Review: Suddenly You by Sarah Mayberry

Format: E-booksuddenlyyou
Read with: txtr
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Harlequin SuperRomance
Publisher: Harlequin
Hero: Harry Porter Neville
Heroine: Phillipa White (Pippa)
Sensuality: 3
Date of Publication: October 30, 2012
Started On: October 18, 2012
Finished On: November 17, 2012

Sarah Mayberry’s final book for the year 2012 was certainly a delightful surprise and a wonderful. wonderful read. I say a delightful surprise because most of the time I mope around a little after reading Mayberry’s latest release because the wait for the next book always seems so long. However, since life is so busy at the moment, I hardly got a chance to worry about this and it was by sheer luck that I came across a tweet that mentioned the release of this book at the end of October. And of course from that moment on, Suddenly You was the one constant on my mind until I managed to grab myself a copy from the Harlequin E-book store before the actual release date set for the book.

Harry Porter Neville is the ultimate version of a bad boy that we women would all love to have. A body to die for with tribal tattoos on the delicious package he presents, Harry leads the ultimate bachelor life with no commitments and no worries; just the way he likes his life to be. Working a job that lets him earn enough without having to shoulder much of a burden, Harry is comfortable where he is and wouldn’t want anything to interfere in his life, or so he thinks til he runs into Pippa once again, quite by chance.

31 year old Phillipa White (Pippa) is a single mother, struggling to make ends meet and just barely getting by. With her daughter Alice just six months old, being a mother, working to make ends meet and attending classes is all Pippa is capable of juggling for the time being. When her car breaks down on her, the last person she expects to come riding to her rescue is her ex’s best friend Harry.

This chance meeting changes a lot of things for both Harry and Pippa who have always been comfortable in each other’s company. Though neither of them had ever had the hots for each other when Pippa had been dating Steve, the new ‘status’ of their relationship brings to the front a lot of other feelings that are both frightening and exhilarating at the same time for both Pippa and Harry.

For someone like Harry who might like his no strings attached life as much as the next guy, deep inside Harry is someone who takes his commitments seriously and takes care of what’s his. And of course the bro code which dictates that he never even look at the ex of his best friend in a way that goes beyond casual friendship, for Harry to start noticing all sorts of appealing tidbits about Pippa disturbs Harry more than he can imagine. However, as these feelings that start to grown in both of them fight to reach the surface, Harry and Pippa both fool themselves into thinking that their affair would run its course and die a natural death before either of them could get emotionally involved.

I just loved the way the story unfolded and fell in love with both Pippa and Harry almost instantly. Its hard not to fall for two people who are obviously of the best caliber, people whose inherent kindness you can feel just like that. Sarah is marvelous in creating characters who always warm the heart and both Harry and Pippa together with Alice delivered just that.

The conflict that Harry finds himself is one that made for an engrossing mix of emotions. On the one hand Harry feels that he is betraying his closest friend, the friend with whom he has a shared history that goes a long way back. On the other hand, Pippa invokes and awakens in him a desire that he can’t deny, emotions that he tries so hard to suppress but in the end, the temptation that proves to be the fiery hot attraction between the two of them means that neither Pippa nor Harry can turn their backs on each other. And the deeper, much sweeter connection that is forged right alongside with it just made me want to go into an eternal sighing session while reading.

There is nothing more satisfying in the world than that moment when you reach the ending of a book that has thrilled you in every way. And Suddenly You certainly did that from the rough on the exterior and soft on the inside hero Harry to Pippa whose endearing character warmed my heart to the sparks that flew between them and the tangible sexual connection that felt oh so good to read about and to witness the explosion that burst forth when things got too hot to handle.

A must-read if you are a fan of contemporary romances. And a should not miss if you are a die-hard fan of Ms. Mayberry like myself.

Favorite Quotes

He reached for her at the same moment she closed the distance between them. Her breasts hit his chest as his arms closed around her and she tilted her head for his kiss. Harry’s mouth found hers unerringly, his tongue sliding into her mouth in a heated rush.
He tasted like desire. She moaned her approval as her body went up in flames. Dear God, it had been so long, and this man knew how to kiss.

Then Harry pushed her shirt up and pulled her bra down and lowered his head to her breasts and she lost the ability to think coherently. He didn’t just kiss her breasts, he consumed them—tonguing her nipples and drawing them into his mouth and shaping her breasts with his hands. He feasted, eyes tightly shut, utterly obsessed with the task at hand.

He slid inside her, big and hot and long, and she was gone just like that, her body throbbing around his in a breathtaking climax. 
He started to thrust, his body hard with need. She pressed kisses to his neck and shoulder and finally his mouth. He plunged in and out of her, every muscle tense. She gripped his shoulders and inhaled the smell of sex and felt herself climbing again.
“Yes,” she panted.
Harry’s fingers pressed into her hips and ass as he intensified his efforts. She arched her back and tilted her hips…and then she was there again, his name on her lips as she came and came and came. He lost it, burying himself deep and staying there. She throbbed out the last of her climax as he shuddered into her.

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