Short & Sweet Review: Forbidden Fruit by Rosalie Stanton

Format: E-bookforbiddenfruit.JPG
Read with: iBooks for iPad
Length: Novella
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Series: Standalone
Sensuality: 4.5
Hero: Reece
Heroine: Ashlynn Sweeney
Date of Publication: September 12, 2011
Started On: September 12, 2011
Finished On: September 12, 2011

Storyline: Ashlynn and Reece are step-siblings. Ashlynn has lusted after and has been in love with Reece ever since she had laid eyes on him. The only thing that Ashlynn is unaware of is that Reece also just might feel the same way about her.

First Meet: Ashlynn lays eyes on Reece for the first time when her mother marries Reece’s dad when Ashlynn had been 9 years old.

Time Period: Present day.

Awareness between Ashlynn and Reece: This very short story is told from Ashlynn’s point of view and her awareness of Reece which is a fact of her life starting from 10 years back hits an all time high during the story when Reece comes home for a semester break.

The turning point: When Ashlynn walks in on Reece pleasuring himself whilst watching porn and Reece realizes this fact, there is no turning back from the gauntlet that Reece throws her way; which might just change her life forever!

How the relationship grows: There is not much relationship growth in the novel though the interlude between Reece and Ashlynn certainly ends on a happy note and allows the reader to conclude that the love they have for one another would be a long lasting one.

Likes: Whether it be a short or a full length novel, Rosalie always manages to hold my undivided attention with her books and this one is no exception to the rule. I loved both Reece and Ashlynn though I didn’t get as much of them as I would have liked.

Dislikes: Knowing that Rosalie can do amazing things with full length novels, I just wish that she would write a full length contemporary romance one of these days. And this could have been really, really good if it had been the one. There was one little thing that irked me throughout Reece and Ashlynn’s sexual interlude; that Ashlynn kept thinking she was doing the dirty with her stepbrother. For me, that was a little bit of a turnoff because I wouldn’t want the heroine to be thinking about practicalities when she is immersed so deep in the web of sexual desire and wanting for the man she loves more than anything.

Recommended for: Those who love books by Rosalie Stanton. This is a short and smutty read to squeeze in in between your heavy reads.

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  1. Thanks for the honest review. :) It is my ambition to, one day, write a full length contemporary (as I love reading them), but all the contemporary ideas I’ve had haven’t been longer than novella. I’m a paranormal writer at heart. :

    I will let you know one of my current WIPs is a contemporary novella that will be over 20k. Still not novel-length, granted.

    Thank you!



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