Requested Review: What She Doesn’t Know by Lina Gardiner

Format: E-bookwhatshedoesntknow
Read with: iBooks for iPad
Length: Novel
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series: Standalone
Publisher: Self-Published
Hero: Sloan Brockway
Heroine: Raven Delacoeur
Sensuality: 2.9
Date of Publication: January 29, 2012
Started On: March 27, 2012
Finished On: March 28, 2012

Raven Delacoeur makes her way to an isolated island in the bay of Fundy on the east coast of Canada to find out whether the rumors that her dead husband has surfaced and is living on the island could be true. It has been a year since her husband Barry had tried to kill her and died in the process and Raven would rather forget the lies and deceit than to poke her head into a hornet’s nest. But she cannot help herself from making her way towards an island that is surrounded by fog, where menace and evil seems to prick and poke at her from the minute she sets her foot on the island.

Sloan Brockway is working on a tight schedule to recover an ancient artifact in order to keep it falling into the hands of people like his cousins. The worst thing possible that could happen to him turns into reality when Raven turns up at his doorstep and Sloan is landed with the battle of his lifetime trying to juggle everything and keeping Sloan safe from the men who are relentless in their need to see the entire Delacoeur family buried six feet under.

Raven suffers from an immense loss in her memory owing to the death of her parents eight years earlier. The block in her memory hinders her every effort to find the truth that hovers so close by and yet seems to be unattainable no matter how hard she tries. Trust becomes difficult for someone like Raven who has been betrayed in the worst manner possible by the man who should have protected her at all costs and Raven has a hard time understanding what drives Sloan and whether what he keeps on telling her is the truth.

Before the story is through, Raven goes through a quest for the truth and comes up with more than she bargained for, the secrets that lurks in Sloan’s eyes ones that tends to drive her crazy enough to pursue what is hidden from her with a vengeance that both shocks and thrills her at the same time. Sloan operates on the procedure that if Raven were ever to find the truth behind his association with the men who ruined her life she would never be able to look beyond the surface to see a man who has loved and yearned for her for far too long.

What She Doesn’t Know reads more like an adventurous thriller than a romantic suspense novel. I found myself disappointed by the lack of heat or any sort of passion or connection between Raven and Sloan apart from their joint efforts in searching for a treasure that seems to create a lot of havoc in both their lives. I don’t need a lot of explicitly detailed sexual content in my novels to satisfy my thirst for romance, but both Sloan and Raven seemed too focused on other stuff to really forge a believable connection between them.

On the other hand, I loved the thrill of the chase so to say in the novel and the descriptions of the island that made the setting for the story come alive. But the story seemed to end on a sort of a cliffhanger conclusion where yes Sloan and Raven both express their love for each other but once again the adventure aspect of the story seemed to overshadow the “need” that they both should have for each other if their love for one another is as important to both of them as they proclaim it to be.

Not a bad read if you are the type to be satisfied with your romance without that passionate connection between the hero and the heroine and if you love the treasure seeking kind of thrillers you would love Lina Gardner’s What She Doesn’t Know.

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