of steps that even a very newbie user of the computer could follow.

I hope that the link provided in this post helps owners of e-books of the Mobipocket Reader format with removing the DRM feature in them to enjoy their e-book on whatever e-book reader that they may choose to read.

Happy reading everyone!

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