Review: Her Own Best Enemy by Cynthia Justlin

Format: E-bookherownbestenemy
Read with: Amazon Kindle
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Series: The Remnants, Book 1
Publisher: Self-Published
Hero: Keith King
Heroine: Grace Stevens
Sensuality: 3
Date of Publication: March 11, 2011
Started On: May 14, 2011
Finished On: May 16, 2011

Having never read anything by Cynthia Justlin didn’t stop me from scrambling off to log onto Amazon to buy a copy of Her Own Best Enemy after reading a review posted for the book on Goodreads by Jeannie Lin, one of my favorite authors who writes kick ass romances set in the Tang Dynasty, China. And Her Own Best Enemy, the Kindle version which is available for 0.99 $ on Amazon till the 31st of this month is a pretty kick-ass romantic suspense featuring a hot and broody reformed bad-boy hero and a heroine who knows what it is she wants and doesn’t back down.

32 year old Keith King comes from a broken childhood, having learnt to fend off for himself at the tender age of 10 years. Its no wonder that Keith found himself in bad company, wasting away his life being the ultra jerk to everyone until life and its tough lessons had forced Keith to grow up, giving him a choice between prison and the army of which he chose the latter. The Army had been the only place in which he had found a place where he belonged to until a traitor within had stolen even that from him leaving him fuming at the Monthan Rehabilitation Centre until his past comes calling.

30 year old Grace Stevens is a single divorced mother, terrified for the safety of her 8 year old son Ryker who has been taken by her ex-husband without any notice. Though the last thing Grace wants to do is to seek assistance from Keith, the man she has hated with a vengeance for the past 14 years, Grace is left with no choice when it comes to the life of her beloved son.

A distrustful Grace teams up with a cynical and burnt out Keith, each driven by their own agendas in a race against the gun-toting mercenaries who are out to get them and drive them six feet under, the sooner the better. Though Grace keeps the details of their intertwined past from Keith and knows better than to let her guard down, she is no match for the altogether changed version of Keith, harder and more lethal than ever on her senses with his strong sense of loyalty that sets him apart from the reckless teenager he had been. Though Keith knows that Grace hides something important from him, he can’t help but want all those things like love that he has never believed in until Grace had come looking for him.

Though I would have loved Grace to be a bit more trusting towards the end when Keith did everything in his power from the start to show that he would rather die than turn his back on her, I still loved the story, the character development that took place and little Ryker who managed to steal my heart from the moment his character showed up in the story. And I would definitely love to find out whether Cameron Scott would get his own story any time soon. With hair raising adventure mixed with combustive sexual tension between two people who would rather not feel anything for each other at all, Her Own Best Enemy is a novel highly recommended for those who love explosive romantic suspense to light up their reading world.

Purchase Links: Amazon | Barnes&Noble | Smashwords


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