Requested Review: Know Thine Enemy by Rosalie Stanton

Format: E-bookknowthineenemy
Read with: iBooks for iPad
Length: Novel
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Standalone
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Hero: Niles Arnold Ryker the Third
Heroine: Elizabeth Jane Bennett
Sensuality: 4
Date of Publication: November 3, 2011
Started On: December 12, 2011
Finished On: December 13, 2011

Rosalie Stanton is an author who definitely knows what she is doing when it comes to heroines of the kick-ass variety. And invigorating banter is always a part of her novels that makes them that much harder to put down. Whether it be vampires or just plain old human heroes and heroines that she writes about, Rosalie writes them with a passion that comes across when one reads her books.

Know Thine Enemy tells the story of a more than 100 year old vampire who finds the peace, solace and love that he has been searching for all his life when he meets the human demon hunter who entices him to get to know more of her even from their very first encounter.

Niles Arnold Ryker the Third (Ryker) knows a woman worth getting to know when he sees one. Tailing Elizabeth Jane Bennett (Izzie) and watching while she takes on vampires more than capable of sending her to a brutal death, the one thing that draws Ryker is the fact that Izzie is a hunter without a cause.

Izzie had embraced the world of hunting down vampires 6 years back when her life had taken a turn that would have killed her if it had been anyone other than Zack Wright she had tried to steal from. Driven by a need to exorcise the world from the undead that roams at night, Zack has made it his life’s mission and in turn trained and made it Izzie’s mission as well to hunt them. But even if Izzie is unwilling to say it out loud, somehow the empty existence of living from one hunt to the next makes for a lonely existence until Ryker steps into her life and makes her do things that she would never have done otherwise.

Before anything can happen between Ryker and Izzie, an enemy from Ryker’s past who is maniac enough to embrace becoming a creature of a race that he so despises just because it would bring him one step closer to getting the “justice” he feels that he rightfully deserves comes into Ryker’s life, putting both Izzie and Ryker in danger. The time spent in captivity is one that tests the endurance and strength of both Izzie and Ryker’s characters, both forced into submitting to the desire that is always a part of them when they are together.

Know Thine Enemy is a story that tells the tale of a vampire’s quest to find redemption, acceptance and love, things he had resigned himself that he would never ever have in his life. It also tells the story of a woman who is more than a little bit lost in life, following the footsteps of a man whose need for vengeance and revenge is no part of who Izzie is. Izzie has led a tougher life than most, growing up with a father who had slowly grown insane as the years sped by. Escaping from him with her life intact had just been the beginning of a hard life and it is only under Ryker’s soothing touch that Izzie finds the strength to let go and believe for the very first time in her life.

Ryker’s brand of seduction is a lethal one that got my heart racing more than a time or two. His intensity and focus when it comes to Izzie, to the point that the rest of the world just melts away and ceases to exist, the way he whispers those tender nothings during those moments when physical and emotional intimacy seems to mix and blur around the edges, needless to say I loved his character and his brand of seduction. His tenderness and understanding nature is just exactly what someone like Izzie needs in order to believe that something better has come to her life and is there to stay as long as she wants and needs it to.

With a fitting end to the villain, no hanky panky forgiveness stuff here which I just loved, Know Thine Enemy is a great read, recommended for fans of Rosalie Stanton and fans of vampire romances.

Favorite Quotes

Intimacy with Wright had seemed necessary; an essential human experience she didn’t think she’d get anywhere else, at least not on her terms. Ryker changed everything.
Ryker, she wanted. Hell, a part of her needed him, and the rest of her just craved.

“You’re not dirty, or bad, or wrong, or anything that ass of a father told you,” he whispered, kissing the swell of her breast. “I honestly don’t know what you are.”
“Ryker, please.”
“Except mine.”


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Review: All of You by Rhian Cahill

Format: E-bookallofyou
Read with: iBooks for iPad
Length: Novella
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Series: Standalone
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Hero: Ryan Doherty
Heroine: Claire Jones
Sensuality: 4.5
Date of Publication: September 26, 2011
Started On: September 27, 2011
Finished On: September 27, 2011

Rhian Cahill is one of my go-to authors for highly sensual erotica that pleases all the senses. If you are a fan of erotica and have never heard of Rhian Cahill, you seriously don’t know what you are missing!

