Review: Flashback by Rhian Cahill

Format: E-Book
Read with: Kindle Paperwhite
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: The Everyday Heroes World
Publisher: Self-Published
Hero: Rylan Conners
Heroine: Mazey Novak
Sensuality: 3
Date of Publication: August 13, 2020
Started On: February 19, 2021
Finished On: February 20, 2021

Flashback by Rhian Cahill is a book set in The Everyday Heroes World, a series of books written by multiple authors. It has been a long, long time since I read anything by Ms. Cahill, who is a favorite author of mine. She is an author whose voice I fell in love with from the very first moment I indulged in the magical effect of her stories featuring heroes who are a tad on the grumpy side, and her penchant for delivery on the sexual heat that permeates and resonates through the stories.

32 year old Mazey Novak (Maz), head of trauma nursing at Anaheim Memorial Hospital Emergency Department in LA decides to make a fresh start when things go awry with her fiance who lies to her every step of the way in their relationship. More than the sense of betrayal she had felt in learning the truth, it had been the looks of disgust from her colleagues and people she had known that had propelled her to move and start anew. When Maz is offered the position of a flight nurse at Mercy-Life, a company specializing in medevac, she does not need much convincing.

Her new life comes with the walking talking temptation that is 39 year old Rylan Conners. Having served in the military for 20 years with the physical and emotional scars to show for it along with a divorce to his name, Rylan is at first skeptical that the new hire would prove to be reliable. Once bitten, twice as shy, Rylan is wary of women who pretend to be something they are not, a lesson that he had learnt to the bitter end when it comes to his ex-wife.

However, from the very start, the easy sense of camaraderie that he finds with Maz along with the simmering sexual tension between them which becomes harder to ignore by the day makes him realize that there is more to Maz than he initially thought. Things come to a head under the most heartbreaking of circumstances, and from that moment onward it becomes more difficult to ignore what feels so right between them. But their fragile bond is tested by fragments of their pasts, each carrying baggage that has left emotional scars on them.

I loved Flashback for the most part which made for pretty easy reading. I loved both Rylan and Maz – both were relatable with feelings that are only too real for people who have held the short end of the stick when it comes to relationships that take everything from you. At the same time, I did miss the searing scenes of passion in the story, something that I have come to expect when it comes to Ms. Cahill’s work.

Recommended for those who love a good contemporary romances featuring likable characters who steals your heart for all the right reasons.

Final Verdict: Flashback delivers on the heart and heat that is synonymous with every book penned by Ms. Cahill.

Favorite Quotes

“Ry.” Her plea was spoken against his chest, her lips brushing a nipple. “I need . . .‍”
“Shh . . . It’s okay.” He tightened his hold. “I’ve got you.”
Her hands slipped up his back and curled around his shoulders. “Please.”
He didn’t know what she wanted, what she needed, he just knew he’d give it to her if he could. “Anything, Maz. Tell me.”
She pushed up on her toes as her hands slid to the back of his head and pulled him down. The next second, her mouth was on his, her tongue thrusting inside to tangle with his.
He should have pulled back. Should have thought about what they were doing, why they were doing it, but her mouth was on his, and he’d ached for this very thing for weeks.

And when her back bowed, her pelvis angling in a way that his cockhead slipped between her hot, slick folds, he was powerless to control the needs of his body.
In a hard, brutal shove, he drove his cock deep inside her pussy. Covering her mouth with his, he swallowed her jagged cry of pleasure, his guttural groan of relief.
His breath stalled for a moment, a split second of time where his mind cleared, and he could think beyond the carnal urges driving his actions long enough for him to believe in that small fraction of a moment that he’d finally found home. He was finally where he was supposed to be.

Fumbling with his fly, she tugged and yanked until the fastening gave way, and she could wrap her hands around the hot length of Rylan. Smooth as silk and hard as steel, his flesh slid over her palm, through her fingers, in a damp thrust of carnal delight.
Mazey wanted to taste him, pull him into her mouth, and feel that male power gliding across her tongue.
Without thought, without hesitation, she sank to her knees and took the plump crown between her lips.
“Fuck! Maz!”

