Review: Lessons for Teacher by Emma Jay

Format: E-booklessonsforteacher
Read with: iBooks for iPad
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Standalone
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Sensuality: 4

Hero: Brady Lane
Heroine: Jamie Winston
Date of Publication: June 21, 2010
Started On: September 4, 2011
Finished On: September 4, 2011

Lessons for Teacher by Emma Jay is a very well done erotic contemporary romance of the make-you-squirm-in-your-chair variety. As it happened with the two other books by Emma Jay that I have read to-date, it was the cover and of course the blurb later on that made me add it to my wishlist. And after reading Wild Wild Widow a couple of hours back, my next-read-selecting-gene kept pointing its finger towards this little goodie, and here I am 4 hours later, writing a review for a fabulously entertaining piece of work.

25 year old Jamie Winston works as a teaching assistant in a journalism class whilst making her way towards earning her degree. Having being married once to a man who had found her lacking in bed and out of it and had left not a minute sooner after he had run out on her usefulness in furthering his career, Jamie is wary of the whole commitment business with the opposite sex. When her surprising attraction towards her student Brady Lane keeps on burgeoning rather than diminishing, Jamie decides to take matters into her own hands so to speak and find out whether Brady would be interested in getting down and dirty with her.

Jamie’s character is a blend of innocence combined with a thirst to quench her body’s obvious desire for the handsome and larger than life Brady who makes her dare enough to take a step out of her comfort zone. It is her inner vulnerability coupled with her playful nature that comes out to play with Brady that makes her a compelling heroine.

27 year old Brady is determined that he fulfill his dream of becoming a journalist, a war-zone correspondent at that and is biding his time until his internship comes through. What begins as a diversion and of course a way to slake his lust for his teacher morphs into something much deeper and complex as the forbidden variety encounters between Jamie and Brady spin out of control and leaves them both begging for much more afterwards.

Brady is a guy who certainly lives up to his image of being big and brawny with the good looks to match his physique. He might catch the roving female eyes on campus but Brady’s eyes are locked only on Jamie as he spins one fantasy after the other of him taking their relationship to a whole new level, pleasure being the one constant in all of them. It is his intensity in the bedroom and out of it that just made me want to sigh at each and every encounter, and of course his possessiveness when it comes to Jamie that just made me one happy reader all around.

I always love it when an author’s voice changes with the genre, giving what the reader wants with the switch that comes. And in this instance, I loved seeing a playful side to Emma’s writing that just made this story that much more fun to read!

Binding together the dynamics of a student-teacher relationship, erotic love scenes of the heart thumping variety and a romance that gives you a warm glow all over, Lessons for Teacher is a novel that comes highly recommended from the sunny side of life.

Momentous Scenes

  • The truth or dare game that takes place between Jamie and Brady. Sign me up for the next one please!
  • Each of the sensual scenes in the story. Very well done and leaves the reader begging for more! And in need of a cold shower or two at that. 

Favorite Quotes

“You want a drink?” he (Brady) offered.
“My friend’s getting one.” She gestured toward Susan, who approached.
“Your date?”
“My-no! No, I’m not—” God, did he think she was a lesbian? Boy, talk about seduction fail.

She sipped from her bottle. “Okay. Truth or dare.”
Okay, she hadn’t expected that. She’d been prepared to ask some lame question that she probably already knew the answer to. Now she had to think of a dare.
The driving pulse of music gave her an idea.
“Dance with me,” she blurted.
He lifted his eyebrows. “That’s your dare?”
“Not challenging enough?”
He shook his head. “Not nearly.”
“You haven’t seen me dance.”

And he was big, so big. Even in her wedge heels, her nose only reached the middle of his chest as he edged closer. His shoulders blocked the light as his breath washed warm over her skin. Her pulse leapt like a rabbit at her throat as he lowered his mouth to brush over her parted lips, once, twice, before settling over them. Oh, God. His lips were firm, and molded to hers, learning the shape of her mouth. His tongue teased the entrance of her mouth, then he delved deeper.

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