Review: Wild Encounter by Nikki Logan

Format: E-bookwildencounter
Read with: Kindle for iPhone
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Series: Standalone
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Hero: Simon deVries
Heroine: Dr. Clare Delaney
Sensuality: 3.5
Date of Publication: September 9, 2012
Started On: September 19, 2012
Finished On: October 16, 2012

My pace of reading has become so slow that it ain’t even funny anymore. That being said, Wild Encounter by Nikki Logan turned out to be exactly my kind of read, the kind of romantic suspense that I love to read. Intense with enough nail biting tension of the good and bad kind, with a hero that practically melted me on the spot with that intense grey eyes of his that just begs a woman to do all kind of things to him – and I mean it all in a very good way.

Dr. Clare Delaney is part of the team of WildLyfers on a mission in Africa when their convoy gets attacked and she abducted right along with it. That is when she meets with the devastating Simon deVries who challenges and provokes her in ways Clare never thought possible. The way Simon makes Clare feel is one she is instinctively wary of, but the passion he rouses in her is one that Clare can’t deny. And even with all the obstacles in front of them, Clare still succumbs to Simon’s rousing touch and tumbles headlong into something that Clare never thought would be possible ever since the disaster her previous relationship turned out to be.

Wild Encounter is a tale that lives up to its name. Set in the wild and beautiful terrain of Africa, Nikki Logan brings to life a story that brought me out of the reading stump and gave me something to look forward to every night when I hopped into bed. Both Simon and Clare turned out to be characters that I fell in love with. Clare being headstrong and independent doesn’t mean that she is stupid and takes unnecessary risks. But rather she is someone who bides her time, weighs her options and acts when the time calls for it. I loved her feisty courage and also the fact that she is intensely vulnerable when it comes to Simon.

Simon, oh God Simon, I can’t even think of the name without going into a minute long sighing session – he turned out to be such a devastating hero in so many ways. There is his good looks of course and the fact that beneath all the tough exterior lies a heart that yearns for the type of love that he has never even dared to dream of. With Clare in the picture, what Simon has accepted to be his life for all eternity suddenly becomes an obstruction towards his desire to have her for himself for always. And Simon and Clare together makes for an explosive and combustive combination that I certainly couldn’t get enough of.

The book seeps with emotion. One of the things I loved about Nikki Logan’s writing was the fact that she didn’t cut any corners with the story. Some of the scenes of violence were brutal to the extent that I could actually picture Clare being beaten up and tossed about. But I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. The edge of violence and the bite of red hot passion makes this story an unbeatable one in the current line of books of the romantic suspense variety. For me, there is nothing better than an author who isn’t afraid to be true to her style of storytelling and I think that’s exactly what Nikki Logan has given us readers with.

The writing is absolutely beautiful at times, so many quote-worthy material in the book that I had to prevent myself from quoting too much from the book. All in all, I would say a fantastic read that I would recommend for readers who love their romantic suspense spicy both in the action and the romance aspect. Raw, edgy and hot, Wild Encounter certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Favorite Quotes

Her knees deserted her along with her courage, her skin roaring to fierce heat, but his body crushing hers to the wall kept her upright. She shook her head, dislodging a nervous tear that fell to where their mouths nearly met. With a low growl he closed the gap, tasted the tiny droplet where it slid to a halt on her upper lip, his mouth lingering there a moment. She could feel the barely leashed strength of his grip on her.
It was a half-kiss designed to send a message. Angry and mean and intended to scare her.
Her heart thundered.

She stopped fighting and his hold on her softened. He let one arm drop so she could push away … if she wanted.
She didn’t want. She leaned into him instead, kissing him back, a half-moan wanting its voice. It was stupid and crazy and weak – and she’d never needed anything so badly in her life. Kissing him, having the control, was as heady as any narcotic.

“Clare…” He groaned into her mouth and her breath came thick and fast, causing a foggy light-headedness. He held her while she ran her hands over parts of him she didn’t know she’d been dying to feel. His chest. The swell of his biceps, the muscles of his back. How could one man feel so good? Such a wrong man.

His laugh was half a groan as he pressed her into the mattress and settled between her legs. “Last chance, Clare…”
She lifted her hips for answer.
He slid strongly into her. His eyes fluttered shut a breath before hers did. He paused inside her, and the two of them lay there – feeling, not moving – for a long, exquisite moment.
For as long as she lived, she would remember this feeling.
Complete. Safe.

He pulled back a fraction, and then lowered his mouth again. Tasted her. Explored her. Teased her.
She moaned and let her tongue tangle with his. His hand left her hair to pal, the hard peak of her breast. Big, sensual, confident circles. Muscles she hadn’t used in six months coiled and tensed deep inside.
Her hand slid along his thigh, aching to touch him.
“You taste just the same,” he whispered, biting at her lower lip. “You feel just the same.”

His scent enveloped her, his body heat reached for her. Her eyes drifted shut in anticipation of the feel of his lips on hers. At the very last second, he leaned in more, so his kiss landed father back, below her jaw. Where he’d once marked her. Back where Boot’s filthy mouth and hands and violence had not just gone.
Firm lips molded to her jawline and pressed lightly against her pulse point, which pounded with things left unsaid. His mouth brushed briefly over her throat, spilling shivers down her whole body. The mere seconds it must have really taken felt like forever.

Then his mouth was on hers, crushing her to him, trying to fuse their bodies permanently together. His muscles barely had to work to keep her tight within the circle of his arms. She melted into his python hold, opening her mouth wider to let him fully in. His tongue stole past her teeth, tangling with her own, invading and retreating, desperate to taste her. She tugged on his lips with her own, clinging as though her life depended on it.

It wasn’t romantic, there were no sweet nothings. It was fast and dirty, and exactly, perfectly, wonderfully right.

He crushed her to him, and thrust hard into her, muting his strangled cry against her throat. She fell with him over the edge, into the blinding light of orgasm, and the rhythmic pulse of his muscles, his essence, flooded into her, made all the more powerful, and all the more holy, by her own utterly silent scream.

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