Requested ARC Review: Catch ‘n’ Kiss by Rhian Cahill

Format: E-bookcatchnkiss
Read with: iBooks for iPad
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Are You Game, #2
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Hero: Daniel O’Conner
Heroine: Jody Walsh
Sensuality: 4
Date of Publication: March 4, 2014
Started On: March 2, 2014
Finished On: March 2, 2014

Book 2 in the Are You Game series by Rhian Cahill which is to be hit the e-book stands the 4th of this month, is a scorcher together with enough emotional tidbits in the mix to make for a great read. Though it is a part of a series, Catch ‘n’ Kiss can totally be read as a standalone without feeling like you’ve missed out on a huge chunk of the developing story.

Daniel O’ Conner and Jody Walsh are colleagues, colleagues who had gotten off on a wrong start when Dan had jumped to all the wrong conclusions about Jody when they had first made acquaintance. But nothing Dan had done since then had appealed to Jody enough for her to stop being snappy with him, something that continues to puzzle him until the kiss that he lays on Jody brings to light the singeing hot attraction that has been between them right from the start.

Jody doesn’t want anything to do with Dan except for the fact that all her wayward emotions wants to jump him the minute he enters a room. And it certainly doesn’t help matters when Dan appeals to Jody on so many levels, proving time and yet again that he is in it for more than just sex. But Jody has a lot on her plate, juggling two daughters and an ex-husband who decides to go off on a bender proving to her all over again the need to stay off of relationships even if it might be the loneliest road to travel on.

Catch ‘n’ Kiss is a highly readable romance with likable characters and of course not to mention the scorching hot scenes of passion that ups the stakes for this one. I loved Dan for his relentless pursuit of Jody, in trying to make her see that she was it for him, no questions asked. Dan knows a good thing when it comes his way and Jody and her girls are the one thing for which he is willing to fight till the very end. Even with Jody giving an inch and pulling back three, Dan sticks to his plan of wooing and seducing her into his life, even if it means fighting with the fear that holds Jody back from trusting him with her heart and emotions.

While I understood where Jody was coming from, I couldn’t understand sometimes where her need to be so hard on Dan comes from, especially when Dan proves time and yet again just how much he is willing to give and keep on giving when it comes to her. The latter part of the story however, did go a long way in making me feel better about Jody and her feelings when it comes to Dan and the epilogue definitely made me smile, which I think sealed the deal with me on this one. I’ve missed reading Rhian Cahill’s hotter than sin heroes who can literally render the reader into a puddle of goo, and while Catch ‘n’ Kiss might not have had that many full fledged love scenes to it, Dan certainly can kiss his way to any woman’s heart. Recommended!

Final Verdict: A Rhian Cahill that delivers heat, scorching passion & undying love!

Favorite Quotes

“Hey.” As he’d hoped, she spun around, putting her back to her car, and he moved right in.
Dan lowered his head and slanted his mouth across hers.
Her lips parted as she sucked in a breath—his breath—and he took the opportunity to slide his tongue inside her mouth. The moan that issued from her throat had his blood racing and his balls tightening. Minty fresh, her taste exploded—saturated his mouth with memory and need. He’d wanted this for weeks. Days. Hours.

Something snapped. In him—in her—he didn’t know, but all of a sudden they were moving together in a frenzy of need that left Jody panting in his mouth and Dan clenching every muscle in an effort to hold off the orgasm burning in his balls. She arched, her muscles stretched tight, and her breath stalled. Then it happened. She shattered.

He gripped her hips and urged her up. “I want to be inside you again.”
Her eyelids fluttered, her searing blue gaze meeting his. She didn’t speak. She didn’t have to when she sat up, rose to her knees and reached between them to grab his cock and hold it still while she lined up their bodies and slowly sank back down. The moan that left her lips matched the one caught in his throat. Heat surrounded him, engulfed him as Jody took him all the way to the root in one long slide of carnal delight.

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