Review: The Loner’s Lady by Jessa Kane

Format: E-Bookthelonerslady
Read with: Kindle Paperwhite
Length: Novella
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Standalone
Publisher: Self-Published
Hero: Lyssa
Heroine: John Thorne
Sensuality: 3.5
Date of Publication: November 01, 2019
Started On: December 02, 2019
Finished On: December 02, 2019

The Loner’s Lady by Jessa Kane is one of those quickie reads, perfect when you need something to distract you and tide you over for maybe an hour or two.

I first discovered Ms. Kane when I stumbled across her title Preacher Man, which I of course adored to bits. As most readers, the only thing more I could wish for is for Ms. Kane to write a novel that is full length, so that readers can experience the magic she can weave with her tales, when the tension is drawn tight and the delivery is just right.

Lyssa and her best friend Mason are headed to Catskills to visit his father. Playing pretend girlfriend for the duration of the stay is no biggie when Lyssa makes use of the same “privileges” to ward off unwanted male attention. Mason paints his father as someone who is not one with the times, too set in his ways to understand what it means to be him.

Lyssa is prepared for the worst when she lays eyes on the 42 year old John Thorne, who literally and figuratively takes her breathe away. He is the embodiment of everything she had never known that she wanted, and seeing him in close proximity makes the pretense of being Mason’s girlfriend all that more difficult. Given that the story is just 60 pages, of course the coming together happens just like that, and by that I mean, Ms. Kane somehow made it work. Color me amazed!

I loved the sexual tension, the delivery on it, John and the sarcasm edged thoughts of his that made me laugh out loud. Loved Lyssa, who saw in John the man who would create the perfect blend of storms with her, to ride them out together.

Recommended for those who love quick and hot reads. This one delivers on all fronts!

Final Verdict: The Loner’s Lady is packaged with delicious smexiness and enough emotions to ground you in a way that is hard to put down.

Favorite Quotes

I coax her into a kiss, intending to swallow her screams. I’ve never been much for kissing anyone. But as soon as my tongue is inside her mouth and she’s giving me access to explore, I’m eating at her mouth like a hungry animal. I’ll never be able to live without kissing Lyssa again.

On the next rough invasion of my body, I dig my fingernails into his shoulders and hold on tight, sensing an oncoming storm. That’s exactly what I get.
John falls on me with a desperate sound, releasing hot, rasping breaths into my neck with each slap of his hard sex entering my wet one. He grunts and sweats on top of me, pushing filthy words through his teeth. Words that thrill me because I know they’re borne of pure lust. For me and my body.

My scream of ecstasy cuts him off. Cuts everything off, save the incredible clenching of my flesh, the flood of bliss and completion. I squeeze John’s hips between my thighs and spout nonsense that he seems to understand, because his mouth finds mine and kisses me through the upheaval.
And then he throws back his head and roars like he’s king of the jungle.
His beautiful face, surrounded by his mane of hair, blocks out the sun and if I had any breath left to catch, it would have caught at the sight of him. He’s the ultimate male and I’ve been claimed by him.

“Ready to play rough, wife?”
Without waiting for an answer, I enter her with a swift thrust, reveling in her gratified sob of my name. “Do we ever play any other way?” she gasps, her body already shaking against mine.
I fall forward and our mouths meet over her shoulder in a desperate kiss. “Play hard, love hard,” I grit, canting my hips back and surging forward.

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I-Review: Iron Seduction by J.K. Coi

Format: E-bookironseduction.JPG
Read with: Kindle for I-Pad
Length: Novella
Genre: Chinese Steampunk
Series: Standalone
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Hero: Jian Denzen
Heroine: Lady Jane
Sensuality: 4
Published On: June 3rd, 2011
Started On: 18th June 2011
Finished On: 18th June 2011

Visitor: What made you pick up Iron Seduction?

MBR: Ever since I read Morning After and flat-out loved the short & hot story, J. K. Coi has been an author of interest to me. But somehow this one slipped through the cracks until I found this on a list of recommendations on a blog post of author Maya Banks which had me running on an immediate shopping spree to acquire my first romance of the steampunk category.