As he pulled her tighter, increased the pressure of his hands, he felt the tremors of Mazey’s orgasm begin, and when she rolled her head on his shoulder and whimpered, writhed against him in ever-increasing speed, he knew they were pushing for pleasure, the burst of satisfaction they couldn’t seem to get enough of.
“Ry,” she moaned. “Please.”
Unable to resist her plea, he pressed harder, stroked faster. And when she convulsed in his arms, her release taking hold, Rylan bucked his hips, grinding his cock against the top of her ass, and followed her into bliss.

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Requested ARC Review: Catch ‘n’ Kiss by Rhian Cahill

Format: E-bookcatchnkiss
Read with: iBooks for iPad
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Are You Game, #2
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Hero: Daniel O’Conner
Heroine: Jody Walsh
Sensuality: 4
Date of Publication: March 4, 2014
Started On: March 2, 2014
Finished On: March 2, 2014

Book 2 in the Are You Game series by Rhian Cahill which is to be hit the e-book stands the 4th of this month, is a scorcher together with enough emotional tidbits in the mix to make for a great read. Though it is a part of a series, Catch ‘n’ Kiss can totally be read as a standalone without feeling like you’ve missed out on a huge chunk of the developing story.

Daniel O’ Conner and Jody Walsh are colleagues, colleagues who had gotten off on a wrong start when Dan had jumped to all the wrong conclusions about Jody when they had first made acquaintance. But nothing Dan had done since then had appealed to Jody enough for her to stop being snappy with him, something that continues to puzzle him until the kiss that he lays on Jody brings to light the singeing hot attraction that has been between them right from the start.

Jody doesn’t want anything to do with Dan except for the fact that all her wayward emotions wants to jump him the minute he enters a room. And it certainly doesn’t help matters when Dan appeals to Jody on so many levels, proving time and yet again that he is in it for more than just sex. But Jody has a lot on her plate, juggling two daughters and an ex-husband who decides to go off on a bender proving to her all over again the need to stay off of relationships even if it might be the loneliest road to travel on.

Catch ‘n’ Kiss is a highly readable romance with likable characters and of course not to mention the scorching hot scenes of passion that ups the stakes for this one. I loved Dan for his relentless pursuit of Jody, in trying to make her see that she was it for him, no questions asked. Dan knows a good thing when it comes his way and Jody and her girls are the one thing for which he is willing to fight till the very end. Even with Jody giving an inch and pulling back three, Dan sticks to his plan of wooing and seducing her into his life, even if it means fighting with the fear that holds Jody back from trusting him with her heart and emotions.

While I understood where Jody was coming from, I couldn’t understand sometimes where her need to be so hard on Dan comes from, especially when Dan proves time and yet again just how much he is willing to give and keep on giving when it comes to her. The latter part of the story however, did go a long way in making me feel better about Jody and her feelings when it comes to Dan and the epilogue definitely made me smile, which I think sealed the deal with me on this one. I’ve missed reading Rhian Cahill’s hotter than sin heroes who can literally render the reader into a puddle of goo, and while Catch ‘n’ Kiss might not have had that many full fledged love scenes to it, Dan certainly can kiss his way to any woman’s heart. Recommended!

Final Verdict: A Rhian Cahill that delivers heat, scorching passion & undying love!

Favorite Quotes

“Hey.” As he’d hoped, she spun around, putting her back to her car, and he moved right in.
Dan lowered his head and slanted his mouth across hers.
Her lips parted as she sucked in a breath—his breath—and he took the opportunity to slide his tongue inside her mouth. The moan that issued from her throat had his blood racing and his balls tightening. Minty fresh, her taste exploded—saturated his mouth with memory and need. He’d wanted this for weeks. Days. Hours.

Something snapped. In him—in her—he didn’t know, but all of a sudden they were moving together in a frenzy of need that left Jody panting in his mouth and Dan clenching every muscle in an effort to hold off the orgasm burning in his balls. She arched, her muscles stretched tight, and her breath stalled. Then it happened. She shattered.

He gripped her hips and urged her up. “I want to be inside you again.”
Her eyelids fluttered, her searing blue gaze meeting his. She didn’t speak. She didn’t have to when she sat up, rose to her knees and reached between them to grab his cock and hold it still while she lined up their bodies and slowly sank back down. The moan that left her lips matched the one caught in his throat. Heat surrounded him, engulfed him as Jody took him all the way to the root in one long slide of carnal delight.