All of You by Rhian Cahill is a story from a favorite trope of mine. Where older heroines find their happily ever after with younger heroes which makes for very interesting reads.

29 year old Ryan Doherty has had the hots for his next door neighbor, 41 year old Claire Jones ever since he laid eyes on her. The only thing that stops him from making a move is not knowing whether or not Claire feels the same way about him.

Claire knows that she needs to stop making Ryan the centrefold of every delicious, erotic fantasy and dream she has had since Ryan moved in next door. But knowing that doesn’t seem to be helping in her efforts to put Ryan out of her mind. When her best friend comes up with the crazy notion that she should go for it with Ryan and wring every decadent pleasure that she can out of the encounter, Claire finds herself doing just that and more as Ryan pleasures her in ways that she has never thought possible.

Though short, Rhian still manages to tell a story that left me wanting more and desperately in need of a cold shower or two with the dirty-talking Ryan talking up a storm, upping the heat factor of a novella that already far exceeds the scorch meter.

Ryan is of the ultra-studtastic variety, living up to what I imagined him to be and then some. Apart from the way he can seduce Claire of all her inhibitions, the way he cares about her enough to want to protect her and cosset her and look after of her every want and need; well, there’s nothing more that’s needed to be said. Ryan is the ultimate younger hero that every woman should have; protective, dangerously sexy, charming and palpitation-inducing-hot that just makes him perfect hero material.

Claire served to be someone who had the guts at first to put aside everything else and concentrate on just being with a man who makes her feel safe, warm, loved and decadently sexy all in one. But when reality strikes and pierces through the bubble of happiness that she finds herself wrapped up in, she goes in the self-sacrificial-lamb routine which irked me for a bit. But then again, Claire does make up for all of it quite beautifully in the end which totally redeemed her in my eyes.

Hot enough to singe off more than just your eyebrows, with a hero that you would just clamor for to make him your own, All of You is a novella that once again proves Rhian’s ability to spin an erotic story well worth your time & money!

Favorite Quotes

Ryan’s nostrils flared, and his gaze came back to meet hers. The heat and lust swirling in the green orbs delivered another burst of heat to her body. Claire shivered.

The woman had him tied in knots. She hardly gave him the time of day, but all she had to do was breathe in his direction and his dick was raring to go, his body pounding with a need that consumed his every thought.

Sitting on the stool put her eye-level with his throat. The bob of his Adam’s apple as he swallowed tantalized her. What would he taste like if I licked him there? Her body swayed forward, and her tongue slipped out to run over her bottom lip.
Ryan groaned, and Claire’s world tilted.
His lips slammed onto hers. There were no gentle, getting to know you sweeps of his tongue. He thrust into her mouth, meeting no resistance as she gladly opened for him.

Claire squirmed under his close scrutiny—struggled to keep from covering herself with her hands.
“Don’t.” He reached out and touched her clenched fists with his fingers. “Don’t think you need to hide. You’re beautiful. Every inch of you.”
Bringing her gaze up to meet his, she saw the strength of conviction in his eyes.
Whether she thought herself worthy of him or not, he had already made his decision.
And that was all that mattered.

Like a drug, she entered his system and took over, delivering a jolt to every cell and obliterating all else. And like any addict, he took the fix, felt the euphoria and craved more.

Ryan took her mouth with his. Nibbled and licked until she opened for him. His tongue swept inside and tangled with hers. Bold strokes and hot slides stole her breath and drew moisture from her core. He touched her nowhere else, but she felt him in every inch of her body.

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Short & Sweet Review: Forbidden Fruit by Rosalie Stanton

Format: E-bookforbiddenfruit.JPG
Read with: iBooks for iPad
Length: Novella
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Series: Standalone
Sensuality: 4.5
Hero: Reece
Heroine: Ashlynn Sweeney
Date of Publication: September 12, 2011
Started On: September 12, 2011
Finished On: September 12, 2011

Storyline: Ashlynn and Reece are step-siblings. Ashlynn has lusted after and has been in love with Reece ever since she had laid eyes on him. The only thing that Ashlynn is unaware of is that Reece also just might feel the same way about her.