Visitor: Tell us a little bit about the hero Jian Denzen.

MBR: *Huge sigh* Jian Denzen, otherwise known as Dance is the strong, silent and uber-sexy type of hero that just takes your breath away. Well-versed in the art of Lin Kuei, China’s more circumspect version of Japanese ninja, Jian is a hero I can sit and read about all day long because he is so very well worth it.

Visitor: Now tell us a little bit about the heroine Lady Jane.

MBR: Lady Jane is  a heroine who belongs in the kick-ass-heroine category. She commands a contingent of British soldiers who stay in China and is someone who guards her heart fiercely fearing that she might be betrayed yet again.

Visitor: How does Jian and Lady Jane meet for the first time?

MBR: Lady Jane and Jian’s paths cross during the battle for freedom waged against Empress Cixi. Lady Jane saves Jian’s life for which she earns Jian’s undying loyalty and exasperation as well.

Visitor: What was it that drew you into the story with Iron Seduction?

MBR: I delved into Iron Seduction expecting Ms. Coi’s way with the words to reel me in and it did just that. For a Quickie, Iron Seduction has got everything going for it, a well balanced story line, a hotter than sin hero and explosive scenes of passion that just took my breath away. And I loved every single delicious minute of it.

Visitor: What was it that you liked about Iron Seduction?

MBR: I loved everything about Iron Seduction from its sleek man-titty cover to the red-hot attraction between Lady Jane and Jian. For me, Jian and his unwavering loyalty and strength made this novella, and the way he thoroughly commands Lady Jane’s senses (which she tries utmost to keep sensible and do the “right” thing) made this an awesome read for me.

Visitor: What if anything would you want to change in Iron Seduction?

MBR: As a Quickie, the story is well done and delivers on all counts. But for someone who always loves longer stories, I would love to see what Ms. Coi can do with a full length novel. With Iron Seduction, I would have loved to learn more about both Lady Jane and Jian and their interactions together which happens prior to the start of this novella.

Visitor: Any memorable scenes/quotes from Iron Seduction that you would like to share?

MBR: I loved the scenes where Jian’s intensity comes into play. And the scene that I am sharing here is filled with just that inducing shivers of the right kind to run up and down my spine.

She blinked and jerked back, but he stayed with her, following until she felt the rough length of a tree bark at her back.
And then he was kissing her. His mouth boldly slanted across hers. It was a kiss that could only come from Dance. Firm and stubborn. Challenging but reverent. He nipped her bottom lip, making her gasp, and then took the kiss deeper, torturing her with the erotic sweep of his tongue.

Visitor: Who would you recommend Iron Seduction to?

MBR: Those who love stories by J. K. Coi. And for those who love their erotica with something a little bit different.

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Requested Review: Coyote Run by Rhian Cahill

Format: E-book
Read with: Amazon Kindle
Length: Novella
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Coyote Hunger, Book 1.5
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Hero: Quinn McClellan
Heroine: Rowan Wilder
Sensuality: 4.5
Date of Publication: September 2, 2010
Started On: May 27, 2011
Finished On: May 28, 2011

Coyote Run was released in between the releases of book 1 Coyote Home and book 2 Coyote Wild. Anyone who has read Coyote Home would know that there is a lot of back story to Rowan and Quinn’s happily-ever-after and this is where Ms. Rhian delivers on their shared past.

Running from a mad man who rules their pack, Quinn and Rowan both know that there is no other option except for Rowan to flee and find sanctuary somewhere else, until Quinn and Brogan manages to settle things down and make Whispering Mountains a safe haven for all of them.

It is in the midst of the run for Rowan’s life to safety that Rowan and Quinn mate for the first time, marking each other for life as their own, rendering this quickie to be a smoking hot novella!

If Coyote Home had been a longer novel, this would have passed off as a GREAT prologue and Coyote Home would definitely have been much better with its addition. I know that when it comes to publishing that there is always the word count to consider, but the impact Coyote Home would have made with Coyote Run included would have been much more in my opinion.