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Review: All of You by Rhian Cahill

Format: E-bookallofyou
Read with: iBooks for iPad
Length: Novella
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Series: Standalone
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Hero: Ryan Doherty
Heroine: Claire Jones
Sensuality: 4.5
Date of Publication: September 26, 2011
Started On: September 27, 2011
Finished On: September 27, 2011

Rhian Cahill is one of my go-to authors for highly sensual erotica that pleases all the senses. If you are a fan of erotica and have never heard of Rhian Cahill, you seriously don’t know what you are missing!

All of You by Rhian Cahill is a story from a favorite trope of mine. Where older heroines find their happily ever after with younger heroes which makes for very interesting reads.

29 year old Ryan Doherty has had the hots for his next door neighbor, 41 year old Claire Jones ever since he laid eyes on her. The only thing that stops him from making a move is not knowing whether or not Claire feels the same way about him.

Claire knows that she needs to stop making Ryan the centrefold of every delicious, erotic fantasy and dream she has had since Ryan moved in next door. But knowing that doesn’t seem to be helping in her efforts to put Ryan out of her mind. When her best friend comes up with the crazy notion that she should go for it with Ryan and wring every decadent pleasure that she can out of the encounter, Claire finds herself doing just that and more as Ryan pleasures her in ways that she has never thought possible.

Though short, Rhian still manages to tell a story that left me wanting more and desperately in need of a cold shower or two with the dirty-talking Ryan talking up a storm, upping the heat factor of a novella that already far exceeds the scorch meter.

Ryan is of the ultra-studtastic variety, living up to what I imagined him to be and then some. Apart from the way he can seduce Claire of all her inhibitions, the way he cares about her enough to want to protect her and cosset her and look after of her every want and need; well, there’s nothing more that’s needed to be said. Ryan is the ultimate younger hero that every woman should have; protective, dangerously sexy, charming and palpitation-inducing-hot that just makes him perfect hero material.

Claire served to be someone who had the guts at first to put aside everything else and concentrate on just being with a man who makes her feel safe, warm, loved and decadently sexy all in one. But when reality strikes and pierces through the bubble of happiness that she finds herself wrapped up in, she goes in the self-sacrificial-lamb routine which irked me for a bit. But then again, Claire does make up for all of it quite beautifully in the end which totally redeemed her in my eyes.

Hot enough to singe off more than just your eyebrows, with a hero that you would just clamor for to make him your own, All of You is a novella that once again proves Rhian’s ability to spin an erotic story well worth your time & money!

Favorite Quotes

Ryan’s nostrils flared, and his gaze came back to meet hers. The heat and lust swirling in the green orbs delivered another burst of heat to her body. Claire shivered.

The woman had him tied in knots. She hardly gave him the time of day, but all she had to do was breathe in his direction and his dick was raring to go, his body pounding with a need that consumed his every thought.

Sitting on the stool put her eye-level with his throat. The bob of his Adam’s apple as he swallowed tantalized her. What would he taste like if I licked him there? Her body swayed forward, and her tongue slipped out to run over her bottom lip.
Ryan groaned, and Claire’s world tilted.
His lips slammed onto hers. There were no gentle, getting to know you sweeps of his tongue. He thrust into her mouth, meeting no resistance as she gladly opened for him.

Claire squirmed under his close scrutiny—struggled to keep from covering herself with her hands.
“Don’t.” He reached out and touched her clenched fists with his fingers. “Don’t think you need to hide. You’re beautiful. Every inch of you.”
Bringing her gaze up to meet his, she saw the strength of conviction in his eyes.
Whether she thought herself worthy of him or not, he had already made his decision.
And that was all that mattered.

Like a drug, she entered his system and took over, delivering a jolt to every cell and obliterating all else. And like any addict, he took the fix, felt the euphoria and craved more.

Ryan took her mouth with his. Nibbled and licked until she opened for him. His tongue swept inside and tangled with hers. Bold strokes and hot slides stole her breath and drew moisture from her core. He touched her nowhere else, but she felt him in every inch of her body.

