Score Sheet Review: Sex, Lies and Contracts by Jennifer Probst

Format: E-booksexliesandcontracts
Read with: iBooks for iPad
Length: Novella
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Series: Standalone
Publisher: Red Sage Publishing
Hero: Jack Alexander Woodward
Heroine: Julianna Elizabeth Waters
Sensuality: 4
Date of Publication: February 2, 2012
Started On: February 2, 2012
Finished On: February 3, 2012

The hero 98 A
The heroine 98 A
Story line 90 A
Emotional Intensity 90 A
Story’s ability to suck me in 90 A
Heat & Sensuality  100 A
Conflicts within the story 80 A
Writing Style 95 A
Quotable Factor 80 A
The ending 90 A
Overall Grade 91.1

Score Sheet Summary

32 year old Jack Alexander Woodward is the ultimate heir to his family’s shipping business and fortune; that is if he marries within the next couple of months as stipulated in the will by his father. Though Jack might be handsome as sin, sexy and charming enough to make any woman fall for him and rich enough to have any woman he wants, his heart yearns for love and the ultimate happily ever after that comes along only with love in the equation. So Jack sets off on his own, aiming to find the one woman who would love him for him, not because of his wealth and all that is at his disposal, but someone who would love him in spite of all those things.

Julianna Elizabeth Waters lives in New Port of Rhode Island. The promise that she made to her father on his deathbed is the only thing that prevents Julianna from leaving, the freedom which she had yearned for so long once again out of reach because she cannot turn back on duty which had defined her all her life. Julianna’s deeply sensual nature is hidden behind the ugly clothes that she wears and the intimidating expression that she puts on every day that keeps people at arm’s distance. Julianna’s plan is to find a man who is rich enough to save her family home, despite her misgivings and yearnings to do otherwise.

When Julianna and Jack’s paths cross, out comes Julianna’s needs and desires that have been lying dormant for so long, reveling in the heady sense of being woman enough to shake the sexy as sin Jack to his very toes. Jack’s rules are simple once he identifies Julianna to be another mercenary woman after a man’s riches. Julianna’s nights belong to him and him alone, until she is successful in her attempts to snatch a husband who would satisfy her materialistic needs. 

The Tantric Principle was my first Jennifer Probst and I expected a similar emotional read packed with sexual tension hot enough to singe through my e-reader. And let me tell you I wasn’t disappointed at all with how the story proceeded. The raw passion that seeped through the scene on the cliffs had me practically squirming on my seat, the scene being one of the most sexually charged and explosive scenes I have read of late. And oh when Jack talks dirty, quotes poetry that just sizzles along the nerve endings; let me just say, be warned that you would require a tall, cool glass of water afterwards.

The emotion that Jennifer weaves through all the very well done scenes of the erotic variety just sealed the deal for me for this to be rated as an amazing read, a novella I would highly recommend for those who love their erotic romances with that heady spice to heat up your insides. If you are looking for a hero who knows what he is capable of and has no qualms about going after what he wants with everything he has, if you are fan of heroes who talk dirty and can make even poetry sound like sex talk, seize this book and indulge!

Favorite Quotes

He obviously enjoyed her annoyance. He took his time and uncapped the bottle of water. Removed his ball cap. Dumped the water over his head.
Julianna’s breath caught. Her body slammed into overdrive at the raw sexual scene before her. Water dripped from his thick blond hair and ran down his face. Over a carved jaw. Slid down to dampen perfectly cut lips.
His t-shirt soaked up the liquid and clung to his chest like a Women’s Night gone wild. Hunger hit hard and deep as she followed the trail down to his belt buckle, where droplets slid under the denim and hid beyond.

Her gaze lifted.
And collided with a full-sized predator.
His eyes were the dark whiskey gold her father liked to pour in heavily cut crystal glasses. Liquid fire, potent and seething with heat. 

Then his mouth took hers.
Julianna didn’t have a chance. It was the Alamo all over again. Warm, capable lips molded perfectly to hers and with one push, his tongue slipped into her mouth. Like a marauding pirate, he conquered and enjoyed his territory, his hot tongue thrusting in and out in a teasing game before he dove deep and claimed his treasure. 

The night engulfed her with silence, and the horizon pulled her further into an alternate universe. Civilization left behind, she waited for him as the boat made its way deep into the ocean, then slowed. A million stars twinkled overhead.
She never heard his footsteps.
Like a wild stallion mounting his mare, he pressed his hard body against hers and dragged her legs apart. She gasped and held on tight as he yanked her up, spread her wide, and plunged deep inside.

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ARC Review: The Tantric Principle by Jennifer Probst

Format: E-booktantricprinciple
Read with: iBooks for iPad
Length: Novella
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Standalone
Publisher: Red Sage Publishing
Hero: Grant Madison
Heroine: Arianna Devlin
Sensuality: 4.5
Date of Publication: April 1, 2011
Started On: July 7, 2011
Finished On: July 8, 2011

The Tantric Principle by Jennifer Probst is a story that had me grabbing for my non-existent oxygen mask right from the start. Grant Madison, the deeply controlled yoga instructor who indulges in tantric sex pairs up with the energetic and highly ambitious Arianna Devlin, his exact opposite in every way which lends this story that explosive quality that I absolutely loved.