That being said, I’m glad that Ms. Rhian decided to go ahead and publish the story of Quinn and Rowan’s past in this way so that fans of Coyote Home would definitely get a treat out of this one.

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Review: Reveal Me by Cari Quinn

Format: E-book
Read with: Amazon Kindle
Length: Novella
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Unveiled, Book 1
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Hero: Carter Nicholas
Heroine: Alana MacGregor
Sensuality: 4.5
Date of Publication: January 19, 2011
Started On: January 21, 2011
Finished On: January 21, 2011

I first discovered Cari Quinn when I read and reviewed her book Personal Research on September last year. With the release of that novel, Cari Quinn certainly made it to my auto-buy list because her books are seriously way over the hot, hot zone packaged with a ton of emotion that I as a romance reader absolutely revel in. This short erotic quickie released from Ellora’s Cave includes everything that makes an erotica worth your time.

Alana MacGregor has a bit of a wild side to her nature which hides the sensitive and vulnerable woman inside of her. Someone who is always a bit restless and has issues with commitment and settling down in one place, its a miracle in itself that Alana has lasted as the photographer for The Edge, Roanoke Virginia’s leading newspaper for 11 months now though Alana knows photographing dildos is not what she should be doing with her obvious talent for photography.

Alana is a regular visitor of Kink-Aly, Maryland’s hottest sex club and it is there she runs smack-dab into the now hunky and gorgeous Carter Nicholas from high school who Alana had used to make her then boyfriend jealous regardless of the fact that Alana was aware that nerdy Carter had feelings for her. Caught at a vulnerable moment Alana does what she always does best – brazenly offer herself up to Carter who manages to rouse in her feelings which Alana has thought impossible till now. Their journey towards happily ever after is a hot and wild one any erotica fan would absolutely love!

I liked:

  1. The cover!! I will buy this one for the cover alone. I can stare at that back for hours to come, imagining running my hands up and down those muscles, kissing those little curves. So before I get carried away once again, definitely heart the cover on this one! ^_^
  2. Carter Nicholas. I have identified with the fact that Cari Quinn writes the sexiest “nerdy” heroes possible and Carter certainly lived up to all my expectations and then some. He is sexy, dynamite in bed and out of it *winks* and the best quality about him is the fact that he sees Alana for who she is, wants her for who she is and obviously cares for her and cherishes her in a major way. Total hottie!
  3. Alana MacGregor. At first I couldn’t help but be a little taken aback by her less-than-kind nature. But as I read along I understood what was driving her to be what she was before and she fully redeemed herself towards the end which makes her strong in my opinion. And she is a definite match for the much laid back Carter. Alana is the right mix to add a little spice and wickedness to Carter’s life.
  4. Definitely made me notice Alana’s best friend Kelly. Provoke Me is the title where Kelly finds her happily ever after and am eagerly awaiting an announcement for its release date. I know I am going to love her story as much as I did Alana and Carter’s.

I disliked: None.

Favorite Quotes

She closed the space between them and, forgoing subtlety, dove in for the mother of all kisses. Mmm. Heat punched into her – a quick, swift jab that left her reeling. She gasped and clutched his T-shirt, clamping her lips over his again before more sounds escaped. His tongue invaded her mouth, hot and all-consuming.
Want. Need. Bad.
Everything insider her opened and liquefied, her body seeking his warmth and the unyielding strength his muscles promised.

Recommended for:

1- Fans of erotic romances who love their stories hotter than wildfire.
2- Fans of Cari Quinn. You should definitely read this one!

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Review: Doing Logan by Rhian Cahill

Format: E-bookdoinglogan
Read with: Amazon Kindle
Length: Novella
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Ellora’s Cave Quickies
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Hero: Logan Foster
Heroine: Meredith Wainright
Sensuality: 4.5
Date of Publication: November 4, 2010
Started On: November 4, 2010
Finished On: November 4, 2010

Ever since I read Singapore Fling by Rhian Cahill I have been a fan of her searingly hot short contemporaries. Since I follow Ms. Cahill on Twitter I found to my delight a couple of months back that she was just about finished with another novella, this time on my favorite theme where best of friends turn into lovers. And from the moment I read one of the sneak peeks she posted that had me practically drooling I was a goner for Logan. Believe me, today has been one of the most trying days of my life as a reader. As I told Ms. Cahill, never before have I *stalked* a book more than I did for this one. But I had loads of fun doing that so it was all very much worth it in the end. So onto a very quick review I go!