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Requested Review: Coyote Wild by Rhian Cahill

Format: E-book
Read with: Amazon Kindle
Length: Novel
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Coyote Hunger, Book 2
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Hero: Brogan Wilder
Heroine: Eloise Crawford
Sensuality: 4.5
Date of Publication: June 18, 2010
Started On: May 28, 2011
Finished On: May 28, 2011

Coyote Wild is the 2nd book in the Coyote Hunger series, the book that at first caught my eye when I was browsing through Rhian Cahill’s back list. Coyote Hunger series is based on a community of coyote shape shifters and Coyote Wild tells the story of Brogan Wilder, the sovereign leader of the pack who finds his mate in his sister’s best friend Eloise Crawford who comes from Australia to attend his sister Rowan’s wedding.

The last thing that Eloise expects to find in her best friend Rowan’s brother is the gut wrenching need that swirls deep within her even from the first moment she lays eyes on him. Eloise who has never felt that way about anyone in the past is taken aback by a desire that rages out of control within her, a need to possess and be possessed by a man who would be a virtual stranger to her if not for Rowan’s stories about him when they were living together. However that doesn’t stop  her from turning to putty in his arms without knowing exactly what she is getting herself into.

Brogan never thought that he would find his mate in his sister’s best friend and that it would turn out to be a human. But the coyote inside of him refuses to stand down once it has Eloise in its sight that lets Brogan know that there would be no turning back from how Eloise makes him feel. Though Brogan knows that he needs to woo Eloise and introduce her gently into their way of life, it doesn’t make the reciprocated look of mind numbing desire in Eloise’s eyes any less easier to ignore. Before Brogan knows what he is doing, all thoughts of gentle introductions fly out of the window and he has Eloise staked and claimed as his mate within no time.

However, learning to embrace her life as a coyote shifter is the least of Eloise’s worries when Brogan’s enemy makes it his quest to destroy Brogan in anyway he can, a man who has long since moved onto the path of insanity rendering him a danger to Brogan and those whom he loves.

Coyote Wild is a great addition to the Coyote Hunger series. I loved learning about Brogan, the responsibilities that he shoulders as the sovereign ruler of the pack and of course learning of his uncontrollable hunger when it comes to anything to do with his mate for life. Eloise turned out to be my most favorite in this story, her courage and utter determination landing her in my list of favorite heroines. And as always, Rhian outdoes herself in delivering the nerve tingling kind of sensuality at the right pace which just makes her books that much better to indulge in. There are so many interesting characters in the Coyote Hunger series that one can’t help but want a story for each and every single one of them. And I hear that Ms. Rhian is working on Doc and Steve’s story which I bet is going to set my Kindle afire when I get my hands on it.

Coyote Hunger series is highly recommended for those who love a good paranormal/fantasy series featuring shape shifters. I loved the shape shifting scenes included in each of the books, wanting to run my hands all over the coyote’s furry coats each single time. For those who love Rhian Cahill’s erotic contemporary stories, you definitely ought to get a taste of what she can do in the paranormal world.

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Requested Review: Coyote Run by Rhian Cahill

Format: E-book
Read with: Amazon Kindle
Length: Novella
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Coyote Hunger, Book 1.5
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Hero: Quinn McClellan
Heroine: Rowan Wilder
Sensuality: 4.5
Date of Publication: September 2, 2010
Started On: May 27, 2011
Finished On: May 28, 2011

Coyote Run was released in between the releases of book 1 Coyote Home and book 2 Coyote Wild. Anyone who has read Coyote Home would know that there is a lot of back story to Rowan and Quinn’s happily-ever-after and this is where Ms. Rhian delivers on their shared past.

Running from a mad man who rules their pack, Quinn and Rowan both know that there is no other option except for Rowan to flee and find sanctuary somewhere else, until Quinn and Brogan manages to settle things down and make Whispering Mountains a safe haven for all of them.

It is in the midst of the run for Rowan’s life to safety that Rowan and Quinn mate for the first time, marking each other for life as their own, rendering this quickie to be a smoking hot novella!

If Coyote Home had been a longer novel, this would have passed off as a GREAT prologue and Coyote Home would definitely have been much better with its addition. I know that when it comes to publishing that there is always the word count to consider, but the impact Coyote Home would have made with Coyote Run included would have been much more in my opinion.

