Review: A Heart So Wild by Johanna Lindsey

Format: E-bookaheartsowild
Read with: Amazon Kindle
Length: Novel
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: Stratons, Book 1
Publisher: Avon
Hero: Kane Straton/Chandos
Heroine: Courtney Harte
Sensuality: 3
Published on: December 1, 1986
Started On: May 13, 2011
Finished On: May 14, 2011

I remember reading a book by Johanna Lindsey a very long time back. And though I don’t actively pursue each and every book that she writes, nevertheless I remember Ms. Lindsey to have the ability to spin a good historical romance with enough passion between the characters to stir up one’s insides. A Heart So Wild is a romance that gets recommended quite often on Amazon discussion forums and I finally decided to find out what makes this book of the American-Westeran genre a favorite of so many romance readers.

A Heart So Wild tells the tale of Courtney Harte, the only child of Dr. Edward Harte, who grows up insecure of the love of her father since the death of her mother at the tender age of six. When her father remarries for practical purposes to a woman who changes her colors overnight, Courtney withdraws more into herself than ever before, learning to hide how she feels deep inside. When Courtney survives an attack by the Indians, her life takes a turn for the worse with the disappearance of her father, leaving her solely dependent on her stepmother until she can make it out on her own.

Chandos is a man who is hellbent on getting revenge on those who had violated and killed the people closest to him. The past 4 years has all been about chasing leads and finding each and every single one of the men who had abused their power in the worst way possible and to make them pay for what they had done.

When Courtney finds evidence that her father might be alive, she doesn’t hesitate in trying to acquire the services of the strong and silent gunslinger who makes her feel all funny on the insides, something that has never happened to Courtney before. Chandos would rather cut of his arm and feed it to the bears than let Courtney tag along on a journey that is ridden with hardship and danger, not to mention the number she does on his libido and other emotions just by existing. Chandos hides a secret that binds them together from 4 years back, a secret that could turn the adoration in the eyes of the woman who means more to him than he can admit into hatred and anger.

As both Chandos and Courtney travel the rough and tough journey towards their individual destinations, the desire that simmers between them escalates until it obliterates everything else and demands nothing less but their complete surrender. But Chandos is not a man who would give up his quest for revenge lightly and he would rather not subject Courtney to the wanderlust nature his life had taken form of for the last couple of years. Laced with humor, witty bantering and enough bad guys to keep the action going, A Heart So Wild is a romance that hits all the right spots and delivers quite well on all fronts.

I loved Courtney as a heroine whose sense of humor makes even the most tension wrought moments in the book seem less so. Chandos is indeed a swoon worthy hero whose way of calling Courtney “Cateyes” and “Kitten” certainly had me going totally weak at my knees. And I absolutely loved the way Courtney continued to give as good as she got from Chandos, though she loves him to the point of distraction, never letting Chandos walk all over her and her feelings for him. All in all, a quite well rounded tale that had me clamoring for more of Chandos and the brand of magic that only he and Courtney together seems to be able to make.

Recommended for fans of Johanna Lindsey and fans of historical romances set in the American-Western.

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