Logan Foster has always been a man of action, that is unless he comes into contact with his lifelong best friend and the woman who has owned his heart for the past 20 years or so, Meredith Wainright. Meredith’s mere presence is enough to spin Logan’s world out of control and Logan has always regretted the fact that he had been the one to introduce Meredith to her dick of an ex-husband Dirk Wainright who had spent whatever time they had been married together betraying her in all the ways possible. And when Dirk and his new wife Barbie (that was just sheer brilliance with the name there) insinuate that Meredith is still not over Dirk, Logan knows its time to let his feelings out in the open where Meredith is concerned and pursue her just like he does everything else he has ever wanted in his life.

Meredith has never been oblivious to the sheer magnetism that Logan exudes in spades. And from the moment Meredith’s life had gone haywire, her body had upped the stakes and started taking notice of Logan in ways she had never dreamed possible. Though what Meredith decides is to have a sexual fling with Logan to experience all those things she had never felt before, she doesn’t bargain on having the full force of Logan’s charm, sexual magnetism and most of all his love directed at her. And of course Meredith is no match to what Logan offers her in all those delicious ways which is the greatest thing about this short story.

There is no word other than explosive and or sheer dynamite to describe what happens when Logan and Meredith come together. They are so in tune with each others needs that it just takes only one look, a heated touch or a searing glance from the other to spin things out of control which I as  the reader just reveled in. I love it when an Erotica novel gives what it promises in spades, sensuality that is hot enough to make all your senses come alive and kudos to Ms. Cahill for delivering us readers with just that!

This book comes very highly recommended for fans of Erotica romances and those who always love a romance between best friends which results in the most heady and senses awakening love stories of all!

Favorite Quotes

“If I come in there, it won’t be for coffee. I’m too old for games so I’ll tell it to you straight. I want you. I’ve always wanted you.” He leaned closer. “And if I come in for coffee I’ll have you.”
Hot breath fanned over her lips and Meredith couldn’t stop her tongue from slipping out to taste it. Logan made a strangled sound before his lips touched hers – a feather like brush of flesh on flesh. He jerked back and let go of her arm. His pupils were so dilated there was no trace of their creamy brown color. She sat frozen in place, hypnotized by the look of want in his eyes.

Be severely warned of the following before proceeding with the story though *wink wink*:

  1. The need to drink lots of water as things certainly heat up to unbearable (but oh-so bearable) levels.
  2. The continuous need to fan yourself with whatever you have at hand. Yes, I solemnly swear by this!
  3. And yes, the need for a cold shower as soon as you are done! Yes, Doing Logan kinda wreaks havoc on your senses – ALL in a good way!!

I don’t think my heart would return to its normal rhythm anytime soon! Damn you Logan!! Sigh!!

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Short & Sweet Review: Ride of Her Life by Anne Rainey

Format: E-bookrideofherlife
Read with: Amazon Kindle
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Ellora’s Cave Quickies
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Hero: Kyle Wolff
Heroine: Lily Justice
Sensuality: 4
Date of Publication: August 26, 2010
Started On: October 25, 2010
Finished On: October 25, 2010

Reading a Quickie in between novels is always a good way take a break off from reading a lengthy novel. A Quickie though short can play with your emotions and make you feel so heated at times that you feel as if you need to gulp in a fresh load of air every now and then. I say thank the Lord that at least they are short – otherwise there would be a whole lot of other problems to write back home about. Enough rambling I guess, so on to my review.