That being said, I’m glad that Ms. Rhian decided to go ahead and publish the story of Quinn and Rowan’s past in this way so that fans of Coyote Home would definitely get a treat out of this one.

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Requested Review: Coyote Home by Rhian Cahill

Format: E-book
Read with: Amazon Kindle
Length: Novel
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Coyote Hunger, Book 1
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Hero: Quinn McClellan
Heroine: Rowan Wilder
Sensuality: 4.5
Date of Publication: May 12, 2010
Started On: May 23, 2011
Finished On: May 27, 2011

Coyote Home is book 1 in the Coyote Hunger series by Rhian Cahill. This is my first taste of what Rhian can do with a paranormal/fantasy world and I have got to say that I’m impressed because Coyote Home had the ability to completely hook me onto its world and the story that unfolded right from the very beginning. I hear book 2 calling my name in earnest and I can’t wait to delve into Brogan’s story right after putting up my review.

This review too will follow the I-Review format.

You: What made you pick up Coyote Home?

MBR: After reading Singapore Fling by Rhian Cahill and later falling in love with Logan from Doing Logan, I decided to go through her back list to find out books by Rhian Cahill that I have missed. I have to confess that Coyote Wild, the 2nd book in the series is what caught my eye at first because I so love a story where the hero is a shifter and the heroine a human. And when Rhian approached me about doing a review for a couple of her books, I grabbed the chance knowing that Rhian would never steer me wrong.

You: Tell us a little bit about the hero Quinn McClellan?

MBR: Quinn is a coyote shifter and is best friends with Brogan, Rowan’s brother. What you come to know about Quinn just makes you utterly fall for him in all the ways possible. Uber protective with the blood of an alpha male pumping through him, Quinn just took my breath away and along with it my heart as well right from the first moment he made his entrance into the story.

You: Now, tell us a little  bit about the heroine, Rowan Wilder?

MBR: Rowan Wilder the heroine is a coyote shifter as well. Having grown up in Whispering Creek, the Wilder’s home, Rowan is forced to leave everything she loves behind and move to Australia where she has been in hiding for the past 6 years. Now Rowan is back, ready to face the music and to claim Quinn, her mate for life whom she left behind in her attempt to protect him as well as herself.

You: How does Quinn and Rowan meet for the first time?

MBR: Quinn and Rowan grows up together, so there is no mention of how it is they meet up at the very beginning. Even at a very young age, Quinn and Rowan has had an emotional connection to one another without even knowing that within each other lies their mate for life.

You: What was it that drew you into this story?

MBR: The red-hot sizzling passion between Quinn and Rowan that is evident right from the first chapter itself is what drew me in at the beginning. As the story unfolded and 17% into the story, I fell head over heels in love with Quinn for his protective nature when it comes to Rowan. Though he would like nothing better than to claim his mate who has come home to him after 6 long years, Quinn holds back his coyote, letting love and tender care work its magic over Rowan whose problems begin at learning to master her coyote after such a long period of time. And the world that Rhian creates with the introduction of each of the side characters into the story, I was baited hook, line and sinker and never wanted the magic that unfolded to end.

You: What was it that you liked about Coyote Home?

MBR: Quinn MacClellan tops the list of things that I loved about Coyote Home. He makes it into my list of favorite alpha heroes and caused me to hyperventilate a time or two with his take-charge attitude in the bedroom that just melted me in all the right places. Rowan Wilder comes in second, being a heroine that has confidence as well as her own fears to battle but nevertheless loves Quinn and would go to any lengths to protect him and their love for one another. And one of the things that I really loved about Coyote Home is the fact that Ms. Cahill doesn’t let the romance dwindle away in the story at any stage of the story, but rather the blistering passion between Rowan and Quinn remains center stage throughout, making me love Coyote Home all that more!

You: What if anything would you change in Coyote Home?

MBR: I was a bit surprised by the abruptness of the ending. A lot of issues that came up were left unresolved which I am hoping is for the continuity of the series and most of them would be answered by the end of the 2nd book, Coyote Wild which is now practically chanting my name over from the TBR pile!

You: Who would you recommend Coyote Home to?