First Meet: Ashlynn lays eyes on Reece for the first time when her mother marries Reece’s dad when Ashlynn had been 9 years old.

Time Period: Present day.

Awareness between Ashlynn and Reece: This very short story is told from Ashlynn’s point of view and her awareness of Reece which is a fact of her life starting from 10 years back hits an all time high during the story when Reece comes home for a semester break.

The turning point: When Ashlynn walks in on Reece pleasuring himself whilst watching porn and Reece realizes this fact, there is no turning back from the gauntlet that Reece throws her way; which might just change her life forever!

How the relationship grows: There is not much relationship growth in the novel though the interlude between Reece and Ashlynn certainly ends on a happy note and allows the reader to conclude that the love they have for one another would be a long lasting one.

Likes: Whether it be a short or a full length novel, Rosalie always manages to hold my undivided attention with her books and this one is no exception to the rule. I loved both Reece and Ashlynn though I didn’t get as much of them as I would have liked.

Dislikes: Knowing that Rosalie can do amazing things with full length novels, I just wish that she would write a full length contemporary romance one of these days. And this could have been really, really good if it had been the one. There was one little thing that irked me throughout Reece and Ashlynn’s sexual interlude; that Ashlynn kept thinking she was doing the dirty with her stepbrother. For me, that was a little bit of a turnoff because I wouldn’t want the heroine to be thinking about practicalities when she is immersed so deep in the web of sexual desire and wanting for the man she loves more than anything.

Recommended for: Those who love books by Rosalie Stanton. This is a short and smutty read to squeeze in in between your heavy reads.

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Requested Review: Walking the Edge by Zee Monodee

Format: E-bookwalkingtheedge
Read with: iBooks for iPad
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Series: Corpus Brides, Book 1
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Hero: Gerard Emmanuel Besson
Heroine: Morgane Mary Catherine Van Heerden
Sensuality: 3
Date of Publication: June 30, 2011
Started On: July 1, 2011
Finished On: July 1, 2011

Walking the Edge is the explosive debut novel of the Corpus Brides series by Zee Monodee. Shrouded in mystery and half-truths until its climactic ending, Walking the Edge is a romantic suspense novel that rightfully earns its position as one of the best romantic suspense novels to line my e-book shelves this year.

Walking the Edge kicks off with the heroine Amelia in the midst of a shopping complex, closely guarded by the hulk of a man sent with her seemingly for her protection by the cold and aloof man who proclaims to be her husband. Amelia suffers from amnesia and though her ‘husband’ tries to keep her under the influence of mind altering drugs, some deep hidden instinct within Amelia refuses to let her believe the nicely made up history of her life that comes out of Peter’s mouth.

Its the dreams when she she is forced to slumber that brings her to France to meet the man who seems to have been her lover, a man who doesn’t recall the fact which makes her lose all hope of ever finding out the truth about herself.

The last thing Gerard needs is a woman to turn up claiming to be his long-lost lover even though he has no recollection of the beautiful woman in obvious distress who stands in front of him. When Amelia saves his life from a close call and inevitably shows a side of herself that even she is not aware of, Gerard knows that he cannot walk away from the lure that this woman poses, a woman who makes him crave as he had craved for another woman that he should best have forgotten about.

As Gerard and Amelia give into the explosive mind numbing passion that whirls between them, questions about who she is and why she resembles the woman whose death seven months back which still haunts him mount up with no answers forthcoming. Amelia who is a mass of contradictions refuses to bow down to the fact that she is just merely the wife of someone she can’t stand and continues to stalk the truth about herself which frustratingly remains elusive until everything comes tumbling down, giving both Amelia and Gerard answers which once again has the power to drive them apart once and for all.

Walking the Edge delivers the sort of suspense that I love to find in books and movies, the type that makes my mind restless to find out the hidden truth which is so very well done in this novel. Together with this aspect, Zee Monodee keeps up with the relentless passion of the red-hot variety which escalates from one encounter to the other, delvering raw emotions between her characters that they both need to face head on. The basis of the covert secret agents that makes up the bare skeleton of the series is well done and I for one am definitely looking forward to more novels in the Corpus Brides series.

