Review: Flashback by Rhian Cahill

Format: E-Book
Read with: Kindle Paperwhite
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: The Everyday Heroes World
Publisher: Self-Published
Hero: Rylan Conners
Heroine: Mazey Novak
Sensuality: 3
Date of Publication: August 13, 2020
Started On: February 19, 2021
Finished On: February 20, 2021

Flashback by Rhian Cahill is a book set in The Everyday Heroes World, a series of books written by multiple authors. It has been a long, long time since I read anything by Ms. Cahill, who is a favorite author of mine. She is an author whose voice I fell in love with from the very first moment I indulged in the magical effect of her stories featuring heroes who are a tad on the grumpy side, and her penchant for delivery on the sexual heat that permeates and resonates through the stories.

32 year old Mazey Novak (Maz), head of trauma nursing at Anaheim Memorial Hospital Emergency Department in LA decides to make a fresh start when things go awry with her fiance who lies to her every step of the way in their relationship. More than the sense of betrayal she had felt in learning the truth, it had been the looks of disgust from her colleagues and people she had known that had propelled her to move and start anew. When Maz is offered the position of a flight nurse at Mercy-Life, a company specializing in medevac, she does not need much convincing.

Her new life comes with the walking talking temptation that is 39 year old Rylan Conners. Having served in the military for 20 years with the physical and emotional scars to show for it along with a divorce to his name, Rylan is at first skeptical that the new hire would prove to be reliable. Once bitten, twice as shy, Rylan is wary of women who pretend to be something they are not, a lesson that he had learnt to the bitter end when it comes to his ex-wife.

However, from the very start, the easy sense of camaraderie that he finds with Maz along with the simmering sexual tension between them which becomes harder to ignore by the day makes him realize that there is more to Maz than he initially thought. Things come to a head under the most heartbreaking of circumstances, and from that moment onward it becomes more difficult to ignore what feels so right between them. But their fragile bond is tested by fragments of their pasts, each carrying baggage that has left emotional scars on them.

I loved Flashback for the most part which made for pretty easy reading. I loved both Rylan and Maz – both were relatable with feelings that are only too real for people who have held the short end of the stick when it comes to relationships that take everything from you. At the same time, I did miss the searing scenes of passion in the story, something that I have come to expect when it comes to Ms. Cahill’s work.

Recommended for those who love a good contemporary romances featuring likable characters who steals your heart for all the right reasons.

Final Verdict: Flashback delivers on the heart and heat that is synonymous with every book penned by Ms. Cahill.

Favorite Quotes

“Ry.” Her plea was spoken against his chest, her lips brushing a nipple. “I need . . .‍”
“Shh . . . It’s okay.” He tightened his hold. “I’ve got you.”
Her hands slipped up his back and curled around his shoulders. “Please.”
He didn’t know what she wanted, what she needed, he just knew he’d give it to her if he could. “Anything, Maz. Tell me.”
She pushed up on her toes as her hands slid to the back of his head and pulled him down. The next second, her mouth was on his, her tongue thrusting inside to tangle with his.
He should have pulled back. Should have thought about what they were doing, why they were doing it, but her mouth was on his, and he’d ached for this very thing for weeks.

And when her back bowed, her pelvis angling in a way that his cockhead slipped between her hot, slick folds, he was powerless to control the needs of his body.
In a hard, brutal shove, he drove his cock deep inside her pussy. Covering her mouth with his, he swallowed her jagged cry of pleasure, his guttural groan of relief.
His breath stalled for a moment, a split second of time where his mind cleared, and he could think beyond the carnal urges driving his actions long enough for him to believe in that small fraction of a moment that he’d finally found home. He was finally where he was supposed to be.

Fumbling with his fly, she tugged and yanked until the fastening gave way, and she could wrap her hands around the hot length of Rylan. Smooth as silk and hard as steel, his flesh slid over her palm, through her fingers, in a damp thrust of carnal delight.
Mazey wanted to taste him, pull him into her mouth, and feel that male power gliding across her tongue.
Without thought, without hesitation, she sank to her knees and took the plump crown between her lips.
“Fuck! Maz!”

As he pulled her tighter, increased the pressure of his hands, he felt the tremors of Mazey’s orgasm begin, and when she rolled her head on his shoulder and whimpered, writhed against him in ever-increasing speed, he knew they were pushing for pleasure, the burst of satisfaction they couldn’t seem to get enough of.
“Ry,” she moaned. “Please.”
Unable to resist her plea, he pressed harder, stroked faster. And when she convulsed in his arms, her release taking hold, Rylan bucked his hips, grinding his cock against the top of her ass, and followed her into bliss.

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