Requested Review: Coyote Home by Rhian Cahill

Format: E-book
Read with: Amazon Kindle
Length: Novel
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Coyote Hunger, Book 1
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Hero: Quinn McClellan
Heroine: Rowan Wilder
Sensuality: 4.5
Date of Publication: May 12, 2010
Started On: May 23, 2011
Finished On: May 27, 2011

Coyote Home is book 1 in the Coyote Hunger series by Rhian Cahill. This is my first taste of what Rhian can do with a paranormal/fantasy world and I have got to say that I’m impressed because Coyote Home had the ability to completely hook me onto its world and the story that unfolded right from the very beginning. I hear book 2 calling my name in earnest and I can’t wait to delve into Brogan’s story right after putting up my review.

This review too will follow the I-Review format.

You: What made you pick up Coyote Home?

MBR: After reading Singapore Fling by Rhian Cahill and later falling in love with Logan from Doing Logan, I decided to go through her back list to find out books by Rhian Cahill that I have missed. I have to confess that Coyote Wild, the 2nd book in the series is what caught my eye at first because I so love a story where the hero is a shifter and the heroine a human. And when Rhian approached me about doing a review for a couple of her books, I grabbed the chance knowing that Rhian would never steer me wrong.

You: Tell us a little bit about the hero Quinn McClellan?

MBR: Quinn is a coyote shifter and is best friends with Brogan, Rowan’s brother. What you come to know about Quinn just makes you utterly fall for him in all the ways possible. Uber protective with the blood of an alpha male pumping through him, Quinn just took my breath away and along with it my heart as well right from the first moment he made his entrance into the story.

You: Now, tell us a little  bit about the heroine, Rowan Wilder?

MBR: Rowan Wilder the heroine is a coyote shifter as well. Having grown up in Whispering Creek, the Wilder’s home, Rowan is forced to leave everything she loves behind and move to Australia where she has been in hiding for the past 6 years. Now Rowan is back, ready to face the music and to claim Quinn, her mate for life whom she left behind in her attempt to protect him as well as herself.

You: How does Quinn and Rowan meet for the first time?

MBR: Quinn and Rowan grows up together, so there is no mention of how it is they meet up at the very beginning. Even at a very young age, Quinn and Rowan has had an emotional connection to one another without even knowing that within each other lies their mate for life.

You: What was it that drew you into this story?

MBR: The red-hot sizzling passion between Quinn and Rowan that is evident right from the first chapter itself is what drew me in at the beginning. As the story unfolded and 17% into the story, I fell head over heels in love with Quinn for his protective nature when it comes to Rowan. Though he would like nothing better than to claim his mate who has come home to him after 6 long years, Quinn holds back his coyote, letting love and tender care work its magic over Rowan whose problems begin at learning to master her coyote after such a long period of time. And the world that Rhian creates with the introduction of each of the side characters into the story, I was baited hook, line and sinker and never wanted the magic that unfolded to end.

You: What was it that you liked about Coyote Home?

MBR: Quinn MacClellan tops the list of things that I loved about Coyote Home. He makes it into my list of favorite alpha heroes and caused me to hyperventilate a time or two with his take-charge attitude in the bedroom that just melted me in all the right places. Rowan Wilder comes in second, being a heroine that has confidence as well as her own fears to battle but nevertheless loves Quinn and would go to any lengths to protect him and their love for one another. And one of the things that I really loved about Coyote Home is the fact that Ms. Cahill doesn’t let the romance dwindle away in the story at any stage of the story, but rather the blistering passion between Rowan and Quinn remains center stage throughout, making me love Coyote Home all that more!

You: What if anything would you change in Coyote Home?

MBR: I was a bit surprised by the abruptness of the ending. A lot of issues that came up were left unresolved which I am hoping is for the continuity of the series and most of them would be answered by the end of the 2nd book, Coyote Wild which is now practically chanting my name over from the TBR pile!

You: Who would you recommend Coyote Home to?

MBR: Fans of Rhian Cahill of course. You would definitely know what I am talking about when I say that Rhian ALWAYS does a fantastic job with the scenes of passion of the erotic variety. There is not one place in your body that would remain unaffected when Rhian unleashes her brand of sizzling hotness into the story and this one was no exception to that rule.
And for fans of paranormal/fantasy romances. This one’s for you!

You: Any memorable scenes/quotes from Coyote Home?

MBR: Each and every single passionate moment in the story right from the searing first kiss that Quinn places on Rowan to the much tender scenes that unfolds later, I loved all of them to bits. I will however share with you all a moment in the story that just touched me deep inside and gave me shivers of the good kind as the scene unfolded.

His head lowered, bringing his mouth to hers. Lips brushed, pulled back, moved forward. Her eyes fluttered closed.
“Are you read for me, Rowan?” Quinn spoke against her mouth.
Her eyes popped open and staring into his, she gave the slightest of nods.
Her world spun as Quinn lifted her from the floor and turned. Her stomach dropped as he threw them both on the bed. His weight pressed into her, trapping her between his hard body and the soft bedding. Rowan didn’t get a chance to catch the breath that flew from her lungs. Quinn’s mouth took hers in a savage kiss that burned all thought of breathing away.

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