MBR: Fans of Rhian Cahill of course. You would definitely know what I am talking about when I say that Rhian ALWAYS does a fantastic job with the scenes of passion of the erotic variety. There is not one place in your body that would remain unaffected when Rhian unleashes her brand of sizzling hotness into the story and this one was no exception to that rule.
And for fans of paranormal/fantasy romances. This one’s for you!

You: Any memorable scenes/quotes from Coyote Home?

MBR: Each and every single passionate moment in the story right from the searing first kiss that Quinn places on Rowan to the much tender scenes that unfolds later, I loved all of them to bits. I will however share with you all a moment in the story that just touched me deep inside and gave me shivers of the good kind as the scene unfolded.

His head lowered, bringing his mouth to hers. Lips brushed, pulled back, moved forward. Her eyes fluttered closed.
“Are you read for me, Rowan?” Quinn spoke against her mouth.
Her eyes popped open and staring into his, she gave the slightest of nods.
Her world spun as Quinn lifted her from the floor and turned. Her stomach dropped as he threw them both on the bed. His weight pressed into her, trapping her between his hard body and the soft bedding. Rowan didn’t get a chance to catch the breath that flew from her lungs. Quinn’s mouth took hers in a savage kiss that burned all thought of breathing away.

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Requested Review: One Night in Bangkok by Rhian Cahill

Format: E-book
Read with: Amazon Kindle
Length: Novella
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Passport to Passion Collection, Book 1
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Hero: Tom Windham
Heroine: Beth Martin
Sensuality: 4.5
Date of Publication: April 1, 2010
Started On: May 22, 2011
Finished On: May 22, 2011

One Night In Bangkok is book 1 in the Passport to Passion Collection. I have read and absolutely loved the 2nd book in the series, Singapore Fling which was my first Rhian Cahill that signaled the start of my adoration when it comes to what she can deliver in terms of very well done and very, very hot erotica. Likewise, One Night in Bangkok is no exception to the rule and packed into this very short novella lies passion with a depth of intensity that is hard to compete with.

Since this story is quite short, I have decided to kick-start my Interview Review aka I-Review with this novel. I-Review follows a question and answer format for the review which hopefully will do justice to this delectable addition to my collection of favorite contemporary erotica of all time!

You: What made you pick up One Night in Bangkok?

MBR: I received this book from the fabulous Rhian Cahill for reviewing purposes. Even prior to that, I had been eyeing this one since its successor did such a huge number on me. This has been in my review pile for quite a long time and in fact right now I am kicking myself for keeping such a hot little edition without any action whatsoever for so long! Ah, but better late than never eh?

You: Tell us a little bit about the hero!

MBR: Well, to tell you the truth apart from his name being Tom Windham and that he just about seriously depleted the oxygen levels in my room (from hyperventilating throughout the story), there is not much I can tell you. All you need to know is, he is ultra hot, breathtakingly handsome and can about make the heroine scream in pleasure just by looking at her the right way.

You: Now, tell us a little bit about the heroine.

MBR: Beth Martin has just survived the end of a bad relationship, namely her engagement to Alexander Hollister whom she had finally exposed to the world for the lying and cheating character he is. Beth had lost so much of herself during her relationship to Alexander that its her attempt to start over and in the process find herself once again that she flies to Bangkok to begin her new job in Phuket the next day.

You: How does the hero and heroine meet for the first time?

MBR: Sweltering from the heat of Bangkok, Beth makes her way into the bar of her hotel to be offered a drink by the man who has the power to bring her to her knees with just one look, an intense mutual reaction that seems to be shared by both Beth and Tom.

You: What was it that drew you into this story?

MBR: Rhian Cahill has a way of spinning an erotic tale unlike any other. And that is what drew me into One Night in Bangkok as well. I love the way the sizzling sexual tension that escalates to unbearable levels just explodes in Rhian’s novels and this one did that to me in a similar fashion, rendering me speechless a time or two whilst Tom and Beth were heating things up!

You: What was it that you liked about this novella?

MBR: The intense passion between Beth and Tom of course! I just reveled in all that out-of-control, I-would-die-if-I-can’t-have-you-right-now scenes that makes up  this book.

You: If given the chance, would you change anything at all in this novella?

MBR: I would have loved to know just a little bit more about Tom. I know he is hot and if he were to turn up on my doorstep I would definitely haul him in and never let him go. But, I would definitely have loved to know more about his personality and what sort of a guy he is all around.