Recommended highly for fans of romantic suspense novels who love those stories that deliver on a mystery that puzzles you and makes you positively itch to find out the truth. A story that combines red-hot passion, sizzling sexual tension, a mystery that taunts you to read on and a love so powerful that even forgotten memories couldn’t keep them away.

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Requested Review: One Night in Bangkok by Rhian Cahill

Format: E-book
Read with: Amazon Kindle
Length: Novella
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Passport to Passion Collection, Book 1
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Hero: Tom Windham
Heroine: Beth Martin
Sensuality: 4.5
Date of Publication: April 1, 2010
Started On: May 22, 2011
Finished On: May 22, 2011

One Night In Bangkok is book 1 in the Passport to Passion Collection. I have read and absolutely loved the 2nd book in the series, Singapore Fling which was my first Rhian Cahill that signaled the start of my adoration when it comes to what she can deliver in terms of very well done and very, very hot erotica. Likewise, One Night in Bangkok is no exception to the rule and packed into this very short novella lies passion with a depth of intensity that is hard to compete with.

Since this story is quite short, I have decided to kick-start my Interview Review aka I-Review with this novel. I-Review follows a question and answer format for the review which hopefully will do justice to this delectable addition to my collection of favorite contemporary erotica of all time!

You: What made you pick up One Night in Bangkok?

MBR: I received this book from the fabulous Rhian Cahill for reviewing purposes. Even prior to that, I had been eyeing this one since its successor did such a huge number on me. This has been in my review pile for quite a long time and in fact right now I am kicking myself for keeping such a hot little edition without any action whatsoever for so long! Ah, but better late than never eh?

You: Tell us a little bit about the hero!

MBR: Well, to tell you the truth apart from his name being Tom Windham and that he just about seriously depleted the oxygen levels in my room (from hyperventilating throughout the story), there is not much I can tell you. All you need to know is, he is ultra hot, breathtakingly handsome and can about make the heroine scream in pleasure just by looking at her the right way.

You: Now, tell us a little bit about the heroine.

MBR: Beth Martin has just survived the end of a bad relationship, namely her engagement to Alexander Hollister whom she had finally exposed to the world for the lying and cheating character he is. Beth had lost so much of herself during her relationship to Alexander that its her attempt to start over and in the process find herself once again that she flies to Bangkok to begin her new job in Phuket the next day.

You: How does the hero and heroine meet for the first time?

MBR: Sweltering from the heat of Bangkok, Beth makes her way into the bar of her hotel to be offered a drink by the man who has the power to bring her to her knees with just one look, an intense mutual reaction that seems to be shared by both Beth and Tom.

You: What was it that drew you into this story?

MBR: Rhian Cahill has a way of spinning an erotic tale unlike any other. And that is what drew me into One Night in Bangkok as well. I love the way the sizzling sexual tension that escalates to unbearable levels just explodes in Rhian’s novels and this one did that to me in a similar fashion, rendering me speechless a time or two whilst Tom and Beth were heating things up!

You: What was it that you liked about this novella?

MBR: The intense passion between Beth and Tom of course! I just reveled in all that out-of-control, I-would-die-if-I-can’t-have-you-right-now scenes that makes up  this book.

You: If given the chance, would you change anything at all in this novella?

MBR: I would have loved to know just a little bit more about Tom. I know he is hot and if he were to turn up on my doorstep I would definitely haul him in and never let him go. But, I would definitely have loved to know more about his personality and what sort of a guy he is all around.

You: Who would you recommend this to?

MBR: Fans of Rhian Cahill. If you, like me have been keeping this around, gathering computer bugs and what not in your TBR folder somewhere, take an hour or so and READ it! And for those who love erotic contemporary romance, this novella is for you!

You: Any memorable scenes/quotes in the story?

MBR: I loved the moment that Tom’s control snapped, rendering him as much a slave to the intense, heady and explosive attraction between him and Beth. Just flat-out loved it!

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