Review: A Modern Love Story by Jolyn Palliata

Format: E-bookamodernlovestory
Read with: iBooks for iPad
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Standalone
Publisher: Self-Published
Hero: Lucian Anthony Cintrone
Heroine: Robbie Byrne
Sensuality: 3.5
Date of Publication: February 1, 2012
Started On: June 18, 2012
Finished On: June 22, 2012

Robbie Byrne and Lucian Anthony Cintrone (Luc) come into each other’s lives when they are both 12 years old. Robbie becomes a part of the foster care system when both her parents die in an accident traumatizing her for life. Luc, who has been a part of the system for far too long after being abandoned by his parents is the rebellious sort, the one who uses cuss words in every sentence and has an attitude a mile wide. 

Over the years, Robbie and Luc’s relationship grows, the crush that materializes on Robbie’s part from the time they both turn 14 which escalates and grows as time progresses. Though Luc might not want to acknowledge the attraction that flares between them from that very tender age, he is not as immune towards Robbie as he might like to think he is. Jealousy and possessiveness all foreign concepts to a man like Luc are emotions that hit him hard when it comes to Robbie though Luc does a swell job out of keeping himself at arm’s length time and yet again.

When both Robbie and Luc hit 22 years of age, that is when things turn around and all the pent up longing and sexual attraction that fairly sizzles the pages practically explodes giving one of the best against-the-door-smexing scenes I have read in a long, long while! Luc makes every scene come alive with his dark and broody nature of which I just simply could not get enough!

Things take a turn for worse when a woman who has her sight set on attaining Luc as her own enters the picture and manipulates both Robbie and Luc well enough until she drives a wedge through their relationship that seems an impossibility to heal from until towards the very end. 

Though Jolyn Palliata is a totally new-to-me author, this was a book that I couldn’t possibly think of putting down once I picked it up. The words flow smoothly, the characters totally invade into your heart and the story just grabs you from the very start until all I could think about was Luc, Luc and Luc some more! I found myself thinking about Luc’s character at odd moments, something that happens to me only when a story has managed to totally bewitch me in all aspects.

There is an element of infidelity and cheating on Luc’s part in the story. For some readers, I am sure this would be a total turn-off when it comes to the world of romance because they want everything to perfectly align in their hero and heroine’s world. But for me, I have total respect and love for an author who pushes the boundaries and safe-limits when it comes to writing romances and I loved the way Jolyn managed to give the story that extra punch by creating Luc the way he is and bringing him truly to life by making him true to his character.

Now some might think based on that statement that Luc is not the hero material. But you couldn’t be further from the truth. There are so many endearing traits to him that I just can’t help but sigh over him even now. Luc might be a bit of an asshole, rude and taciturn when it comes to dealing with the rest of the world, but when it comes to Robbie, he is a totally different man. It takes one who sits on the sidelines and quietly observes him to see the difference, the nuances of the expressions that cross his face whenever Robbie enters the room. 

The way Luc wants to take things slow, to romance Robbie and give her everything that her heart desires was such a lovely aspect of the story and Luc’s character. He definitely enters uncharted waters when it comes to romance and love but that doesn’t stop him from wanting to give Robbie those things and more! And when it comes to breaking Robbie’s heart, he does it in the same style as well, with no holds barred, giving me the deepest sort of grief throughout those couple of chapters.

You can’t read A Modern Love Story and not be captivated by Robbie. She is the type of heroine that you fall in love with and never stop even after you are done reading. Selfless and giving is what she is all about and I loved her to bits from the very start. Her total understanding of Luc and where all his issues stem from gives her that extra edge and the way she totally and absolutely melts in Luc’s embrace just made me sigh every single time!

The only thing that made me bring the rating down by 1 star was the fact that I felt that the last couple of chapters focused more on the ‘villain’ rather than Luc and Robbie and that didn’t sit that well with me. And the lack of an epilogue is very much felt when you reach the end and want to see and witness the happily ever after of a couple that goes through some pretty rough and tough times to finally come out as the winners.

I would highly recommend A Modern Love Story to anyone who can take romances that pushes your comfort zone. If you love a hero who is uber-alpha, possessive to the max with the ability to melt you with just one searing look, you need not look any further than Luc himself! Trust me, he is definitely all that and more!

Favorite Quotes

He knew when he had her, when he brought her to peak for the second time. The sound of his name on her lips made his own release all the more euphoric, and totally consuming.
She was his.

God, she wanted this. Wanted him. He made her feel wanted, needed. He lit fires inside her she hadn’t known could burn so fierce, in places she didn’t even know existed. Nothing in life could ever make her feel this complete, this whole. He was as much a part of her as her own soul.

“I love you so much, Robbie. Sometimes it feels like too much.” His heart lurched as her  eyes welled up. “But I trust it. I want it. And I want you. Always.”

The color of her hair spreading across the pillow looked like a liquid flame, licking and curling its way as it spilled across the fabric, and it occurred to him…that was how it felt to love her—like a fire that’s constantly burning, constantly consuming. He would have it no other way.

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