You: Who would you recommend this to?

MBR: Fans of Rhian Cahill. If you, like me have been keeping this around, gathering computer bugs and what not in your TBR folder somewhere, take an hour or so and READ it! And for those who love erotic contemporary romance, this novella is for you!

You: Any memorable scenes/quotes in the story?

MBR: I loved the moment that Tom’s control snapped, rendering him as much a slave to the intense, heady and explosive attraction between him and Beth. Just flat-out loved it!

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Review: Doing Logan by Rhian Cahill

Format: E-bookdoinglogan
Read with: Amazon Kindle
Length: Novella
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Ellora’s Cave Quickies
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Hero: Logan Foster
Heroine: Meredith Wainright
Sensuality: 4.5
Date of Publication: November 4, 2010
Started On: November 4, 2010
Finished On: November 4, 2010

Ever since I read Singapore Fling by Rhian Cahill I have been a fan of her searingly hot short contemporaries. Since I follow Ms. Cahill on Twitter I found to my delight a couple of months back that she was just about finished with another novella, this time on my favorite theme where best of friends turn into lovers. And from the moment I read one of the sneak peeks she posted that had me practically drooling I was a goner for Logan. Believe me, today has been one of the most trying days of my life as a reader. As I told Ms. Cahill, never before have I *stalked* a book more than I did for this one. But I had loads of fun doing that so it was all very much worth it in the end. So onto a very quick review I go!

Logan Foster has always been a man of action, that is unless he comes into contact with his lifelong best friend and the woman who has owned his heart for the past 20 years or so, Meredith Wainright. Meredith’s mere presence is enough to spin Logan’s world out of control and Logan has always regretted the fact that he had been the one to introduce Meredith to her dick of an ex-husband Dirk Wainright who had spent whatever time they had been married together betraying her in all the ways possible. And when Dirk and his new wife Barbie (that was just sheer brilliance with the name there) insinuate that Meredith is still not over Dirk, Logan knows its time to let his feelings out in the open where Meredith is concerned and pursue her just like he does everything else he has ever wanted in his life.

Meredith has never been oblivious to the sheer magnetism that Logan exudes in spades. And from the moment Meredith’s life had gone haywire, her body had upped the stakes and started taking notice of Logan in ways she had never dreamed possible. Though what Meredith decides is to have a sexual fling with Logan to experience all those things she had never felt before, she doesn’t bargain on having the full force of Logan’s charm, sexual magnetism and most of all his love directed at her. And of course Meredith is no match to what Logan offers her in all those delicious ways which is the greatest thing about this short story.

There is no word other than explosive and or sheer dynamite to describe what happens when Logan and Meredith come together. They are so in tune with each others needs that it just takes only one look, a heated touch or a searing glance from the other to spin things out of control which I as  the reader just reveled in. I love it when an Erotica novel gives what it promises in spades, sensuality that is hot enough to make all your senses come alive and kudos to Ms. Cahill for delivering us readers with just that!

This book comes very highly recommended for fans of Erotica romances and those who always love a romance between best friends which results in the most heady and senses awakening love stories of all!

Favorite Quotes

“If I come in there, it won’t be for coffee. I’m too old for games so I’ll tell it to you straight. I want you. I’ve always wanted you.” He leaned closer. “And if I come in for coffee I’ll have you.”
Hot breath fanned over her lips and Meredith couldn’t stop her tongue from slipping out to taste it. Logan made a strangled sound before his lips touched hers – a feather like brush of flesh on flesh. He jerked back and let go of her arm. His pupils were so dilated there was no trace of their creamy brown color. She sat frozen in place, hypnotized by the look of want in his eyes.

Be severely warned of the following before proceeding with the story though *wink wink*:

  1. The need to drink lots of water as things certainly heat up to unbearable (but oh-so bearable) levels.
  2. The continuous need to fan yourself with whatever you have at hand. Yes, I solemnly swear by this!
  3. And yes, the need for a cold shower as soon as you are done! Yes, Doing Logan kinda wreaks havoc on your senses – ALL in a good way!!

I don’t think my heart would return to its normal rhythm anytime soon! Damn you Logan!! Sigh!!

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