Storyline: This story focuses on divorcee Lily Justice who had been married for the past seven years finally gets rid of her good-for-nothing husband when he cheats on her. Divorced for nearly a year and 36 years old, she has no right to lust after the much younger and sexy as sin owner of Wolff’s Body Shop, Kyle Wolff. When her car needs a bit of body work Lily decides to take matters into her own hands so to say and kill two birds with one stone and make Kyle work on her body as well. But unbeknown to her, Kyle too has been lusting after the classy and pretty Lily and had been biding his time to make his move. What follows is an affair that is hot enough to singe one’s eyebrows off with a man who definitely knows a trick or two in making his woman reach out for the stars in bed.

First Encounter: There is no indication of when Kyle and Lily first see one another but they both talk to each other for the first time when Lily brings in her car for a much needed body work to Kyle’s workshop.

Time period: This story is set in Miller Siding, Ohio and has a contemporary setting to it.

Awareness between the hero and heroine: Though Lily nor Kyle had sought the other out earlier, they had both been aware of the other and wanted to experience the fireworks they knew they would both set off together in bed and out of it. Lily and Kyle both had fantasized about being together and with the first light brush of Kyle’s lips on Lily’s there is  no turning back – for either of them.

How the relationship grows: From the first kiss itself, though the passion that rages between Kyle and Lily is red hot, they both know that they want so much more from the other. Though Lily is skittish at the thought of marriage and kids, she doesn’t mind having exclusive rights over Kyle who seems to want the same thing in return from her. Since the story is extremely short, there is not much room to discover how their relationship grows apart from the mind-numbing encounters between the two. But the short and sweet epilogue at the end of the story shows that their relationship proceeds on to the next stage within a span of two weeks.

The turning point: There is no turning back once Lily walks into Wolff’s Body Shop and Kyle takes her on the ride of her life. From the first tender kiss between the two, everything changes for the better between two people who are made for one another.

Likes: Love the cover of the book. Wish the title wasn’t covering up much of the hunky Kyle’s sinfully good-looking body. I liked the fact that the age difference didn’t turn out to be an issue. Most probably if the story had been a lengthier one, that would have been the number 1 issue in the story.

Dislikes: None.

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Review: Forbidden Fruit by Anne Rainey

Format: E-bookAnne Rainey - Forbidden Fruit_pic0001
Read with: Adobe Reader
Length: Novella
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Standalone
Publisher: Red Sage Publishing Incorporated
Hero: Luke McGiffin
Heroine: Ava Sweet
Sensuality: 4
Date of Publication: April 2, 2008
Started On: September 20, 2010
Finished On: September 20, 2010

I read my first Anne Rainey book ages ago. Ever since I joined Twitter and found Ms. Rainey there as well, I have had a hankering to read one of her books. And because there is nothing like a short novella to spice you up in every way possible, I chose to go ahead with this book which features a hot as sin hero and a heroine who is more than his match in bed and out of it.

Ava Sweet has had a hankering for the dark haired, leather jacket wearing Luke McGriffin ever since the McGriffins had moved into her town when Ava had been a senior in high school. Luke had been every girl’s hottest dreams personified and though Ava who had always been a tomboy and been more comfortable as a track star and basketball MVP of Green Valley High School and scoffed at the idea of women swooning all over Luke, secretly she too had yearned to be taken in his arms to experience the hard, fast and hot loving that Ava knows only Luke can give her.

Now a veterinarian assistant, Ava is called to Luke’s place because he had found a cat on his front porch and didn’t know what  to do with it. Ava overhears her best friend’s brother and the star of her wicked fantasies respond to his best friend Pete Redding’s observation that Ava is hot with incredulity. Ava is shaken to the core to hear her worst fears confirmed – that Luke would never see her as a desirable woman with her own needs and desires. Before she knows it, Ava stalks in, claims the cat, kisses Pete senseless and agrees to a date with him next Friday and knees Luke in his balls before stalking out.

