Review: Her Perfect Getaway by Emma Jay

Format: E-bookherperfectgetaway
Read with: iBooks for iPad
Length: Novella
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Series: Bridesmaids in Paradise, #1
Publisher: Self-Published
Hero: Max Sullivan
Heroine: Elizabeth Black
Sensuality: 4
Date of Publication: March 19, 2012
Started On: March 21, 2012
Finished On: March 21, 2012

Elizabeth Black, along with her girl friends make their way to Hawaii for a week of relaxing and fun before Elizabeth’s friend Haven (from Two-Step Temptation) is to say her I-do’s in about 5 weeks time. Elizabeth is high-strung, a workaholic with a constant need to please her father and someone who hasn’t had a vacation in 3 long years.

Max Sullivan (Sully) the sexy and sinfully mouthwatering specimen of the male form turns out to be their guide for the duration of the trip. With an easy going laid-back  nature and a charm that puts everyone at ease right from the start, combined with his potent good looks, Elizabeth finds herself totally turned on by the different facets of his character that comes to light by the minute. Elizabeth thinks that her unruly attraction towards their guide would cause all sorts of problems but these worries fly out the window when she learns that Max too feels the same tidal wave of desire towards her.

A week is all they have got in a land that could be called Paradise on Earth and both Max and Elizabeth certainly make the best use of their time, the sex between them turning hotter and more irresistible with each passing encounter. Elizabeth might want to tell herself that her feelings aren’t involved at all, but as she gets to know the complex man beneath all that charm and good looks, Elizabeth starts to fall for Max bit by bit until there is no turning back.

Oh, how I loved this little story that just sucked me right in and got me feeling all blue to see it end. I wanted to continue reading about two people who completely made me fall in love with them and I wanted all good things to happen to both of them. Max, Oh.MY.GOD. Max, (takes a deep breathe), he just took my breathe away. From the minute he walked into the picture in flip flops and that beautiful mouth of his curved in a welcoming smile, everything female in me clamored to be his. Yes, I tell you, I was a goner from that moment on. I just knew then and there that Max with his beautiful hibiscus tattoo and his tendency to drive a motorbike (GOD YES), lets just say I may as well have took my heart out and wrapped it up in a neat bow and handed it over to him.

Max was such a swell character not because of his sheer good looks alone. It is his different facets that demands nothing less that makes him so irresistible. And that sexy Australian drawl of his whispering words in Japanese? Oh man, even though I know next to nothing in Japanese, I just know that Max would make it worth my while. And you’ve gotta love a man who can make you laugh and turn you on all at the same time and Max did just that to me, (darn it), I mean Elizabeth. 

So before I turn this review into a total drool fest about Max, I should mention how much I loved the way Emma brought to life the beautiful Hawaii. I wanted to hop on a plane then and there and zoom my way across to Paradise on Earth, to experience the heady culture and to mingle with the beautiful people and to just let all my worries melt away. Hopefully someday, even if it is just to experience the magic that Emma creates so beautifully in the story I will one day visit Hawaii, and of course I wouldn’t say no to a guide or two like Max to keep me company and surf through uncharted waters and gaze off into the sunset. *sigh*

Elizabeth is a bit of a tough cookie in the story. She suffers from ill placed guilt issues when it comes to her father, someone who makes sure he exploits those feelings that burgeon to life inside of her whenever he is around. The turning point for Elizabeth’s character comes during Max’s visit to Texas and Elizabeth stands up to her father and lets her feelings be clearly known. I loved that she was the one to take the plunge, to finally express her need to see whether their relationship could mean something much more than either of them bargained for and for that reason alone I loved her wholeheartedly, maybe just a tad less than I do for Max.

Though I would have loved a sappy ending with a lot of mushy expression of feelings tossed into the mix, somehow, the ending in the story seemed to fit these two people and seemed a realistic end to their story. The one thing you won’t tire of are the scenes of passion of the explosive and at the same time tender variety that just goes straight to your blood and pumps it up and makes you sigh all over at the same time. It was those moments of desperation that seems to hit both Max and Elizabeth, their need for each other something that neither can deny that I reveled in, during those moments that I practically drooled and salivated over my e-reader.

As a reader, I couldn’t have asked for more except wish that Max and Elizabeth’s story could have continued on for a long, long while.

Highly recommended for fans of erotica featuring sinfully sexy heroes who makes you hum on on the insides just by sheer instinct alone. And for 0.99 $, this is more than worth a story to indulge in, if only to see Hawaii through the eyes of the author. And of course Max. How could I ever forget him. *sigh*

Favorite Quotes

Vaguely she was aware of her moans floating across the backyard as her entire body tightened around him, then released, sending bits of her consciousness flying in all directions like the stars in the sky above. Her nails dug into his shoulder through his shirt as she anchored herself to him, as the orgasm pulsed through her. She felt the ripples of his own climax inside her, and then he collapsed over her, bringing both legs into the hammock and pulling her against his side.
“Perfect,” he murmured, and in a few minutes, his breathing evened out.

The gentleness of his mouth on hers surprised her, the slow caress of his lips and tongue not unlike the waves below them. She curved her hand around the back of his neck and let herself float on the rhythm, let her fears drift and her body take over. 

He entered her with a practiced thrust, his mouth finding hers, filling her with her taste and arousal so strong. She curled her fingers over his muscular ass and spread her legs wider, searching for the rhythm to match his. God, so perfect, the angle, the tempo. He looked down at her as she found it, as she met him stroke for stroke, so good, so hot, so deep.

She’d practically ripped his clothes off before they got into her apartment, had him inside her before the sound of the door closing had stopped vibrating through the apartment. He’d pressed her to the door and pounded into her until he couldn’t stand up. He’d carried her to the bedroom, where she took over, riding him until he curled his body up to embrace her, so that his breath was on her lips when they reached their climax together.

The next thing she knew, his cock nudged at her entrance. 
“Condom,” she managed.
“Taken care of.” He guided her hand to the base of his shaft so she could feel the sheath. “Ride me, Elizabeth.”
With a shift of her hips, she brought him into her, igniting desire she thought spent as he stretched her, stroked her inner walls.

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