26 year old Arianna finds herself burning out as fast as a candle placed in the midst of a stormy sea and that is when she finds herself seeking Grant who introduces her to an old yoga technique that has her more relaxed, energized and happier than before. The downside of every session is the escalation of her need to be possessed by her instructor whose very touch makes her insides melt with his intensity and electrifying presence.

Grant has been burned before and has a rule about never crossing the line with a student but Arianna tempts him beyond anything he has ever felt. But once these two attend a yoga workshop together, all bets are off as Grant takes control of the situation and gives Arianna the best sex of her life which plays havoc with her emotions in a way that has never happened before. Suddenly their one night of passion is no longer enough and as deeper emotions get involved, Arianna readies herself to take the plunge with a man who is afraid to let go of his hard earned control in bed and out of it.

The Tantric Principle is a sizzling piece of work that any fan of romance that LOVES a high dose of sensuality in their novels ought to read. Though a short novel, the book doesn’t leave the reader hanging and delivers on all counts with a hero whose sinful sexiness alone is enough to make a woman surrender her everything.

Highly recommended.

Favorite Quotes

“Were you avoiding me?” he asked.
He closed the gap. Her back hit the wall. Arianna tilted her chin up and met his gaze head on. “A little.”
The slow, masculine grin that transformed his carved features took her breath. “Good, at least you’re still telling me the truth. Now kiss me properly.” He didn’t wait for her response, just took her in his arms and dived right in. His mouth urged her lips open with a sensual persuasion, then slipped his tongue in the wet depths of her mouth to play. Arianna drank in the heady taste of male hunger and coffee. Her nails dug into his shoulders in punishment and a need she couldn’t seem to slake.
He lifted his mouth from hers and cupped her face in his hands. “Hi, babe.”
Her heart melted.

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Review: Forbidden Fruit by Anne Rainey

Format: E-bookAnne Rainey - Forbidden Fruit_pic0001
Read with: Adobe Reader
Length: Novella
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Standalone
Publisher: Red Sage Publishing Incorporated
Hero: Luke McGiffin
Heroine: Ava Sweet
Sensuality: 4
Date of Publication: April 2, 2008
Started On: September 20, 2010
Finished On: September 20, 2010

I read my first Anne Rainey book ages ago. Ever since I joined Twitter and found Ms. Rainey there as well, I have had a hankering to read one of her books. And because there is nothing like a short novella to spice you up in every way possible, I chose to go ahead with this book which features a hot as sin hero and a heroine who is more than his match in bed and out of it.

Ava Sweet has had a hankering for the dark haired, leather jacket wearing Luke McGriffin ever since the McGriffins had moved into her town when Ava had been a senior in high school. Luke had been every girl’s hottest dreams personified and though Ava who had always been a tomboy and been more comfortable as a track star and basketball MVP of Green Valley High School and scoffed at the idea of women swooning all over Luke, secretly she too had yearned to be taken in his arms to experience the hard, fast and hot loving that Ava knows only Luke can give her.

Now a veterinarian assistant, Ava is called to Luke’s place because he had found a cat on his front porch and didn’t know what  to do with it. Ava overhears her best friend’s brother and the star of her wicked fantasies respond to his best friend Pete Redding’s observation that Ava is hot with incredulity. Ava is shaken to the core to hear her worst fears confirmed – that Luke would never see her as a desirable woman with her own needs and desires. Before she knows it, Ava stalks in, claims the cat, kisses Pete senseless and agrees to a date with him next Friday and knees Luke in his balls before stalking out.

Jen McGriffin, Ava’s best friend and captain of the cheerleader team in high school can barely contain her glee when Ava plans to get a makeover to show Luke what he has been missing all these years. Jen is going to make sure that before the night is through, Luke would be down on his knees begging Ava to come home with him. But Luke isn’t as immune to Ava as Ava thinks he is. Having wanted her from the first day he had walked into high school and seen her, and knowing Ava to be quite the headstrong and independent woman she is, Luke had steered clear of her and sowed his wild oats elsewhere always thinking that Ava would wait around till he is done and ready to commit to her. But knowing that Ava, the woman who is the most prominent figure in his wildest dreams is about to go on a date with his best friend makes Luke livid with jealousy.

The coming together of Luke and Ava is searingly hot and I enjoyed reading every minute of their encounter. It’s always good to see the bad boy lose control of his emotions and fall in love. Since this is a novella, I didn’t expect much from the storyline, but even then, if this story could have been a bit longer, I bet it would have completely knocked my socks off! Now who wouldn’t want a bad boy like Luke McGriffin I wonder! ;)

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