Jen McGriffin, Ava’s best friend and captain of the cheerleader team in high school can barely contain her glee when Ava plans to get a makeover to show Luke what he has been missing all these years. Jen is going to make sure that before the night is through, Luke would be down on his knees begging Ava to come home with him. But Luke isn’t as immune to Ava as Ava thinks he is. Having wanted her from the first day he had walked into high school and seen her, and knowing Ava to be quite the headstrong and independent woman she is, Luke had steered clear of her and sowed his wild oats elsewhere always thinking that Ava would wait around till he is done and ready to commit to her. But knowing that Ava, the woman who is the most prominent figure in his wildest dreams is about to go on a date with his best friend makes Luke livid with jealousy.

The coming together of Luke and Ava is searingly hot and I enjoyed reading every minute of their encounter. It’s always good to see the bad boy lose control of his emotions and fall in love. Since this is a novella, I didn’t expect much from the storyline, but even then, if this story could have been a bit longer, I bet it would have completely knocked my socks off! Now who wouldn’t want a bad boy like Luke McGriffin I wonder! ;)

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Review: The Morning After by J.K. Coi

Format: E-bookmorning after
Read with: Adobe Reader
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Ellora’s Cave Quickies
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Hero: Leo
Heroine: Leslie
Sensuality: 4
Date of Publication: January 12, 2010
Started On: September 4, 2010
Finished On: September 4, 2010

I usually refrain from reading Quickies because even though most of the time these quite short stories do pack a good punch, in the end I feel sort of cheated out because the story would have been wonderful if the character development had been more and the story just a teeny tiny wee bit longer! Even then, its always a delight now and again to read a good Quickie romance from Ellora’s Cave. When I came across this title, thanks to Pearl whom I follow on Twitter as well as on Goodreads, I knew with the 5 star ratings that this book had received already that it should be one hell of a read even for a Quickie and I must say I wasn’t disappointed.

The book comprising of just about 50 plus pages start off when Leslie wakes up after her worst hangover to find herself in bed with the last person she thought she would end up with – her husband Leo from whom she was in the process of getting divorced.

Leslie had grown up rich and pampered with her father Rick Jordan being a successful lawyer with his own law firm Jordan, Maxwell, Palmer. When Leslie had met Leo who is described as to have been a bad boy (which I would have loved to read more about!) her father had never taken to the idea of them getting together. Nevertheless, Leo and Leslie had been married for 7 years and they had been blissfully happy until it had all come crashing down.

Leo owns his own agency catering to movie stars, authors etc. When one of his clients had shot into stardom overnight, so did his business right alongside with it. For the first time since he married the love of his life whom he loved and adored with every fiber of his being, he was able to pamper her with all the luxuries that she had grown up with. But the demands on his time had been relentless from then onwards.

With the type of business that Leo has, it is inevitable that entertaining till the wee hours of the night goes with the territory. With Leslie being agoraphobic, she was ashamed of the fact that Leo had to leave her alone to do his business wining and dining most of the nights, but when evidence to the contrary surfaces, Leslie is forced to acknowledge that her cheating no good of a husband had lied to her in the end.

Without giving Leo a chance to explain, Leslie had thrown him out of their home and had her father run interference. For two whole months Leslie had been miserable in the knowledge that Leo had broken her heart. With her father dropping hints that he would like nothing better if Leslie moved on with David, her divorce lawyer who was the newest junior partner at his firm, Leslie had been scheduled to meet him at the night club into which her gorgeous husband had walked in with a platinum blond on his arm.

Leo had rescued her from inevitable disaster when the guy she had been flirting outrageously with had spiked her drink. Now lying in bed the morning after with her body yearning for her husband’s touch with Leo pulling all the dirty tricks up his sleeve to entice her back into his arms, the morning ends with one inevitable conclusion.

Even then, Leslie refuses to give Leo a chance to explain nor does she tell him why she left him in the first place. But Leo is relentless in his desire to find out and win her back and in the end, when Leslie does show him the evidence of his betrayal, a videotape of him having sex with his latest client, Leo’s explanation restores her faith back in the man who is her soul mate.

A story that is a quick and hot read that left me breathless at times, J.K. Coi should write more contemporary romances, albeit a little longer ones that we can sink our teeth into. A story with the underlying message that communication lines between partners should always be open, this is one Quickie all erotica contemporary lovers MUST read!

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